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In addition to watch the watch movement but also carefully observe the watch case

Omega in 2007 launched the 8500 coaxial movement, each movement of 202 parts by the Omega to the most advanced technology to develop their own research and development. For the serial number production, the movement manufacturing process has been optimized. While the Omega 8500 movement of the timing performance in the mechanical watch industry in high-profile. While in the market, the phenomenon of creating a 5000 coaxial movement is also very common, in order to avoid everyone deceived. Watch home for everyone to identify the way to identify the true and false Omega 8500 way!
Identify the true and false 8500 is very simple, and the counterfeiter is very difficult to make up for the defect, that is, 8500 balance wheel deck installation direction, through the back through, no matter how vague photos, as long as you can see the balance wheel deck, you can immediately identify true and false The
Genuine 8500, the balance of the bridge deck and the basic parallel with the strap, fake imitation Cartier love bracelet , the balance wheel significantly biased to the left, which is the absolute structure of the movement, unless the counterfeiters for other loopholes in disguise as 8500, otherwise this The problem can not be solved.
Tissot T41.1.483.33 is a very popular watch. Since the fame, some counterfeiters are also eyeing this watch. The following watch for everyone to introduce the identification of Tissot T41.1.483.33 true and false way!
1, watch movement and logo contrast. Now the brand of thousands of watches, the quality of the movement is different. Including the Swiss 2824 genuine movement, commonly known as yellow movement. Japan’s 2035 movement, fake Tipper quartz watch more use of this movement. And fake mechanical movement is the use of Guangzhou Pearl movement and the original Japanese Shuangshi brand movement, with the Guangzhou Pearl movement is the most inferior counterfeit watches, and in the high-end movement table is more use of Japanese original double lion Brand movement. Customers in the purchase of Tissot watches must carefully look under the watch movement model and movement signs, fake watch movement from the logo on a can see fake. In addition, but also carefully observe the success of the movement, authentic original movement handwriting clear. Finally, but also listen to the movement of the movement under the sound, the original genuine movement sounds are relatively clear and crisp.
2, the appearance of the watch and functional comparison. In addition to watch the watch movement, but also carefully observe the watch case, strap and dial and table glass. Watch the polished appearance and fineness of Tissot watch case. Look at the case of grinding the edge is smooth and meticulous, false case is mostly rough, low workmanship. Really Tissot watch watch scale is full and fake pointer scale is mostly blurred. In addition, from the side of the watch corner and other small places can also distinguish the watch is false, because the fake watch technology is very low, in the inside of the watch and dial and other meticulous places can not be completed as original Replica Cartier jewelry authentic watch number and pattern The Finally, the true and false Tissot watch function is also very different, most of the fake Tissot watch its function is mostly furnishings, such as (such as moon phase, calendar, Tourbillon, etc.) in the fake Tissot watches do not have this feature. The pointer is also a genuine difference between genuine and fake, authentic Tissot watch the length of the pointer, thickness, shape and material have strict requirements. Senior Tissot watch using the “blue steel pointer”, the true table of the pointer is full of faint blue, this watch pointer to have a complex process to produce, and counterfeit watch blue watch can only be brush up , Because the fake watch can not do such a high craft.
3, watch the table box, manual and warranty card comparison. Genuine original watches are equipped with watch box, the watch box is red, this watch the external design and packaging is very elegant. In the outside of the table box Tissot watch model production serial number. But the watch box is the watch with the instructions and warranty card. If there is no such thing is more false watch products.
Import watches are more expensive table, we must be careful when buying, to avoid being deceived the situation! The following watch home to introduce you to identify the authenticity of imported watches it
First, watch the watch process. True table work smooth and fine, fake table at first glance may not see what is the difference, but the nuances are very rough.
Second, weigh the weight. True table manufacturing materials are expensive, many are made of 18K gold, diamond glass, platinum and other made, generally more than about 1/2 of the table weight.
Third, see “born paper”. Instructions for use The print quality of these prints, true table “born paper” shading clear, clear writing. And false form of “born paper”, often the composition of the small hole factory numbers are not clear, the lower left corner of the quality signs three-dimensional sense is not strong.
False form, after all, is false, as long as know how to identify the table will not be deceived. Consumers to buy a list of regular table shop counter to buy to avoid being deceived!
Armani as a world-renowned luxury brands, clothing watches and other industries are very renowned. Everyone in the purchase of Armani watches, Armani watches how to check true and false is the most concerned about the topic. The following watch home to tell you it!
Armani watches how to check true and false
1, from the details of the pointer within the watch to see whether the details of the fake or not the details of the things are often more directly identify the true and false basis, and the pointer within the workmanship is exquisite, fine, not rough is often the most important to identify the Armani watches One of the best ways. In the genuine Armani watches, this is not too much attention to the details of the design is often very elegant, neat, rules, not rough is genuine protection, and vice versa.
2, according to the back of the dial LOGO paint to identify the opposite of the Armani watch LOGO paint bright, in the middle of the Armani Eagle LOGO printed with G.A logo, not rough around, and in the text and pattern of the place is very clear. And fake Armani watches in the LOGO painting technology is very vague, bleak, the font is not printed on the original Armani watches with hardness.
3, to the origin of the movement to identify true and false genuine Armani watch movement are from www.ourlovestore.com the watch capital of Switzerland or Japan, watch movement is not only the heart of the watch, but also affect the life of the key. From the movement of the grade of the Swiss movement is better than the Japanese movement, the Japanese movement is better than the domestic movement, and when the movement for the domestic movement, you need to leave a true and false for their true and false, and genuine Armani Watch the use of the movement of the movement is generally the Swiss movement or the Japanese movement, assembled by the domestic, but when the movement is used in the country, its quality has been greatly reduced, true and false is not the focus of attention.
4, after-sales package to determine the most assertive guarantee is undoubtedly Armani watches three after-sales gifts, in the authentic Armani watch packaging products, product warranty card and workmanship, high-end Armani watch box. There are serial numbers corresponding. And provides a warranty service, and false form not only can not get the corresponding after-sales service support, and even the service life must also be worried.

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