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Sports and elegance in this perfect combination this is actually Wempe consistent persistence

Franck Muller (Franck Muller) limited edition watch highlights the Asia Pacific brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin style, this unique Vanguard watch from the hands of complex function master, only the pilot can only cover the charm of Captain Cool.

Since 2013, as the Franck Muller brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin, is a song and amphibious and award-winning Hong Kong star, with its gentle image is familiar. This day together from the two sides with the extraordinary innovation, elegant taste and traditional craft love. Franck Muller and Zhang Zhilin together to design this unique Vanguard watch, and to express its brand to the heart of the sincere thanks. This watch alone, not only show Franck Muller’s dynamic and innovative spirit, but also the brand ambassador’s elegant style revealed.

Attractive case inlaid 307 black drill (8.70 carats), highlight the exquisite imitation Cartier love bracelet black brush face plate and embossed embossed digital time scale. 9 o’clock position of the figure 27 inlaid 36 diamonds, and 27 this figure on the Zhang Zhilin and Franck Muller have a special significance – Zhang Zhilin was born on the 27th, and Franck Muller flagship store also in the 27th in Hong Kong grand opening.

Face plate in the engine pattern and 6 o’clock position date display badge decoration, highlighting Zhang Zhilin deep patriots role. Watch back engraved with its portrait and signature. This unparalleled watch fusion spirit of innovation, luxury design and flight dream, and by a 42-hour power storage of the self-winding movement. Franck Muller once again combines Swiss tradition with the perfect combination of technology and creativity.
Ai Li homes has been its trend of the design, superb watchmaking process and its full of passionate racing sports spirit, a very unique German watch brand. Today for everyone to introduce is the Ehrlich KERPEN sports men’s watch, the official number: 38007.

The watch case is made of stainless steel, decorated with satin, diameter 46 mm, thickness 12 mm, with anti-glare sapphire mirror, waterproof up to 100 meters.

Dial design cool personality, light gray face lined with full rounded Arabic numerals when the three-dimensional sense of full. Personally interesting Mercedes-Benz pointer with sword-shaped pointer, clear and clear. 6 o’clock with a small seconds, 12 o’clock with 60 minutes dial, 4 o’clock with calendar, multi-functional design to meet the surface of the perfect configuration of the pursuit.

Crown engraved on the brand logo, timing buttons polished, easy to operate and domineering type. Equipped with Citizen / Miyota OS11 quartz movement, with timing, calendar and other functions.

The watch has a retro calfskin strap, and with a needle clasp.
40mm Case Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik as a sporty men’s watch with all the quality of durable watch needs

What is the character of a high quality perfect watch? People have long held different Replica Cartier jewelry opinions about this problem. For the watchmaker this is a lucky thing; because they can do their best to develop can think of, the most beautiful and most sophisticated complex design. It is certain that the classic three-pin calendar display has become an international standard for personal timers.

Stainless steel Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik sports men’s watch with integrated stainless steel bracelet, perfect to meet the quality and durability standards. This is the perfect blend of 40mm medium size case specifications and low profile actual capabilities: the spiral crown and screw-in bottom cover allow the table to remain waterproof at 100 meters deep. The side edge protection device prevents the crown from being wound and adjusts the crown and ensures that the sealing system is protected from damage.

The watch has a silver and black dial, each with a luminous pointer and index. Double-sided anti-dazzle sapphire crystal glass in any field conditions can be clearly read.

This low-key sports watch is driven by a Swiss automatic movement. Prior to the official inspection and certification for the German Observatory in accordance with DIN 8139, its automatic movement was optimized in Glashütte and equipped with its own precision adjustment device. The back of the Glashütte Observatory embossed, meaning that this Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik passed the most rigorous test here.

Sports and elegance in this perfect combination, this is actually Wempe consistent persistence. If the timer wants to meet people’s athletic needs, it must withstand a much harder test than the hands of hand washing or drizzle. Even in the shower or swimming time, intense arm movement caused by a brief high water pressure may lead to watch water seepage. The Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik sport watch structure can be used to avoid such danger as long as people do not forget to tighten the crown before rushing into the waves. The sport watch can be quickly and regularly sealed at the Wempe store to enjoy the Wempe Zeitmeister Glashütte i / SA Sport Herren Automatik’s precise travel time in a variety of environments.

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many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment

“T-Watch” is a set of time, entertainment, sports measurement as one of the touch-style fashion smart watches. This is a bold cross-border innovation of the watch, which is a life for you to bring more convenience and enjoy the watch, this is a full of wisdom and personality of the fashion watch.
Tommy Tomoon T-Watch Smart Watch Introduction
Samsung released the first smart watch Galaxy Gear cited industry attention, and many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment. Blue Dragon Online CEO and co-founder Wang Feng also exposed its team is developing imitation Cartier love bracelet equipment, “Tumen Man Tomoon T-Watch” and revealed that it will be so far the thinnest smart watch. T-Watch related domain name concern.

T-Watch time dial interface, comes with 12 kinds of fixed mode, your fingers gently touch the slide, you can replace the pointer or digital mode; millions of the world’s beautiful watch style and dial style , You can download to T-watch memory and up to 32G memory card (can store millions of pictures), at any time to replace your favorite dial interface; left and right slide, switch 12 different styles of clock (support upgrade), on the plan to save Display the clock style and enter the main menu, under the direct access to the main menu. In the browsing picture function, you can set thousands of custom dial, set to your favorite personality timeline interface. This is a truly personalized watch.

3D acceleration sensor; make your sports record more accurate professional; fingertips click to slide, start, pause the movement and switch the different stopwatch, enter the motion record, or save the movement data, display the basic movement information, set the basic information; You can click on this screen to play MP4 entertainment video, so that your travel more easily!

2.1 + A2DP available Bluetooth wireless headset, in the alone or with the companion movement without any obstacles to listen to almost unlimited storage of music, free to release your hands, share the sun, sports, youth; full color MP4 movies, 32GB large memory, In the wonderful sport and travel or home to rest at any moment, at any time enjoy the movie legend, enjoy the beautiful time!
General fine electronic consumer products is difficult to do waterproof, but T-WATCH watch can do 30 meters waterproof standard. Whether it is home cooking kitchen cooking, or in sports, or travel in the storm, Tianba T-WATCH are always away from you around, all the weather with you in various occasions.
Material and spirit Qi Jin, quality and brand synchronization. As a fashion business representative brand, Johnnie John JOHNNIE will experience the cultural experience condensed into a unique brand value, and “elegant, stylish, unique” brand spirit is a kind of worthy way of life, true So that all the JOHNNIE consumers feel the new fashion culture and value experience.
Johnny JOHNNIE ladies watch recommended
“Elegant cultivation, intrinsic satisfaction”. Value orientation: modern, civilized, cultivated, aristocratic. The target consumer positioning for the fashion leisure business people, they are full of youthful vitality, chasing fashion, assertive, doing things cautious and Replica Cartier jewelry practical, to be careful to consider, not impetuous aggressive. Correct, generous manner, and people are good, treat others, is to enjoy the joy of life personality.

Johnnie Adelina series female watch
13.5cm watch, length: 9cm, the whole table can wear a range of 90mm, the table width of 1.5-1.2cm, 30 meters waterproof, with “quartz”, the use of leather, Crystal “as an oscillator, through the electronic frequency to control the motor running, driving the pointer, travel time is very high precision.
Samsung watch phone galaxy gear2013 models since the market has been only wearing equipment enthusiasts sought after. This can only watch how? We take a look at this can only watch the evaluation of it!
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
Hardware appearance
GALAXY Gear’s surface screen size is 1.63-inch screen, Super AMOLED material screen (Samsung’s own push technology, the screen with fast response, self-luminous, excellent display and lower power consumption advantages), a resolution of 320 * 320. Using metal wire drawing surface, and there are four exposed screws, at the bottom can also see the exposed screws. Strap with rubber material. It has six different color straps to suit the needs of different occasions.

It uses a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB fuselage storage space, the battery capacity of 315 mA non-removable design, Samsung said it could have more than 25 hours of use time.
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
GALAXY Gear strap installed on the camera with a 1.9 million pixel BSI sensor and auto focus lens, you can shoot low-resolution video or 10 seconds long 720p video, twist the wrist to take pictures. The camera design concept is convenient to shoot rather than image quality in , and pre-installed “Memographer” camera application with, you can achieve rapid camera effects.
In addition, this watch also has speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope and two microphones.

Through Bluetooth and mobile phone (or tablet), and then whenever the phone receives new messages, e-mail and other messages, GALAXY Gear will remind the user and provide a quick preview. To view the details of the information previewed on GALAXY Gear, simply pick up the GALAXY Note 3 phone and the “Smart Relay” will allow the phone and gear device to display the same content at the same time.

In the country, Samsung chose to achieve strategic cooperation with Baidu, Baidu voice assistant was placed on the GALAXY Gear. Click on the watch touch screen, enter the “My Application” can start Baidu voice assistant, through the watch can be directly call the matching Samsung mobile phone preset Baidu voice assistant, to achieve the corresponding function call.
At present, this watch only supports the use of Android 4.3 above GALAXY series of products, that is so far only GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Note 10.1 two products can be connected with it, this watch the latest offer for ¥ 2388.00.

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In fact, want to drink wine, do not have ocean miles to Italy and France

In fact, want to drink wine, do not have ocean miles to Italy and France, local Wuhan has such a good opportunity, so you can drink in Wuhan, Italy and France wine. Since the beginning of 2013 involved in the wine industry, because of the Cartier love bracelet replica advantages of import and export, China Tobacco Hubei Import and Export Co., Ltd. owned wine from France and Italy and other countries directly imported, the current agent products from France CASTEL Wine Group, Bordeaux dream dream manor (Organic wine), Italy RIONDO manor, etc., from which to reduce the middle channel to ensure that the original bottle imports to ensure high quality. The company is now in the province’s own chain of “China Tobacco” brand store comprehensive cabinet.
According to the store sommelier introduction, sparkling wine is different from other wines, that slowly along the cup wall elegant rise of the bubble is always with a bit mysterious, the taste is also more acceptable, especially for drinking less ladies The At the time of the sweet Valentine’s Day, they also gave two kinds of price grades recommended, one is from the Veneto area of the London Manor granley wine and pink Dai Dai sparkling wine, the other is the two French producing areas Of the “beautiful time” white in the extreme years of champagne and spades A gold champagne. With the “bang” is heard, two people’s love is also the hearts of two people bloom. Need to remind you that drinking sparkling must use the kind of slender tulip-shaped cup, so that bubbles can be from the bottom of the cup to continue to rise, but also to keep the wine bubbles and aroma.
Homemade dinner sweet choice
1, pink Dai sparkling wine
Producing areas: Italy – Veneto producing areas
Grape varieties: 100% red too
Wine Review:
This sparkling wine is a soft grape, juice in 10 degrees Celsius environment after a little pause, fermented at constant temperature.
The wine is of high quality lasting rose red Cartier love ring replica, rich and fragrant, reminiscent of apple flowers and peach. Soft and delicious, harmonious and sweet fragrance.
Suitable drinking temperature: 7 ° -8 ° C
As a sweet aperitif, suitable for cooperation with dried fruits and walnuts.
2, Lun Duo Garden Granville sparkling wine
Producing areas: Italy – Veneto producing areas
Grape Varieties: 50% Garganne, 50% Moskato White Grape
Wine Review:
Calgary grapes are naturally fermented at controlled temperature, and the Mosquito grapes are separated from the juice at 10 degrees Celsius, cooled to 0 degrees to prevent fermentation, and the juice is stored in this state until the two grape juice mixes. In the 16 ° C barrel environment, until the air pressure reached 4.5bar when the bubble. The temperature is then kept below minus 4 degrees Celsius until bottling.
The wine is pale yellow, with golden flash, stable color lasting Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica, fresh and fragrant, with peach and almond flavor. Good sense of balance, back sweet sweet.
Suitable drinking temperature: 7 ° -8 ° C

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Why do Chinese people see Cartier jewelry such brands, there will always be scared to Heaven’s feelings?

Why do Chinese people see Cartier jewelry such brands, there will always be scared to Heaven’s feelings? Because even these top international brands, they can not do without an independent designer. In Europe, many obscure ancient workshops, a long history of the designer firm, hidden master of some of the Cartier love bracelet replica designer. Each year, the top jewelry brands will pay them a lot of money commissions. And they have to do, just for these brands in the exhibition design one or two personality works of art. These works will not soon become a regular product, they are reserves, when necessary, only to pick out one or two big brands from the shape, creativity, and then the world will immediately feel amazing. This is the top jewelry brand creativity, the endless stream of reasons. In fact, they also pay for the independent designer.
Zhong Hua believes that the art of jewelry, personalized jewelry industry is the world’s major trends. And like her custom jewelry design, also shows that this trend is germinating in China. The future there will be more and more people can feel the value of the design, buy for the Cartier love ring replica design.
“Private Airplane”: Who is now paying for your design?
Zhong Hua: Domestic customers are singers, movie stars, artists, and some wealthy people, most of them are individuality, artistic temperament. In fact, many of my custom are in foreign countries, their identity varied, I have done for a mathematician in Europe ring, but also for the New Zealand ranchers and their brooch brooch, in short, in Europe and America, custom jewelry customers are not fixed , Most people are willing to pursue a personalized experience.
“Private aircraft”: your custom objects, the number of male custom?
Zhong Hua: Jewelry is not a female patent. From highlighting the personality, self-perspective, men are more suitable. But for men to choose the jewelry and very few, it is difficult to choose to work for their own personality. From this perspective, the field of custom jewelry may be more suitable for men. This is what I do for many men jewelry can be seen, they have a complex and delicate inner world.
“Private aircraft”: Do you think custom jewelry market in the country considered good? Do custom jewelry income and the creation of brand than, which is higher?
Zhong Hua: For custom jewelry designers, there are usually several sources of income. Which is an important one for the big brands to do exhibition design works. I have been in for some domestic brands to do international exhibition design. The reason for this imitation cartier love bracelet, because the custom jewelry to do art level, maybe two or three months to a work. So rely mainly on it to make money is very difficult. However, the real designers like to do custom, it belongs to the arts.
“Private aircraft”: In the field of jewelry, you think you are the most unique art language?
Zhong Hua: I like sculpture, a lot of time I will be Western, Eastern sculpture into the jewelry among the techniques, hoping to give them some form of strength. At the same time I also very much hope to use the sculpture on the jewelry form to tell the story. Because it is custom jewelry, these stories can be customized to express the inner world.

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What are the famous jewelry brand? How to choose a jewelry brand?

What are the famous jewelry brand? How to choose a jewelry brand?
What can let a person look elegant? Maybe someone will say fur, but now wear fur not only won’t add temperament, also can let a person into the criticism of cruelty to animals. Real elegant doesn’t have to wear fur, is a small piece of jewelry is enough to make elegant people. Furthermore, some jewelry price is much lower than fur now, used to improve temperament is in appropriate. However, jewelry brand have? What more can add human temperament?
First, De Beers De Beers
Many people have heard about “diamonds are forever, forever”, but have no known for its origin. In fact, it has been known as the AD is from the Cartier love bracelet replica brand. Brand since its establishment has a history of more than 120 years, with hundreds of years of jewelry production process, DE beers has attracted a group after group of powerful people, and become the brand loyal consumers.
Second, le weiss
Weiss, since the 1970 s, although the history is not long, but as the proposal diamond ring leadership brand, enough to illustrate its status in the jewelry market and potential. Its true love diamond ring custom and culture dissemination focus to marry him, all to create each of the new diamond ring represents a unique love, its “in the name of my crown your fingers; life accompany, I hand” brand interpretation touched countless fixation men and women. People’s pursuit of, life is not only you a person?
Third, Harry Winston Harry Winston
Harry Winston’s customer is known as the international personage, from queen Elizabeth to the Hollywood stars are the brand’s fans. The brand has become the top Cartier love ring replica brands, in addition to its very exquisite diamond cutting technology, and its very careful, romantic detail design.
Fourth, the treasure dragon Boucheron poetry
Since founded in 1858, dragon treasure poetry has been a growing market, improve the jewelry brand awareness. Nowadays, it has is a jewelry world champions. When domestic stars red carpet will also treasure dragon poem as the important accessories. , so to speak, have poetry treasure dragon jewelry is symbol of status.
Fifth, Van Cleef & Arpels
On the world fashion magazines are easy to see the figure of van cleef, the brand has become one of the favorite brand noble and stars.
What are the jewelry brand? In addition to the introduction of five brands, was known to the public, and jewelry connoisseurs relishes brand Cartier, tiffany, diamond, etc. From these brands to choose a diamond ring, in combination with proper clothing, must can let their own temperament is uplifting. By