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Mechanical watch is the use of the balance wheel of the mechanical composition of the mechanical

Case refers to the watch surface of the shell parts, its role is to contain and protect the watch’s internal components, such as movement, dial, table, etc., while the watch to provide stylish and charming appearance. Parts closely connected with the case are: table mirror, bottom cover, crown, press and so on.

The most common watch case
The role of the case
Case, such as the body of the body, which in addition to direct care of the internal components of the imitation Cartier love bracelet, the extent to determine the performance of the watch, such as: waterproof, dustproof performance, magnetic performance, seismic performance … … In addition, the table The shell also determines the appearance of the watch body.
Case classification
Case is divided according to the material, more common are: stainless steel case, ceramic case, titanium case, platinum case, rose gold case, platinum case, stainless steel case, gold case, gold case , Tungsten steel case, aluminum case, copper case, zinc alloy case, plastic case, etc., are not common There are wooden case, iron case, fiber case, sterling silver case, pure gold Or K gold case.
Case according to the style to divide, there are: round case, square case, barrel case, goose-shaped case.
Watch scale according to the presentation can be divided into flat scale, three-dimensional scale and inlaid scale three. The flat scale is the most common, as long as the digital scale can be printed on, and three-dimensional scale there are two, including the thick pigment printed on the number, to create a slightly floating effect; and the use of paste, the number or shape Scale sticky. In addition, the workmanship more fine non-mosaic scale none other than the watchmaker must first drill hole in the dial in order to stick with fine metal strips through the scale and welding, although the process is more cumbersome and durable.
Mechanical watch is the use of the balance wheel of the mechanical composition of the mechanical oscillator as a time base, the accuracy of the watch will depend on the stability of the balance wheel glimpse cycle. But the stability of the balance of the balance of the ball by the following factors:
(1) the effect of the swing
(2) the effect of position changes
(3) the effect of gossamer
(4) the effect of temperature changes
(5) the effect of the magnetic field
(6) the impact of shock
(7) watch movement parts of the processing tolerances
(8) other factors
Mainly due to the watch case seal is not strict, then the moisture and gas pressure changes will affect the watch’s travel time accuracy, but also easy to have small dust and foreign matter into the table, affecting the work of the watch parts. There is also a problem called “no needle”, belonging to the table failure.
Watch the accuracy of the test:
1. Swiss watch day and night error (day difference): the Swiss watch within 24 hours to determine the interval, can explain the accuracy of the table quality, with the first day and night correction value and the second day and night correction value Replica Cartier jewelry comparison.
2. Swiss watch day and night error is poor: is the difference between the two adjacent day and night error, also called the day difference. Fine watch reflects the table to travel time and stability.
3. Swiss watch average day and night error: with a day and night error and an average of several day and night errors compared to find the difference between the average day and night error to determine.
The instantaneous value of day and night error: also called instantaneous day difference.
The above tests are tested at a day and night interval, and all are averages.
4 Swiss watch isochronous error: that is, 24-hour day difference and full-string difference, the best position of fine watches (symbol is I) that is different with the degree of tightness travel time error
5. Swiss watch position error: the winding is also called the difference. Is the location is different, the error occurred (symbol P)
Temperature error: also known as the temperature coefficient, (symbol C) and other temperatures of 36 degrees and 20 degrees, the instantaneous difference is (36-20) divided by the difference, the value of the temperature coefficient, that is, the temperature of the watch once 8 changes in the error when walking indicators:
6. Swiss watch drop (full string and 24 hours after the swing)
7. Swiss watch flat poor (fine watch full of flat and vertical swing)

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