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Swiss watchmaking enterprises in the million street clocks and clocks on the streets

COSMOPOLITAN was founded in 1886, it is the United States Hearst Publishing Group’s brand. Is the world’s largest sales of young women’s magazine, because of the young white-collar women to introduce fashion, to explore contemporary gender relations and famous.
COSMOPOLITAN watch brand introduction
Now COSMOPOLITAN is not just a magazine, it is also a reader of a way of life. She has a symbol of a brand, an empire, and a state of mind, she even the modern women from the heart of the emotions, acute, charm, and wisdom show. So its main readers are the world’s imitation Cartier love bracelet countless brave, entertaining young women who want to be the best in all areas of their lives.
In order to better meet market demand, COSMO products have a clear series of classification, COSMO ROMANTIC (romantic), COSMO DELUXE (luxury), COSMO BOUTIQUE (classic), COSMOPOLITAN watch series will also be launched in such a series of three.
COSMOPOLITAN watch materials expensive, Japan imported quartz movement, the surface with stainless steel, inlaid SWAROVSKI crystal, the effect is more flashing, but also has a 30-meter life waterproof performance.
Swiss watch brands have a lot, but most brands are expensive. Most people can only be stunning. The following watch home to introduce a comparison of low-end Swiss watch brand Delvina watch.
Delvina watch brand introduction
Delvina, Swiss watch brand. Hong Kong translated as: Diyun get, the mainland translated as: Dirvina. Delvina watches are available in major cities. And cooperation with the time gallery, in any time gallery can be repaired.
Delvina Diyun take away the popular route, many styles, the price of the same quality of products is very competitive, coupled with the time bar warranty service, so that Di Yun take better. The affordability of the economy is weak, but not willing to compromise the poor quality of the product Replica Cartier jewelry users, DELVINA provides a better brand.
Doxa is a time watch. In 1889, the Swiss watchmaker Georges Ducommun, in the middle of the Swiss watch area of the town of Biel, the establishment of a production of watches and clocks factory. As early as 1906 when the table will be awarded the Italian gold medal. In 1910, the time will register the brand and follow the present.
Doxa is what brand watches, Doxa watches are introduced
You now see the time (DOXA) logo, used in the past hundred years ago. Into modern times, the time widely appear in the field of cars, soccer, etc., had worn in the World Cup champion Germany each player on the wrist. The timetable is also the ancestor of the diving watch.
For more than 100 years, DOXA in the watch industry to the prestigious, thanks to the implementation of the “high quality”, “beautiful and practical”, “fine work” three principles.
Into the twenty-first century, DOXA will be the future, adhering to the fine traditions, excellence, production more perfect time to feedback from all walks of life love and support for closer to the market, to meet consumer demand.
Switzerland ENAG (ENAGHR) watch was founded in 1881, is one of the old Swiss watch, which adhere to only watch the concept of mechanical watches to mechanical transmission, handmade, outstanding technology, travel time accurate, very cost-effective The
ENAGHR according to Nagai watch brand introduction
Swiss watchmaking enterprises in the million, street clocks and clocks on the streets, and was founded in 1881 according to Nag (ENAGHR) watch with the Swiss tens of thousands of watch manufacturers as obscure, really famous in the 1914 to 1918 years during the First World War.As the Naja watch travel time cheap and inexpensive, so many low-level soldiers will buy according to Nagai watch. Later, because of Nagoya in the war of outstanding performance in, so a war fame. Has become one of the famous Swiss watch brands.
Located in the age of 22-45 years of age between the executives, white-collar workers, elites, freelancers, civil servants and the pursuit of quality, highlight the self-fashion men and women. For consumers tailored to create simple, refined, elegant, can be a permanent collection of watches, endorsement dedicated to their own style of life.
To mechanical transmission, handmade, craftsmanship, travel time accurate, very cost-effective in the name, relative to hundreds of thousands of millions of Swiss watches, according to Nagel 4000-12000 Hong Kong dollars the price is very close to the people and cost-effective.

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