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Rolex representatives once and for all but even if the watch work no matter how good

Rolex representatives once and for all, but even if the watch work no matter how good. There will be errors! Completely accurate watch does not exist, then the Rolex mechanical table error is how much, how to solve?
Rolex mechanical watch error
Rolex watches allow day errors around 30 seconds, this range of errors can be called “accurate”, which is based on the Swiss Observatory’s certification system (COSC), the more stringent Geneva mark, also allows the watch to slow every day for 3 seconds Or a margin of 2 seconds. As long as about 30 seconds in the range of error even if qualified. If there is more than error is the fault, we have to get the mechanical calibration test tester qualitative.
The severity of the mechanical watch is determined by the frequency stability of its balance imitation Cartier love bracelet spring. The use of a number of factors affected by the internal and external factors, so that the balance of the balance of vibration, so that the watch will produce errors, carefully adjust the error will be relatively reduced, but can not be completely excluded, so the watch travel time as long as the accuracy of the table, Qualified form. When the watch does not need to adjust the regular tone, anyway, after a good tune is only fine-tuning later.
How to avoid
The state of the watch every day when the error in the 30 seconds or so, because the watch error is inevitable, the resulting error for a variety of reasons, which with the consumer wearing the environment, wearing habits are closely related. Hope that consumers can often focus on the maintenance of their own hand test method is very simple, give the table full of hair, and then a standard time to be tested when the watch, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, first placed in the plane position After 24 hours, compare with the standard time and record the error. Repeat the above process, respectively, on the watch under the face, the next, the left, the position on the actual error test, and recorded.
For example: static test results are: surface +20 seconds / day, face +20 seconds / day, the next -5 seconds / day, the left +25 seconds / day, the +10 seconds / day, then Watch the actual wear time error of +15 seconds / day.
Do not wear the watch, choose to leave the minimum error to place the error to correct the error. Take the above example, it is clear that the evening should be placed down the watch table, in order to help reduce the cumulative error when the watch travel time. Only the reasons for the error of the watch and their own watch error characteristics have an accurate understanding, it can better serve you.
Rolex mechanical watch how to adjust
Rolex mechanical watch adjustment time period selection: Please do not 22 points -2 points, (part of the watch 20 points -4 points) to adjust the date, likely to cause damage to the watch and calendar jump is not correct. In other words, the mechanical afternoon test room suggested Replica Cartier jewelry that you try to adjust the time during the day. Rolex watches different styles of adjustment is not the same way, but in the adjustment of the calendar with a calendar function of the need to consider the morning and afternoon factors. In order to extend the life of the watch, many watches are slow way to jump that is in the midnight period before and after the gradual jump, usually in the morning before 2:00 to complete the jump is normal, some watches to 4 am to complete.
It can be seen that the Rolex watch error is inevitable, we can do is in it may produce data on the basis of the distance as much as possible to reduce this error, it is more perfect and accurate.
Casio watch style fashion, popular with young people welcome. And many people do not meet a strap, a different Casio strap can wear a different effect. The following watch home to introduce the Casio leather strap how to replace it!
Casio watch strap type
Common leather strap is divided into: crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, pearl skin, leather, shark skin and so on. Casio skin strap main material with calf belt, leather. Wearing comfort is its advantage. The main drawback is easy to tide, maintenance difficulties, impatience is its fatal injury.
Casio strap prices
In general, the price of the watch watch the price of the whole one-third of the watch, whether it is leather strap or steel chain, will be calculated in accordance with this ratio. So how much money the strap, how much money to change the strap, it is necessary to rely on the value of the watch.
Casio table steel chain how to dismantle
Demolition of the strap need to prepare some disassembly tools, removal methods can refer to: Tissot stainless steel original strap removal method. If you are not skilled demolition, it is recommended to get the maintenance point or table line.
Casio watch how to tune
To the store’s counter to a good attitude, in the general will help you solve the free. You can also go to repair casio watch place, a few dollars.
For their own words, in the side of the strap, each strap connected to a small hole (usually near the buckle, there is no near the dial), you find the needle, push nails, paper clips, as long as the poke can go , The tip of the hole at the other hole, take the hard object beating the other end of the needle (remember to leave the space below the watch, there are small sticks from the inside out, it is recommended on the edge of the table knock)
Their own consequences, it is likely to take the strap on the table to repair the table to spend money on the process, the process may also scratch the table. Also use caution

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