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Swarovski Pot Crystal Swan logo and Swarovski Scattered Crystal

Swarovski Pot Crystal Swan logo and Swarovski Scattered Crystal (semi-finished product) logo
About Taobao Swarovski and I organize the collection of the Swarovski authentic shop
Taobao sales of Swarovski crystal is probably divided into three kinds
The first is the counter genuine, with a small swan laser security signs, the price is generally more than 500 yuan, some small jewelry will be 300-400 yuan.
The other is Swarovski semi-finished products swarovaki strass series price between 100-300. There is a imitation goods, is the domestic imitation products, the price of 100 yuan or less, not recommended.
Here is my finishing collection of Swarovski crystal counter genuine or semi-finished products Taobao shop, which some stores I bought, and some friends bought recommended. These shops are basically more than 99% praise rate, no one mentioned in the evaluation is fake.
Counter genuine shop (download after the CTRL + click on the name to enter) Snow Princess Living Museum — Taobao Swarovski Swarovski shop, word of mouth, sales are superb. The style has, most of the spot for the real shot, without a long wait. Price, the counter 630 yuan for the small bear, for example, here only 329 yuan, and support for global maintenance. The shop gave us a good reason to bid farewell to the domestic Swarovski counter.
GUCCI, Swarovski — Europe purchasing, the main Swarovski, and another GUCCI and some casual Cartier love bracelet replica women. All with a small ticket.
Genuine semi-finished products shop
Long love jewelry flagship store Jiao Bei flagship store Xinguang jewelry Taobao flagship store Yitai Lena official flagship store dream new decoration sector Fang Xiuxuan self-help jewelry shop Gulu Gulu magic alchemy I drunk beautiful fashion jewelry Wu Mei Niang pure silver Square Chenyuan Crystal Square
Add a little knowledge –
Why semi-finished products cheaper than the counter finished several times or even ten times?
First, a monopoly: Shi family counters are generally only in the counter sales, almost outside the goods can not get, so it is expensive. Second, brand promotion and printing: such as advertising, conference, celebrity endorsements and other huge investment, Shi Jia, of course, from the late sales to recover.
Third, the design of the cost of the system board: This is also a considerable pet of a fee, the initial design to the new products available in the middle of a large number of screening and system board process, the consumption of funds is quite expensive.
Four is the physical shop costs: Shi home store or counter site description of his costs can not be low, plus
On the management, training and other aspects of expenditure, of course, this number is still recorded in the consumer account.
Five accessories: counter sale of crystal jewelry, in addition to crystal bare crystal, the buckle and chain or rope and so are Shijia brand, for non-counter products, only crystal die is Shijia, hanging buckle and leather rope are Is with their own. Six years of the global UNPROFOR two years: the counter to sell the finished product within 2 years can be any one in the world Shijia store or counter for maintenance, 2 years after the maintenance charge a certain cost; this distinguished service fee is of course included in the Buy the price of crystal among the. In fact, the real damage to the crystal is difficult to repair, are generally the warranty of the accessories.
So, is that these added value is important, or real to have Swarovski crystal, is your choice. By

jewelry for mother

In recent years, the influx of foreign goods in Russia, which the Russian culture

In recent years, the influx of foreign goods in Russia, which the Russian culture, ideas, values and other aspects have a subtle influence, but also greatly enriched the lives of Russians. Moscow’s pursuit of the trend of clothing is reflected in this point.
Today, the rich people of Moscow for the Cartier love bracelet replica suit straining the streets, it seems that their rich money has been disdain to do the vulgar, dressing for others to see the era has become the past, the Russians are disdain to talk about the past, that this Is the result of the disintegration of the Soviet Union followed by the price of a heavy period of tasteless. Now the brand name is a deep low-key and “classic” grade. “Styles are a reflection of the value of your social network,” says Alexei Levinson, chief expert of the Center for Public Opinion Studies in All Russia. “At this current fashion, we see people ‘s expectation of normal norms.
Not only that, the Russian fashion market also appeared in competition. As the oil price increases and the 1998 financial crisis, the consequences of the disappearance of the hands of the people of Moscow have money. Most of them are willing to spend in the European clothing boutiques. In Moscow almost every week has such a new store opening. To these stores not only the rapid disintegration of the Soviet Union when the riches of the new Russian people. While chains like GAP, Banana and Republic have yet to enter Russia, a large number of foreign-owned stores have made it more than just the super-rich, and many ordinary Russians have joined the ranks of Cartier love ring replica pursuing Western fashion trends. Moscow and even the distribution of beautiful garish pretty old clothes in Europe second-hand goods market. The appearance of a strong style of clothing has been out of fashion, the new Russians also abandoned this concept, they are gradually integrated into an “elite.” When some people made the first pot of gold in the early 1990s, the post-Soviet capitalist cowboy style was “pretty horrific” in Levinson’s words. Take Boris Berezovsky, he has received two higher education, but he will not wear suits. In the final analysis, it is because the Russian upstarts have no model to imitate. The social environment has changed overnight, and the wealthy form a new social class, but the code of conduct that this class should follow is still blank. Like all other countries, the Russian upstarts also like to show off their wealth, the Western capital of the trademark brand in Moscow has been greatly appreciated.
It is sought after only because these things are Western, is previously unattainable. Today, Moscow people can wear the same clothes and Western Europe and the United States, some people in the YvesSaintLaurent boutique clothing store to buy Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica, others in the secondary market to buy. 25-year-old Vladimir wearing a person through the German-made brilliant green green pants, feet board a pair of British military shoes, although he did not know where his flannel shirt is produced, but he firmly believes that “certainly not Russian production” . Some people do not see what is special about this, others think that this case is precisely that Moscow is finally in the cultural and material West with the line.

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Fashion fast fashion wind swept the world, its fierce trend and even luxury brands are unable to resist

Fashion fast fashion wind swept the world, its fierce trend and even luxury brands are unable to resist. China’s clothing brand in the exploration of the road set foot on the same time began with the positive confrontation of international brands. Fast fashion business logic behind what? ZARA their business model is the only choice for fast fashion?
After the financial crisis, ZARA and H & M as the representative of the fast fashion Cartier love bracelet replica wind swept the world, in many places, even those classic “slow fashion” luxury brands can not resist, such as Tokyo Ginza was once the world of luxury, but now Seems to have become a “fast fashion” in the world. The Chinese market is the largest consumer potential of the region, “fast fashion” is much favored. Over the past few years, the major fast fashion brands in addition to the layout of the first-tier cities, it is foresight to reach the second and third tier cities, showing the great attempt.
China ‘s fast fashion brand exploration
Chinese clothing brand unwilling to sit still, so, Metersbonwe launched “ME & CITY” as the representative of a group of brands began to join the clothing industry, “fast fashion” campaign, and foreign brands face confrontation. However, so far, most of them are clearly at a disadvantage, which is why?
Because the ME & CITY are completely in the ZARA and H & M model in the expansion – “big shop model + leading designer to lead the design of large foreign countries (rapid combination of imitation of the world’s largest design) + supply chain optimization + own brand. In full accordance with their rules of the game to operate in the case, the face of the same consumer groups, our brand power as they, the price is also a lack of advantages, product design is difficult to exceed, the supply chain speed is not satisfactory, consumption How will pay?
However, local brands are also constantly exploring suitable for Chinese Cartier love ring replica enterprises fast fashion road. For example, the general manager of URBAN EIGTHDAY, a brand that promotes fast fashion, mentioned in an interview that Chinese local brands may know more about “what Chinese consumers wear” than H & M, and even dare to expand into foreign brands Not the rate of the three or four lines of cities, more likely to “understand the Chinese local culture fast fashion brand.”
It should be said that the road is in the exploration, but China is not really can have “Chinese-style fast fashion fashion model” can successfully deal with foreign “invasion of the enemy”, is still what we expect. To figure out this problem, we must figure out the logic behind fast fashion.
Fashion fast fashion logic
What is clothing fast fashion? Fast fashion “is mainly for white-collar workers and young people, cost-effective clothing, design, production, rapid replacement of the rapid replacement of the” fast fashion “,” fashion “is also known as” low-cost fashion. This concept has several core elements: fashion, update speed, the price will not be too high.
Fashion fast fashion business logic behind what?
Fast fashion behind the logic is the clothing of the “fast consumer goods.” Through the rapid consumer goods, resulting in “more frequency of replacement, more frequency of contact, more frequency of consumption, more dependent”, while the final business to obtain a steady stream of profits.
Selling is not clothes, but the fashion sense. And FMCG consumption is different here, the basic properties of clothing is completely abandoned, only concerned about the added value of clothes – that is, the feeling of fashion. With the feeling to go, to impulse, the impulse is the driving force of the apparel industry frequent consumption. For enterprises, selling is no longer a product, but the rhythm of youth, fast fashion imitation cartier love bracelet customer value is to continue to give customers to create this fashion experience.
ZARA-style fast fashion is in accordance with this logic to operate:
• Sacrifice quality and lower prices – Let more people afford and often buy.
• Fashion buyers, fast big-name copy board – so you have to be tempted.
• Rapid supply chain, updated every day style – so you always feel backward.
• Small quantities, out of stock – so you always have a “hunger”, the next want to come.
• Super terminal category combination – large, small, your family, children, everything, so you always have to buy the reason: they can not buy to their families to buy, can not buy large pieces of small pieces .
• A more experiential atmosphere – letting you see your clothes.
Appropriate branding – so you always go to buy ZARA.
• Commercial Street, a large shop – the feeling is shopping will go.