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many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment

“T-Watch” is a set of time, entertainment, sports measurement as one of the touch-style fashion smart watches. This is a bold cross-border innovation of the watch, which is a life for you to bring more convenience and enjoy the watch, this is a full of wisdom and personality of the fashion watch.
Tommy Tomoon T-Watch Smart Watch Introduction
Samsung released the first smart watch Galaxy Gear cited industry attention, and many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment. Blue Dragon Online CEO and co-founder Wang Feng also exposed its team is developing imitation Cartier love bracelet equipment, “Tumen Man Tomoon T-Watch” and revealed that it will be so far the thinnest smart watch. T-Watch related domain name concern.

T-Watch time dial interface, comes with 12 kinds of fixed mode, your fingers gently touch the slide, you can replace the pointer or digital mode; millions of the world’s beautiful watch style and dial style , You can download to T-watch memory and up to 32G memory card (can store millions of pictures), at any time to replace your favorite dial interface; left and right slide, switch 12 different styles of clock (support upgrade), on the plan to save Display the clock style and enter the main menu, under the direct access to the main menu. In the browsing picture function, you can set thousands of custom dial, set to your favorite personality timeline interface. This is a truly personalized watch.

3D acceleration sensor; make your sports record more accurate professional; fingertips click to slide, start, pause the movement and switch the different stopwatch, enter the motion record, or save the movement data, display the basic movement information, set the basic information; You can click on this screen to play MP4 entertainment video, so that your travel more easily!

2.1 + A2DP available Bluetooth wireless headset, in the alone or with the companion movement without any obstacles to listen to almost unlimited storage of music, free to release your hands, share the sun, sports, youth; full color MP4 movies, 32GB large memory, In the wonderful sport and travel or home to rest at any moment, at any time enjoy the movie legend, enjoy the beautiful time!
General fine electronic consumer products is difficult to do waterproof, but T-WATCH watch can do 30 meters waterproof standard. Whether it is home cooking kitchen cooking, or in sports, or travel in the storm, Tianba T-WATCH are always away from you around, all the weather with you in various occasions.
Material and spirit Qi Jin, quality and brand synchronization. As a fashion business representative brand, Johnnie John JOHNNIE will experience the cultural experience condensed into a unique brand value, and “elegant, stylish, unique” brand spirit is a kind of worthy way of life, true So that all the JOHNNIE consumers feel the new fashion culture and value experience.
Johnny JOHNNIE ladies watch recommended
“Elegant cultivation, intrinsic satisfaction”. Value orientation: modern, civilized, cultivated, aristocratic. The target consumer positioning for the fashion leisure business people, they are full of youthful vitality, chasing fashion, assertive, doing things cautious and Replica Cartier jewelry practical, to be careful to consider, not impetuous aggressive. Correct, generous manner, and people are good, treat others, is to enjoy the joy of life personality.

Johnnie Adelina series female watch
13.5cm watch, length: 9cm, the whole table can wear a range of 90mm, the table width of 1.5-1.2cm, 30 meters waterproof, with “quartz”, the use of leather, Crystal “as an oscillator, through the electronic frequency to control the motor running, driving the pointer, travel time is very high precision.
Samsung watch phone galaxy gear2013 models since the market has been only wearing equipment enthusiasts sought after. This can only watch how? We take a look at this can only watch the evaluation of it!
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
Hardware appearance
GALAXY Gear’s surface screen size is 1.63-inch screen, Super AMOLED material screen (Samsung’s own push technology, the screen with fast response, self-luminous, excellent display and lower power consumption advantages), a resolution of 320 * 320. Using metal wire drawing surface, and there are four exposed screws, at the bottom can also see the exposed screws. Strap with rubber material. It has six different color straps to suit the needs of different occasions.

It uses a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB fuselage storage space, the battery capacity of 315 mA non-removable design, Samsung said it could have more than 25 hours of use time.
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
GALAXY Gear strap installed on the camera with a 1.9 million pixel BSI sensor and auto focus lens, you can shoot low-resolution video or 10 seconds long 720p video, twist the wrist to take pictures. The camera design concept is convenient to shoot rather than image quality in , and pre-installed “Memographer” camera application with, you can achieve rapid camera effects.
In addition, this watch also has speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope and two microphones.

Through Bluetooth and mobile phone (or tablet), and then whenever the phone receives new messages, e-mail and other messages, GALAXY Gear will remind the user and provide a quick preview. To view the details of the information previewed on GALAXY Gear, simply pick up the GALAXY Note 3 phone and the “Smart Relay” will allow the phone and gear device to display the same content at the same time.

In the country, Samsung chose to achieve strategic cooperation with Baidu, Baidu voice assistant was placed on the GALAXY Gear. Click on the watch touch screen, enter the “My Application” can start Baidu voice assistant, through the watch can be directly call the matching Samsung mobile phone preset Baidu voice assistant, to achieve the corresponding function call.
At present, this watch only supports the use of Android 4.3 above GALAXY series of products, that is so far only GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Note 10.1 two products can be connected with it, this watch the latest offer for ¥ 2388.00.

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