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Swiss watchmaking enterprises in the million street clocks and clocks on the streets

COSMOPOLITAN was founded in 1886, it is the United States Hearst Publishing Group’s brand. Is the world’s largest sales of young women’s magazine, because of the young white-collar women to introduce fashion, to explore contemporary gender relations and famous.
COSMOPOLITAN watch brand introduction
Now COSMOPOLITAN is not just a magazine, it is also a reader of a way of life. She has a symbol of a brand, an empire, and a state of mind, she even the modern women from the heart of the emotions, acute, charm, and wisdom show. So its main readers are the world’s imitation Cartier love bracelet countless brave, entertaining young women who want to be the best in all areas of their lives.
In order to better meet market demand, COSMO products have a clear series of classification, COSMO ROMANTIC (romantic), COSMO DELUXE (luxury), COSMO BOUTIQUE (classic), COSMOPOLITAN watch series will also be launched in such a series of three.
COSMOPOLITAN watch materials expensive, Japan imported quartz movement, the surface with stainless steel, inlaid SWAROVSKI crystal, the effect is more flashing, but also has a 30-meter life waterproof performance.
Swiss watch brands have a lot, but most brands are expensive. Most people can only be stunning. The following watch home to introduce a comparison of low-end Swiss watch brand Delvina watch.
Delvina watch brand introduction
Delvina, Swiss watch brand. Hong Kong translated as: Diyun get, the mainland translated as: Dirvina. Delvina watches are available in major cities. And cooperation with the time gallery, in any time gallery can be repaired.
Delvina Diyun take away the popular route, many styles, the price of the same quality of products is very competitive, coupled with the time bar warranty service, so that Di Yun take better. The affordability of the economy is weak, but not willing to compromise the poor quality of the product Replica Cartier jewelry users, DELVINA provides a better brand.
Doxa is a time watch. In 1889, the Swiss watchmaker Georges Ducommun, in the middle of the Swiss watch area of the town of Biel, the establishment of a production of watches and clocks factory. As early as 1906 when the table will be awarded the Italian gold medal. In 1910, the time will register the brand and follow the present.
Doxa is what brand watches, Doxa watches are introduced
You now see the time (DOXA) logo, used in the past hundred years ago. Into modern times, the time widely appear in the field of cars, soccer, etc., had worn in the World Cup champion Germany each player on the wrist. The timetable is also the ancestor of the diving watch.
For more than 100 years, DOXA in the watch industry to the prestigious, thanks to the implementation of the “high quality”, “beautiful and practical”, “fine work” three principles.
Into the twenty-first century, DOXA will be the future, adhering to the fine traditions, excellence, production more perfect time to feedback from all walks of life love and support for closer to the market, to meet consumer demand.
Switzerland ENAG (ENAGHR) watch was founded in 1881, is one of the old Swiss watch, which adhere to only watch the concept of mechanical watches to mechanical transmission, handmade, outstanding technology, travel time accurate, very cost-effective The
ENAGHR according to Nagai watch brand introduction
Swiss watchmaking enterprises in the million, street clocks and clocks on the streets, and was founded in 1881 according to Nag (ENAGHR) watch with the Swiss tens of thousands of watch manufacturers as obscure, really famous in the 1914 to 1918 years during the First World War.As the Naja watch travel time cheap and inexpensive, so many low-level soldiers will buy according to Nagai watch. Later, because of Nagoya in the war of outstanding performance in, so a war fame. Has become one of the famous Swiss watch brands.
Located in the age of 22-45 years of age between the executives, white-collar workers, elites, freelancers, civil servants and the pursuit of quality, highlight the self-fashion men and women. For consumers tailored to create simple, refined, elegant, can be a permanent collection of watches, endorsement dedicated to their own style of life.
To mechanical transmission, handmade, craftsmanship, travel time accurate, very cost-effective in the name, relative to hundreds of thousands of millions of Swiss watches, according to Nagel 4000-12000 Hong Kong dollars the price is very close to the people and cost-effective.

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Cartier LOVE bracelet was designed between cultural

This ring is not used any gems,only use three gold band,the material of gold band is yellow gold,white gold and pink gold.symbolize loyal,friendship and love.
This Cartier love ring is due to its uniquely shaped to be a glamour and classic ring,Ps,check the price,the prime ring from the narrow to wide about seven thousand to fourteen thousand.
Cartier love bracelet also has different price,as usual,size 16 and size 19 are the most choice for woman and man,we also sell size 16 17 18 19 20 21 replica cartier love bracelet
Cartier LOVE bracelet was designed between cultural,moral and political philosophy of volatility period in western society,a lot of people have lost faith in the LOVE and life,only with “sexual revolution” as a relief.
Cartier do exactly the opposite,with this need two people to assist legend of phase lock bracelet,emphasize the concept of “love and loyalty”,and thus widely gained recognition.
Many people follow this replica cartier love bracelet, love its design style,share their happniess with their lover,if you are a Cartier fans,you can go to to buy one love bracelet for your lover.
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How to identify the true and false silver jewelry? The maintenance of silver jewelry

How to identify the true and false silver jewelry? The maintenance of silver jewelry
Silver jewelry is a lot of classification, according to the composition of the classification is divided into full silver jewelry and silver alloy jewelry:
1 . Foot silver jewelry: smooth surface, silver white, good ductility, looks elegant and Cartier love bracelet replica generous. 2 . Silver alloy jewelry. Silver alloy jewelry surface bright, there are still silver, hardness and ductility moderate, easy processing characteristics, and looks exquisite, delicate, decorative and strong. Jewelry silver alloy is mainly silver and copper alloy, usually silver content of 92. 5%, in addition to silver with lower jewelry, especially some of the national style of jewelry, very beautiful, delicate. 900 alloy called silver silver, jewelry with 800 or more alloy. Silver copper alloy has the advantage of harder than silver; heat treatment can improve the hardness, melting point can be improved, but can improve the resistance, but anti-discoloration capacity is not improved, easy to produce sulfide silverware discoloration. In addition, in recent years, many jewelry manufacturers also put electroplating technology into silver jewelry processing, jewelry in the surface of rhodium-plated metal to improve the wear and corrosion of jewelry, corrosion resistance, then how to identify silver jewelry? This article focuses on the identification of silver knowledge, Xiao Bian contact jewelry industry for many years, do not understand the place through the Taobao Want Want communication, Want: tianmacun0, shop name: Yu Lai Rui jewelry
(1) to see the color: look at the color (also known as the face file), the higher the purity, the more white silver, delicate and even smooth shiny, polish. High quality, looks white, delicate, shiny, and printed on the jewelry manufacturers, shop number and other mark; fineness low, color was yellow, rough work; false silver jewelry color gray, not clean. If the lead quality, the surface file issued with tide flowers with green gray; such as containing copper, face file rough and rotten heart, a dry feeling. Oxidized silver despite the surface of the “black rust”, but its color and black and bright lead, tin, white copper is no luster,
Its color twilight.
(2) Dian weight: silver density is slightly larger than the general common metal, generally speaking: “aluminum light, silver weight, copper is not light nor heavy.” Thus weigh the weight of its initial judgment on whether to make silver The If the jewelry is bulky and lighter Cartier love ring replica weight, you can initially determine the ornaments of other metals.
(3) check hardness: silver hardness is lower than copper, and lead, tin large, so the use of a large pin with a little force to test the surface of the object, such as needle slippery, the surface is difficult to leave traces, you can determine the copper jewelry; Such as lead and tin texture, the traces are obvious, prominent; such as physical traces and not obvious, can be initially determined as silver jewelry. Pure silver jewelry by hand pull, fold can make it deformation.
(4) Listen to rhyme: jewelry such as high-quality silver, then there is no rhyme rhyme, no stretch, the sound of “porphyrin pyridium da da.” The lower the color, the lower the sound, the sound the more the higher the higher and rhyme; if the copper, the sound higher sharp, rhyme sound short and short; if lead, tin texture, then throw the sound dull, short, no Elasticity.
(5) silver medicine wiping
The silver jewelry in the touchstone on the grinding of silver (and try the same gold), with silver medicine (silver medicine is mixed with silver and silver into a soft) in the silver smear, hang silver and more fineness of silver, hanging silver Less fineness is low, do not hang silver medicine for fake.
(6) bending method
With the fingers pinch the bend, high-quality soft and flexible, easy to bend easily broken; quality times when the bending hard, or barely twisted, and some even can not use your fingers to twist; Knock a few times will crack; fake can not afford to bend, easy to break.
(7) throwing method
High color silver jewelry weight, throwing on the platen is not high jump, “puff” sound; false or fineness is low, throwing on the platen bounce very high, the sound is relatively crisp.
(8) nitric acid identification method
With the glass rods will be nitric acid drops in the silver Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry file mouth, high color was brown beige, dark green or slightly green; low color was dark green, or even black.

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First, the men’s wallet purchase skills

First, the men’s wallet purchase skills
The first one: long section or short paragraph?
Wallet is used to prepare the daily life of the backup money, but also can be installed credit card and other bank cards, you can also install ID cards and so on. So, wallet in daily life is often used one of the bags. In one day can not help but take out the Cartier love bracelet replica wallet and then back into the pocket, which requires the wallet in the quality and appearance should be OK.
In terms of carrying, the short wallet is easier to carry, and the capacity, to see what specific wallet, a variety of manufacturers do not have the same wallet, there are versatile, simple and practical. Now young people generally like long wallet, it seems more than short wallet to grade on some of the wallet. In terms of fashion image, long wallet than the short paragraph wallet fashion, taste.
Also, short wallet relative to the more easy to carry, but the capacity is slightly less, less, because we usually not only used to equip money, but also to install a credit card ah, ID card ah, bank cards and so on. And long wallet, not only the capacity to install much more, it seems more grade, although carrying inconvenient, but for men who often carry bags. In my personal view, long wallet wallet relative to the short paragraph wallet is more stylish, tasteful. This is just my personal hobby from the point of view only, would like to facilitate a friend can also buy a short paragraph, because it is summer, the weather is hot, short section of the more convenient.
In short, the length of the purse can choose from their own hobbies point of view, would like to carry can buy a short paragraph, the summer to the long wallet bad, short wallet is not the same, casually stuffed into the pocket Things, and from the fashion point of view to buy a long section of it
Part II: What color is your suit for men’s wallet?
Wallet wallet, money bag, a wallet with how long? Feng Shui book, a wallet about three years, luck almost ran out, it is best to buy a new, can increase the wealth, help Master Cai Yuanguangjin.
Feng shui book suggested that people use straight version of the wallet, most of the modern wallet with a fold, it is said that money every day bent, not stretch, can not gather money. And the use of the newer wallet, the stronger the luck. But from a practical point of Cartier love ring replica view, as long as the men’s wallet is not damaged, strong and durable, there is no need to change the new. But the color of the wallet for the wealth is also a great impact, the wallet what color most money it? A good (not expensive) men’s wallet can be for you Lucky, and an inappropriate wallet may be broken money.
What is the color of the most money, now look at your wallet feng shui!
Choose the color of your current wallet, or you want your next wallet is what color, my door is just test for you, the wallet what color most money.
A: white – white on behalf of the net, is a not suitable for the color of the wallet.
● B: yellow – yellow can Lucky, but poly financial slightly worse.
● C: plum red, pink – if you want to ask peach blossom, then choose plum red, pink it. ● D: black – black on behalf of calm, you can hold the money, that is, money, not easy to lose money. ● E: red – red on behalf of the booming, is the most lucky color.
● F: blue – blue on behalf of the water, meaning that money will flow like water, but also a not suitable for wallet
s color.
● G: brown – there are black wallet the same meaning.
What is the color of the most money, if it is money, the most avoid red wallet, followed by deep yellow, the two colors scattered financial; female words, the best pink, the source of money (the source for the opposite sex), followed by yellow Replica Cartier love bracelet, beige and White, black smooth.

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Seven treasure each have different classification standard, the reporter specially record is as follows

Classic seven jewels
Seven treasure each have different classification standard, the reporter specially record is as follows:
As is known to all, evaluation standard 4 c Diamond system, Diamond has a regular cape series (white series), the white Diamond called D color (Diamond). Is the so-called, white diamonds more white more expensive. The canary in the Huang Yuegui, pink diamond, the powder to the more expensive Cartier love bracelet replica
Second requirement and flawless, namely under 40 times the desktop microscope can’t see the obvious flaw is called the IF levels (internal). In fact still have defect, such as electron microscope in 100 times, one million times, still can see flaws. If no, you may be the synthetic diamond. Natural diamond are defective, just good drilling fewer defects. Diamonds that DIF, want to choose the diamond.
Moreover, cut is very important, diamond grinding is better, bad not bright. Cut for 3 x. In addition, no fluorescence, circular drill, more than one carat, have more standard, this diamond is of high quality. But the auction mainly more than 3-5 carats of diamonds across America.
Red sapphire:
Mineral composition is corundum red sapphire, after ranked a diamond mohs hardness, belongs to the colored gems. Color treasure for color, large particles, less defects, grinder, basic is also the 4 c standard. The only thing better than a diamond one more transparency, to bright, a really high quality truly.
Wipe from myanmar (Mogok valley) area of “pigeon red” ruby in ruby. 3 carat pigeons red blood to millions of yuan a. And sapphire above 5 carats, can be called the best.
Emerald mineralogy name is beryl, Colombia is a major producer of high quality emeralds.
Emerald “brittle” sex is strong, easy to crack when processing, precisely because of its high hardness, more hard Cartier love ring replica gem more brittle. Emerald to “Yang dawei beauty”. Because she was afraid of, sometimes need oil for maintenance.
Jade, full of green glass, large particles, without blemish. Is the most expensive one egg noodle, bracelets. The same quality of bracelet at least 20 million or so.
If, by number of carat emerald jade relatively a few more expensive. Ren said, this is what they think the emerald and the cause of the rising space. Just of the tradition of jade piece cannot alter, maybe later jade will be calculated according to the carat.
Green cat’s eye:
Really only from chrysoberyl cat’s eye, the other just has a “cat’s eye effect”. Chrysoberyl, high hardness, which are found in Sri Lanka. There is a special phenomenon, once appear, the war in Sri Lanka, chrysoberyl price, peace will reduce the price.
Good quality green cat’s eye for eyeliner to beautiful, like a cat’s eyes. Line is clear, high brightness, color such as uniform yellow-green, especially green light gold heavy green cat’s eye is the most beautiful. Ren into had made a green cat’s eye jewelry, the price is 8 million yuan.
Pearl requires large particles, and is sea water pearl, pearl layer thicker. Good pearl to burnish requirements: lip color, the feeling of silk luster. More than 1 cm in diameter, rolling round pearl, rolling disc beads, beads to circle in particular, is not nearly round bead, without blemish (beads with parasite growth of the knot, small tip) colour, light, high light, the pearl is the top grade.
In fact, red sapphire, green cat’s eye is the royal queen’s jewels. For ordinary people, the best popularization is the Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica diamond.
Wan Ruixiang emerald club chief appreciation experts.
Purple jade (violet), is a very beautiful color, its appearance also with “strong, Yang, are, well” is preferred. Violet or more this year, only a decade ago, the price of the purple cui also much lower, if the investment to buy the purple cui, now is greatly appreciated. Zhen hidden in the spring of 2011 in Beijing auction ZhenPinZhan jadeite, a pair of value must, kind of a reputation, flawless purple jade bracelet, the bracelet is rare in the emerald collection of treasures.
In addition, jade prices in recent years, but the lack of the secondary market. Wan Ruixiang emerald club organization in treasure meeting some friends’ stuff club a few years ago to buy, lower prices of jade. In fact, the collector is a good chance, is also on the domestic jade secondary market opening, for solving difficult to liquidate jadeite is a very good try.
Chen yong Ryan diamond e-commerce operations director by
Regardless of other factors, only to see the color, the color of diamond, pink diamond prices relative to character is the most valuable, uniform color, less impurities, pure diamond prices higher than other colors. Main cause in fact, the color of the drill are produced when there are changes in the colorless diamond particles in color changes. Diamond color is more rare, more thick, the higher the degree of saturation, the higher the value. The main producing area of pink diamond is Australia. At present, the market is also relatively rare.

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Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Executive Board and Advisory Board of the Swarovski Group

Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Executive Board and Advisory Board of the Swarovski Group, said: “The Source of the Brilliant is well-suited for naming the portrait portraits. The Swarovski element is a unique blend of creative passion, expertise and the philosophy of excellence, and these elements can be the inspiration for contemporary outstanding designers. We are proud of the many fountains and dazzling masterpieces. ”
Trey Laird, the company’s Cartier love bracelet replica and Creative Director, told us about the creative concept of this project: “We want to highlight the different elements of the Swarovski element for different creative fields.” The creative brand Laird + Partners was conceived by creative company Laird + Partners. But also to see the talented elite of the industry, in the works into the Swarovski elements, it makes people very happy.Every one of them, are fully embodies the Swarovski brand essence, and Showing the Swarovski element of great creative potential and bright charm.
The rich and poetic flow of the Cartier love ring replica Rives tribute to the fascinating charm of the South French Riviera, this is the founder of Fred Samuel most cherished scenery, this presents a Mingyue Yue moving color Belles Rives series, distributed in the sun charming Low light. Many precious stones have been placed in a sparkling ocean, the water stroking, microwave waves.
Shuiguang glittering, sun shining, smooth gems, like a lot of water polished pebbles, Cartier love ring replica. The new Belles Rives ring, wrapped in gold or rose gold gem, sleek and has a sense of asymmetry, monochrome gems in the changing light showing a different color, dazzling charming. Ring design lines clear, bring out the gem of the attractive texture and interesting fashion sense. Gem light, according to different preferences and clothing with the preferences, the ring can be worn alone, can also take the multi-layer stack, dotted fingers, sparkling.
FRED also launched Belles Rives series of two new pendants, light and elegant, soft lines, a pink rose quartz and rhodochrosite the perfect match, a London blue topaz and green chalcedony pavilions, in gold or Rose gold package, as if for the neck decorated with round after round of streamer. Gem stones, such as by the water to touch the pebbles, and sparkling water to play the sound of harmony, the spectrum of a song dedicated to the blue Mediterranean carol.

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Love/hate short boots and jeans

Volume legs or plug in? Love/hate short boots and jeans
Various and ankle boots in the winter is necessarily crucial footwear to choose, and short boots and jeans often is commonly used in People’s Daily dressing and tie-in combination. But not high not low short boots upper seem to “fight”, at the edge of the trousers and jeans frontier into boots mouth when the pants? And when the roll up trouser legs look better? Seem to struggle. Because sometimes was very good-looking boots, pants, and improper handling can instead be match failure. , of course, as long as you don’t make a fatal mistake – cover your ankle boots with a leg – then give you a still in time through the VOGUE of eight short boots and trousers replica Cartier love bracelet combination of demonstration, let your ankle boots and jeans to “together”.
A combination: thick with narrow mouth short boots with basic jeans
Best solution: monolayer neatly roll his trousers
Contracted solid wear thick with narrow mouth short boots, can highlight your beautiful ankle again, especially suitable for combined with the basic model of jeans of ordinary version (not wide version or narrow mouth), as long as like Karolina Kurkova furl pants edge tidy, so his upper body with simple long coat is very perfect.
Combination 2: in the heel and ankle pointed boots with narrow leg jeans
Best solution: multi-layer roll of his trousers
With an ankle pointed boots and the easy and do not lose feminine taste, but never will narrow leg jeans trousers frontier fortress into boots mouth, tend to bring out the modelling. Learning Anne Vyalitsyna relatively casual pants edge roll up to boots mouth height, the effect is very Cartier love ring replica natural, tie-in coat more may be neutral. But must pay attention to the edge not too wide.
Combination of three: wide mouth and ankle boot with nine points narrow leg jeans
The best solution: no plug volume
Wide mouth and ankle boot the easiest on the question of volume legs or in puzzled, because the boots mouth, in the leg to run out, roll up and is not harmonious, so the best solution is like Alexa Chung choose nine points narrow leg jeans. The best agreement with boots and the length of the legs, or arts of ankle.
Combination of four: narrow mouth decoration design short boots and tight jeans narrow leg
The best solution: neat plug in
Is also narrow mouth short boots, if boots have more decoration design, the original volume legs advice is no longer applicable, because will roll up pants edge boots decoration design feeling weaken, without the key. So this time the choice of the tight jeans narrow leg, and legs tucked up, must the Cartier nail bracelet replica fortress is neat, not too much fold on the edge of the boots, otherwise the same failure.
Combination of five: lace-up walking boots and cuffed jeans
The best solution: natural fit
Such as Martin boots with walking boots, actually in a roll up or can be, can according to be fond of. But, if choose the volume ankle socks should be taken into account in the selection, so had better with Fearne Cotton as slightly fold natural plug into the boot is good.
Combination of 6: urban hiking boots and basic jeans
Roll up the correct solution: plug in again
If you see here think it all too melodramatic, you are not a true love fashion, because fashion Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica is closely related with details. Rihanna is never tired of rolled up his trousers and slightly tucked into the shoe side again, to does not look so stylish urban climbing boots to wear fashionable.
Combination of seven: the round head paint short boots with jeans
Many fold in the correct solution: level
Round head paint short boots has a tendency to return again, can dig out old boots from the new fashion. To smooth the surface texture is very suitable for and fold into boots levels more legs contrast effect, and can appear commonly round head boots top-heavy, so fold is also can enhance the body weight on the vision, such as Rita Ora model for us.
Combination of eight: irregular edge of short boots and narrow leg jeans
Correct solution: natural plug in
As for on the edge of the well with irregular design, character design of short boots is still like Kate Moss natural tuck legs in safe, so often can better highlight the special design of boots mouth.

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In the ninety s fashion change What are they experienced?

In the ninety s fashion change What are they experienced?
The New York post reporter Maureen Callahan’s new book, “Champagne Supernovas, and appears to be in remembrance in the ninety s changed the Angle we see fashion wet, but also loomed a relatively sharp questions: after the cheers and applause fades away, behind the fashion practitioners stress and anxiety, understanding and a few people can know?
This year, the British designer Alexander McQueen in London’s central saint martins college of art graduate show, launched annoys a, etc., all with the notorious murderer “Jack the Ripper” inspired by fashion works; The other side of the ocean, are at the Perry Ellis brand Marc Jacobs, is received a call Cartier love ring replica from the agent, seeking to arrange designers cooperate with its musicians, stimulate Jacobs design out of the representative work of career “grunge chic” series; And from the UK in the country, a man named Kate Moss, is not very developed thin girl, then contract will be the fashion brand Calvin Klein’s new models. She figured physique and indifferent eyes, adumbrative eighty s those like amazon goddess supermodel tall, will soon to the decline of the career.
This several parties and have similar background: three are from the lowest class, but for society control in traditional fashion stopped footstep; Their childhood is not perfect, groping in the lonely and lost along the way; And later, in the traditional value orientation, is also. But around the world, this is a group of people, in the ninety s spread out the disturbing molecules in the air, so that everyone can feel it, a new fashion revolution is coming. But no one can speak clear, the revolution will be in the form of how to thoroughly clean the whole industry.
Decades before, meanwhile, is different from the development of the history of fashion, fashion in the late eighty s, is no longer described by only a few short skirt of the dress of keywords can be summarized, but developed a deeper look: on the one hand, fashion brand acquisition restructuring collective widely, constituted the wealthy big luxury group; Actors, on the other hand, massive attack of celebrity fashion, models, designers and other frequent active become a star in the spotlight, the abnormal development of the traditional media began to draws the earlier was himself has been ignored industry attention. The fashion industry into a universal Cartier nail bracelet replica carnival party. Like Callahan writes: “seems to be overnight, even middle-class housewives in the United States is know what is the meaning of Prada.”
Alexander, Marc and Kate is in such a noisy era has begun his own struggle. They hope to get fashion both right class recognition and affirmation, and don’t want to seem like a forced to compromise on the other hand, lost self personality. Alexander McQueen in point. He who is full of violent lust, taboo topics such as fashion series, not only because the designer naturally dark side of life is infatuated with, more deliberately provocative ingredients in it to the public. When he received job offers fashion house of Givenchy, according to Maureen Callahan of McQueen’s former boyfriend, interview he is intentionally made up for himself a “is for the sake of others, have to work for a large company” lie, to hide its ambitions to desire to be recognized. Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss, but also for the situation. When LVMH group determined to develop its Louis Vuitton fashion product line, the Marc Jacobs was finally selected to help the one hundred box brand, from scratch to build a complete set of clothing production. To outsiders, this is Marc Jacobs big lucky, and in the eyes of designer myself, it is difficult to bear the huge pressure. In the first place at the time, mental state of the Marc itself is not full, “grunge chic” series of poor market performance he be Perry Ellis brand fired; The business of the personal brand also is often wander in the edge of bankruptcy. And Kate Moss, but are not sure what happened, somehow high hold to era is the most beautiful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica face. More praise and attention, the more aggravated the little girl heart chuai chuai uneasy: on the runway, his obvious than Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and others short upper head, a lot of momentum weak; At the scene of the shooting, but also endure the photographer and art direction, “sexy points again, all the clothes off his” loud command. To mention, it is naturally thin, by the public as the target, criticism is in advocate “with drug use, anorexia, way of life for the fashionable” bad atmosphere in society.
Things at this point, has three people are inherent to the new members of the ruling class has become a fashion. Work for large luxury goods group, or hold millions of dollars model contracts, called Alexander, Marc and Kate finally ushered in her voice. They are new young imitation cartier love bracelet is elder people see not pleasing to the eye, but was forced to step aside. And this several attitude towards down the altars former rulers, and as they age as young as reckless. As Alexander McQueen has just took over Givenchy told the media: “the traditional French haute couture doesn’t intimidate me. I’m going to tell them straight ‘all roll for me away.”
Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss’s influence is indeed unprecedented huge. Their every move already and the effect of the traditional actors, singers, their style of work is full of the general public markets: McQueen preference for skeleton totem was diablo interesting niche, has been continuously enlarge as daily accessories printing sought; Jacobs is responsible for leading the Louis Vuitton and multiple personal brand, caught the attention of the natural, even the designer’s private love life also became the chatter of the streets; Kate Moss, the trend of the consumption of needless to say, she can even take red revival already stop production of the design of the past, with Johnny Depp, the star of the relationship, also called her into the tabloids are the object of Angle. There is only one of popular culture to the 21st century fashion, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss is our most important cultural pioneer era.