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Released |Duration : 1 hours 51 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Ian Bonhôte.

PRODUCED BY : Andee Ryder, Nick Taussig.

GENRE : Drama, Documentary.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : United Kingdom.

PRODUCTION BY : Salon Pictures, Misfits Entertainment, Creativity Capital, Moving Pictures Media.


‘McQueen’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in June 8, 2018. Ian Bonhôte was directed this movie and starring by Alexander McQueen. This movie tell story about Alexander McQueen’s rags-to-riches story is a modern-day fairy tale, laced with the gothic. Mirroring the savage beauty, boldness and vivacity of his design, this documentary is an intimate revelation of McQueen’s own world, both tortured and inspired, which celebrates a radical and mesmerizing genius of profound influence.

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How to Care Cartier jewelry?

When buying silver jewelry, make sure there are no visible blemishes or imperfections on the piece. Check to make certain that fasteners, clasps and catches work properly and are secure. Check pin backs and earring posts for strength and durability. Lay silver chains flat to make certain their links don’t kink or bend.

Remember! When making a silver purchase, always look for the mark 925, .925 or Sterling Silver, the mark is proof that the silver piece you are buying is 92.5% pure, rather than containing a lower percentage of silver Cartier love ring replica, being an imitation made with other alloys or being plated with only a thin layer of silver. Having a lower silver content might cause your silver jewelry to darken even with the slightest exposure to humidity. If the content of silver is higher than 92.5%, the piece might be too soft and won’t stand up to everyday wear.

How to Care Cartier jewelry?

Following these few simple tips will help you preserve your silver jewelry’s original luster.

Store your silver in a cool, dry place, to avoid oxidation. Try not to overexpose your silver jewelry to artificial light or sunlight.

Store your silver jewelry in a tarnish-proof cloth, if a soft pouch is available, even better. Try and store each item individually. Do not store silver loose in drawers, as scratches will occur if you toss your jewelry into a compartment or allow pieces to rub against each other.

If a piece of silver jewelry becomes tarnished and chances are it will happen no matter how careful you are, use a paste, liquid polish or a treated polishing cloth to restore its original luster.

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Recently, there are media reports that Russia has announced a 1970s found in the diamond mine

Recently, there are media reports that Russia has announced a 1970s found in the diamond mine, the mine is located in the eastern part of Siberia, a diameter of more than 100 km of craters, the reserves are estimated to more than one trillion karats, to meet the global Cartier love bracelet replica gem market 3000 years The demand.
In this regard, there are authoritative sources, the mine is not produced by jewelry-level diamonds, but higher hardness of industrial diamonds, it will not have any impact on the price of jewelry diamonds.
Diamond ore production is rich enough to attract more attention
According to the Russian local media, since the last century since the 1970s, the Kremlin government will know that the asteroid hit area underground rich in diamonds. Russia hopes to use this amazing mineral deposits in the strict control of the diamond market to grab a lot of profits. At the end of the week, the Russian government allowed Scientists of the Novoison-Berksk Institute of Geology and Mineralogy to uncover the secret of a large number of diamonds in the crater. The local media reported that the asteroid craters were called “PopigaiAstroblem” The diamond hardness is twice that of ordinary diamonds Cartier love ring replica and is ideal for making high-precision scientific instruments and industrial applications.
British media follow-up reports revealed that “Perot cover” of the diamond is also known as the “impact of diamonds”, its hardness is twice that of ordinary diamonds, so the application of industrial and scientific research value is particularly high. In this regard, a number of Chinese media interpretation that the discovery of the mine will have a great impact on the price of diamonds, and even friends look forward to sell the diamond “cabbage price.”
Industrial diamonds are not jewelry diamonds

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Nightfall, the annual “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” in Beijing Parker Hotel opened a gorgeous curtain

Nightfall, the annual “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” in Beijing Parker Hotel opened a gorgeous curtain. As the top of China’s jewelry feast, the only one called “jewelry industry Oscar” jewelry annual brand activities, “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast” by the fashion media group to create China’s only international high-level jewelry fashion magazine – “Bazaar Jewelery” magazine launched and Cartier love bracelet replica sponsored. In the evening of the festival scene, international celebrities, popular stars, social ladies gathered together, accompanied by Beijing early winter night under the faint flowers, witnessed a bright and luxurious jewelry as the protagonist, dizzying art feast.
The winter of the winter has a stubborn temper, but in the theme of “flowers in full bloom” and “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry dinner and 2013 senior jewelry annual design awards” against the background, bright treasures like fragrant flowers The capital of the moment into the spring.
In order to and “flowers in full bloom” theme echoes, “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and 2013 senior jewelry annual design awards” invites the first domestic flower Art Museum C-Floral founder – Mr. Cao Xue portrait to join This dinner is tailored to create a fantastic floral stage.
Jewelry, there is a time all can not use words to express the unique aesthetic, as in full bloom, always can not forget until the most Cartier love ring replica memorable precious memories. For the Chinese jewelry industry, this is a hundred times contend for the times, but also a blooming era. “Bazaar Jewelry” and its efforts to build the “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” for the Chinese jewelry industry and the international jewelry industry to build a bridge of communication for the Chinese jewelry industry opened a pass To the door of the world, paved the “flowers in full bloom” of the beautiful times. As the “Bazaar Jewelry” executive publisher and editor, Ms. Jing Jing said, if the stars like Galaxy jewelry like a beautiful dream, “Bazaar Jewelry” mission is to pass and continue the pursuit of this dream to the jewelry art The idea of the highest mood to convey to the public the beauty of the faith.
BVLGARI Bvlgari new DIVA senior jewelry watch once again to the world to prove that the Italian jewelry family industry leaders style. DIVA series perfect reproduction of the “sweet life” (Dolce Vita) era of charming style, called the Italian film golden age of the magnificent. At that time, BVLGARI Bvlgari and the film can be described as inseparable, many international top movie stars are BVLGARI Bulgari Rome Kang Duo mention flagship store regulars. These bright stars are without exception, Bvlgari jewelry charm is deeply impressed, countless old photos recorded their BVLGARI Bvlgari flagship store classic moment. Until today, Bvlgari is still the world’s aristocratic ladies and bright stars love.
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Watch and Download Movie Peppermint (2018)

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Released |Duration : 1 hours 42 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Pierre Morel.

PRODUCED BY : Richard S. Wright, Tom Rosenberg.

GENRE : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : STX Entertainment, Lakeshore Entertainment.


Movie ‘Peppermint’ was released in September 6, 2018 in genre Drama. Pierre Morel was directed this movie and starring by Jennifer Garner. This movie tell story about A grieving mother transforms herself into a vigilante following the murders of her husband and daughter, eluding the authorities to deliver her own personal brand of justice.

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Swarovski Pot Crystal Swan logo and Swarovski Scattered Crystal

Swarovski Pot Crystal Swan logo and Swarovski Scattered Crystal (semi-finished product) logo
About Taobao Swarovski and I organize the collection of the Swarovski authentic shop
Taobao sales of Swarovski crystal is probably divided into three kinds
The first is the counter genuine, with a small swan laser security signs, the price is generally more than 500 yuan, some small jewelry will be 300-400 yuan.
The other is Swarovski semi-finished products swarovaki strass series price between 100-300. There is a imitation goods, is the domestic imitation products, the price of 100 yuan or less, not recommended.
Here is my finishing collection of Swarovski crystal counter genuine or semi-finished products Taobao shop, which some stores I bought, and some friends bought recommended. These shops are basically more than 99% praise rate, no one mentioned in the evaluation is fake.
Counter genuine shop (download after the CTRL + click on the name to enter) Snow Princess Living Museum — Taobao Swarovski Swarovski shop, word of mouth, sales are superb. The style has, most of the spot for the real shot, without a long wait. Price, the counter 630 yuan for the small bear, for example, here only 329 yuan, and support for global maintenance. The shop gave us a good reason to bid farewell to the domestic Swarovski counter.
GUCCI, Swarovski — Europe purchasing, the main Swarovski, and another GUCCI and some casual Cartier love bracelet replica women. All with a small ticket.
Genuine semi-finished products shop
Long love jewelry flagship store Jiao Bei flagship store Xinguang jewelry Taobao flagship store Yitai Lena official flagship store dream new decoration sector Fang Xiuxuan self-help jewelry shop Gulu Gulu magic alchemy I drunk beautiful fashion jewelry Wu Mei Niang pure silver Square Chenyuan Crystal Square
Add a little knowledge –
Why semi-finished products cheaper than the counter finished several times or even ten times?
First, a monopoly: Shi family counters are generally only in the counter sales, almost outside the goods can not get, so it is expensive. Second, brand promotion and printing: such as advertising, conference, celebrity endorsements and other huge investment, Shi Jia, of course, from the late sales to recover.
Third, the design of the cost of the system board: This is also a considerable pet of a fee, the initial design to the new products available in the middle of a large number of screening and system board process, the consumption of funds is quite expensive.
Four is the physical shop costs: Shi home store or counter site description of his costs can not be low, plus
On the management, training and other aspects of expenditure, of course, this number is still recorded in the consumer account.
Five accessories: counter sale of crystal jewelry, in addition to crystal bare crystal, the buckle and chain or rope and so are Shijia brand, for non-counter products, only crystal die is Shijia, hanging buckle and leather rope are Is with their own. Six years of the global UNPROFOR two years: the counter to sell the finished product within 2 years can be any one in the world Shijia store or counter for maintenance, 2 years after the maintenance charge a certain cost; this distinguished service fee is of course included in the Buy the price of crystal among the. In fact, the real damage to the crystal is difficult to repair, are generally the warranty of the accessories.
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Watch Full Movie Upgrade (2018)

Download and Watch Full Movie Upgrade (2018)


Released |Duration : 1 hours 40 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Leigh Whannell.

PRODUCED BY : Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Kylie du Fresne.

GENRE : Drama, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : Australia.

PRODUCTION BY : Goalpost Pictures, OTL Releasing, Blumhouse Productions, Automatik Entertainment, Nervous Tick, Film Victoria.


Movie ‘Upgrade’ was released in June 1, 2018 in genre Drama. Leigh Whannell was directed this movie and starring by Logan Marshall-Green. This movie tell story about A brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralyzed in the hospital and his beloved wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon offers Trace a cure — an artificial intelligence implant called STEM that will enhance his body. Now able to walk, Grey finds that he also has superhuman strength and agility — skills he uses to seek revenge against the thugs who destroyed his life.

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In Darkness (2018)
The Domestics (2018)
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Chisel blanks need to pay attention to leave room, as the tailoring clothes

(Four) carving techniques The so-called techniques, is the author of wood carving for the image and space processing techniques. This approach is mainly reflected in the reduction of the meaning of the carving and carving, to be exact, that is, from Cartier love bracelet replica outside to inside, step by step by subtracting waste, step by step to shape the body to dig out. In a second subtraction modeling, we not only appreciate the work in the “shelling out” pleasure. Even because of the characteristics of wood or excessive force will be deducted should not be subtracted from the place, and feel thrilling, but if handled properly, it may be due to danger and joy. But also feel the use of a variety of knives in the process of generating a special charm, some occasional effect, can produce a new meaning rhyme. Therefore, in the wood carving art creation, is the psychological changeable and complex and meaningful process. The reason why the formation of a beautiful knife is the technology to achieve a solid performance. Often someone in the copy of a good painting, feel the most difficult than with the strokes, because the brush is the author of the soul and skill of the product, knife is also the case, any imitation is difficult to reflect things. So only to master the skills and continue to accumulate experience in order to achieve the ideal really belong to their own knife. The kind of wood grain and carving marks, smooth and rough, concave and convex, round knife arrangement, flat knife cutting “” They show the artistic language, its charm is other material sculpture can not be achieved. 2, rough blank is the basis of the whole work, it is a concise geometric summary of all the ideas of the shape, requires a level, there are moving, the use of ink, Potential, the proportion of coordination, the overall stability of the overall sense of strong, the initial formation of the works of the outer contour and contour; chisel rough: from bottom to bottom, from front to back, from the table and, from shallow to deep, layer by layer to promote. Chisel blanks need to pay attention to leave room, as the tailoring clothes, to the appropriate relaxation. Folk jargon said: “stay hypertrophy can be small, but worry Cartier love ring replica about infertility complex fertilizer, the distance should be small should not be large, remember that carving is subtraction.” Chisel billet: from the overall focus, adjust the column and a variety of layout , And then gradually implement the specific form and shape, to leave room for slender. This stage, the volume and lines of the work has become clear, so the requirements of the knife round smooth and smooth, to have sufficient expression; 3, repair light: the use of carved and thin knife to repair the slender in the knife marks , So that the surface of the work carefully. 4, polished: according to the needs of the works, the wood carving with different thickness of woodworking sandpaper rubbing the ground, or the rough, or rough, or rough, and strive to accurately show the work; Requires the first coarse sandpaper, after the use of fine sandpaper. 5, coloring light: with a hard brush, a small hard brush, a color palette. Colored pigments generally refer to water-soluble, such as gouache, watercolor or shoe polish. They are characterized by small coverage and strong penetration. Oil painting of acrylic paint should not be used. Wood carving method is mainly to master the wood and pattern in the cover of the pigment is still visible, some wood grain through the coloring more clearly. So in the deployment of color should not be too thick, the ratio of pigment and water is 30: 1, to be appropriate thin, transparent. So even more than a few times, the wood will not be covered, if the color is properly allocated, the color of the brush water should not be too much, do not rush into, or some deep accumulation of color easy to produce uneven results. Coloring is not only to make up for some of the lack of wood or Replica Cartier jewelry defects, but also play a rich material texture and the role of the form of beauty. Therefore, when the work of color should be discretion, as far as possible to reflect the needs of the contents of the form of work, and in line with the natural beauty of all kinds of wood. Do not rub any light on the wood. Be sure to wait (about 12 hours later), wipe with a clean cloth until you produce a uniform gloss, to feel smooth. Some works can be wiped away as appropriate, so that the background of the wood slightly exposed, the formation of a rich color feeling, but also to strengthen the sense of the level of the work. From: www.ourlovestore.com