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the best way to maintain the calendar function is to ensure that the movement of normal work

Relative to other watches, the calendar function is not just a function of complex, it is also very troublesome to adjust up. Of course, if you wear every day, the movement is also running, then you do not have to adjust. But if you put down do not wear, so that the movement to stop a few days, it is very troublesome to adjust, because each display are interlocking, so if the adjustment is not easy to jam the movement of the situation.        It is not possible to adjust the calendar during this period from 22:00 to 2:00 on the second day because it is the time that the gears that show the calendar are fully engaged and are running slowly. Different brands imitation Cartier love bracelet of taboo time may be longer, which requires reference manual. Can not be in the month 26 to 2 months between the two months to adjust the month, then adjust the movement must be stuck.        Almost all of the calendar function is prohibited callback, that is to say if the transfer of a day, then need to stop the movement for one day.        Therefore, the best way to maintain the calendar function is to ensure that the movement of normal work, never adjust. The most secure way is to buy a “self-winding box”, so that when the watch does not wear it can also be moved to the movement, to prevent pause.        In fact, the calendar is not a little advantage is not, on the contrary it is a very emotional function. Imagine, in the face of such a complex calendar of mankind, tabulation master is with how to decide the mood, poor people, only to make all the changes in this function to achieve. And as the owner of the perpetual calendar watch, think of these, it must not be difficult to understand the “deceased as a fan, do not care day and night” mood.According to the factory said:      18K gold watch (shell) contains 75% gold, copper 5% to 10%, silver 15% to 20%, alloy made of 0.75K.      18K white gold strap (shell) contains 75% gold, platinum 11%, silver 11%, nickel 3%, alloy made of 0.75K white gold.      In addition to gold, the other silver and copper metal met the acid and alkali in the air will play a chemical effect, not to mention the body wearing a long time naturally there will be perspiration and dirt high acid and alkali. If you wear a hot spring, K gold belt (shell) is more likely to accelerate the oxidation into amber.      Watch wear a period of time there will be no accidental impact or improper touch caused by the scratch, as long as the strap (shell) there is a trace of scratches, the whole table will appear pale many.      If the watch has been worn for a long time, the appearance of damage or collision depression serious, can be sent to the nearest sales center, can do the most complete size of the beauty treatment and other programs.      As far as possible not to fall into the watch or serious collision, may appear as a case of deformation depression, lens deformation damage, according to a very precise waterproof structure failure.      Here are a few ways to deal with the scratches of the problem      Method one: to the watch after-sales service center to buy “K gold table cloth” commonly known as K gold cloth or magic cloth to wipe their own.      Method 2: use pure rubber erase to oxidize the Replica Cartier jewelry discoloration of local (can not be used with glass fiber eraser easy scratch)      Method 3: the use of traditional pull face materials (Hsinchu powder), take a soft toothbrush stained with a little convex powder light color and scratches the scraper (shell) of the Department, the effect will make you satisfied.      Method 4: take a soft toothbrush stained with shower gel or detergent light brush watch with a mesh seams, rinse with water to clean the flannel and then use the hair dryer from 10 cm will be dry. (Should not use toothpaste to clean, smooth will appear fog, because the toothpaste contains fluoride and lime.)      Method 5: jewelry table ~ users in addition to the usual gem should pay attention to whether there is loose phenomenon, you can also use a little toothbrush stained with a small amount of salad cleaning stones, you can also use jewelry special medicine soaked, and finally rinse with water You can, so that you can have the original bright face can add luster.Quartz watch to replace the battery to be careful. For thin quartz watches, battery matching in particular to be careful, because the movement of such watches are also very thin, if the battery is fixed with a pressure reed and screws, you can not use thicker batteries.   There have been improper selection of thickened batteries caused by the case of Swiss watch failure:   There is a Cartier watch, should have used the SR616 model of the battery, the result is to use the SR621, the thickness increased by 0.5 mm, but happens that the watch is thin, that is, the height of the case within the small, so when tighten the watch back cover After the battery contact with the back cover on the back side, and the pressure on the movement, resulting in a reasonable gap below the spare parts of the dial, the calendar does not jump word, but also can not fast tune the calendar disk, and the feeling of the needle is very wrinkled, Continuous needle a few cycles down, sad reminder of the wheel straight even to the broken teeth.   To the quartz watch for the battery, is a simple question. Because the quartz watch battery is not 100 kinds of specifications or models, there are dozens of large, large and small, thin and thick, the general maintenance shop models will be used, not too common may not, especially those too small too thin Or relatively large and thick.   The international model of silver oxide batteries actually represents the geometry of the battery profile, such as SR626, indicating that its diameter exceeds 6 mm and the thickness is 2.6 mm, and other models are analogy. More expensive quartz watches, usually in the watch after the cover or movement of the battery near the splint, indicating the movement of the battery specifications used.   Thick battery capacity than thin large, which is to extend the battery replacement cycle is good, if it is selected than the provisions of the thin battery, but also to prevent the battery card can not catch the battery card, causing the battery on the bomb, out of the negative Reed, or contact with the virtual; so if necessary, but also need to add a battery (positive) pad metal foil or “green clay” to suppress.   Beijing this sentence is called “ear digging fried sesame seeds – you fool me, I fool you”, that if not according to the provisions of the service, there may be a bifurcation, an inattentive On the matter of ill-fated, or even the “bread can lead to bleeding case”, all things can not be done because of small loss, in conditional circumstances, or should try to follow the provisions of the model to replace the watch battery.

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Classic Cartier love ring and Cartier love bracelet replica are the best choice for wedding

Classic series of Cartier love ring, harmony and purity of line, reflects the commitment to happiness; Mark style wedding ring series, sending out attractive modern lines, each symbol meaning perfect in two people’s heart.

Special design wedding ring, creativity and enthusiasm in this jewelry masterpiece together seamlessly.

Classic Cartier love ring and Cartier love bracelet replica are the best choice for wedding,party,find your favourite ring in

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Nightfall, the annual “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” in Beijing Parker Hotel opened a gorgeous curtain

Nightfall, the annual “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” in Beijing Parker Hotel opened a gorgeous curtain. As the top of China’s jewelry feast, the only one called “jewelry industry Oscar” jewelry annual brand activities, “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast” by the fashion media group to create China’s only international high-level jewelry fashion magazine – “Bazaar Jewelery” magazine launched and Cartier love bracelet replica sponsored. In the evening of the festival scene, international celebrities, popular stars, social ladies gathered together, accompanied by Beijing early winter night under the faint flowers, witnessed a bright and luxurious jewelry as the protagonist, dizzying art feast.
The winter of the winter has a stubborn temper, but in the theme of “flowers in full bloom” and “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry dinner and 2013 senior jewelry annual design awards” against the background, bright treasures like fragrant flowers The capital of the moment into the spring.
In order to and “flowers in full bloom” theme echoes, “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and 2013 senior jewelry annual design awards” invites the first domestic flower Art Museum C-Floral founder – Mr. Cao Xue portrait to join This dinner is tailored to create a fantastic floral stage.
Jewelry, there is a time all can not use words to express the unique aesthetic, as in full bloom, always can not forget until the most Cartier love ring replica memorable precious memories. For the Chinese jewelry industry, this is a hundred times contend for the times, but also a blooming era. “Bazaar Jewelry” and its efforts to build the “BAZAAR JEWELRY Need for jewelry feast and senior jewelry annual design awards” for the Chinese jewelry industry and the international jewelry industry to build a bridge of communication for the Chinese jewelry industry opened a pass To the door of the world, paved the “flowers in full bloom” of the beautiful times. As the “Bazaar Jewelry” executive publisher and editor, Ms. Jing Jing said, if the stars like Galaxy jewelry like a beautiful dream, “Bazaar Jewelry” mission is to pass and continue the pursuit of this dream to the jewelry art The idea of the highest mood to convey to the public the beauty of the faith.
BVLGARI Bvlgari new DIVA senior jewelry watch once again to the world to prove that the Italian jewelry family industry leaders style. DIVA series perfect reproduction of the “sweet life” (Dolce Vita) era of charming style, called the Italian film golden age of the magnificent. At that time, BVLGARI Bvlgari and the film can be described as inseparable, many international top movie stars are BVLGARI Bulgari Rome Kang Duo mention flagship store regulars. These bright stars are without exception, Bvlgari jewelry charm is deeply impressed, countless old photos recorded their BVLGARI Bvlgari flagship store classic moment. Until today, Bvlgari is still the world’s aristocratic ladies and bright stars love.
Advanced jewelry watch with 18K rose gold Replica Cartier jewelry case and strap (about 107.35 grams) and white mother of pearl dial, inlaid 286 bright cut diamonds, the total weight of about 5.67 karats, and 8 tourmalines and eight amethyst. Equipped with Bulgari custom quartz movement.

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Specific operations include the following four aspects of administration, sales management

Fourth, the mode of operation:
Specific operations include the following four aspects of administration, sales management, product innovation, capital management.
1, administrative management: including Cartier love bracelet replica supply procurement, after-sales service, staff performance and so on.
Sourcing: (1) wholesale site purchasing; (2) factory customization;
After-sales service: (1) the establishment of customer information files, regular return visit; (2) the establishment of customer WeChat friends circle, QQ group and other social networking, and maintain good communication with customers.
2, sales management: including network sales management, store sales services, sales planning and planning work.
3, product innovation: in principle, all involved in a free environment, from life found a good idea.
4, capital management: cost statistics, sales summary, profit calculation, wages and other work.
Fifth, staffing
1, manager: 1
A system of perfect flower shop, social relations can not be less, the manager should cooperate with other relevant departments for external relations maintenance and development. Including flower shop development planning, employee performance, product innovation, customer management, marketing planning.
2, the financial staff: 1
Responsible for cost statistics, sales summary, profit calculation, payroll and so on.
3, the clerk: 4
One is mainly responsible for the procurement work, travel more, responsible for production and production plant communication matters; one is mainly responsible for network sales, responsible for online shop, WeChat and other channels of sales;
One is mainly responsible for after-sales service, responsible for regular visits to customers and customer interaction arrangements;
One is mainly responsible for product innovation, this clerk needs a professional design and flower-related knowledge, is the main product development.
4 staff in the resident shop is two, and the manager, the financial staff are responsible for the daily store sales service and work maintenance. In addition product creativity, product development to full participation.
Six, interest and benefit analysis
1, operating cost budget
in principle:
Put every penny on the blade, give full play to the value of every penny
Investment budget
(1) rented facade rent (usually annual rent): 50,000 yuan.
(2) shop renovation costs (including signs, facade, light, wall, ground) “: 30,000 yuan
(3) flower shop registration fee: 20,000 yuan
(4) flower shop first distribution fee: small pieces of Cartier love ring replica cost and in the flower shop before the sale of maintenance costs (labor costs, timber loss, etc.) 40,000 yuan
(5) window design and decoration of the decorative items: 20,000 yuan
(6) Other miscellaneous expenses: personnel training fees, for the regular purchase of raw materials, liquidity of about 10,000 yuan
2, benefit analysis
(1) single product profit
Product cost is low, high profits, single product profits in 100% -300% or so. For example, small multi-pulp multi-pulp color planted ceramic pottery, modeling lovely novel, the cost of the wholesale price of 1-3 yuan range, but the market price is 8-20 yuan.
(2) product pricing level
50% of the product price control within 50 yuan, 80% of the product price below 60 yuan, the low price of jewelry when the price.
(3) customer characteristics
High quality, high credibility, no bad debts.
(4) turnover income
According to the survey, we can predict the main holiday, the daily sales of more than 1,000 yuan.
Seven, the potential risk
1, to prevent product replication
The unavoidable risk of operating a service product is service, product reproduction. Creative products do not require too high technical content, replication is not difficult, so to do their own brand and related intellectual property protection.
2, cost control risk
The face of the wholesale market variety of flowers, flowers and other price changes, resulting in the monthly cost of unequal phenomenon, can not clearly control, resulting in financial budget barriers, the project profitability can not be accurately estimated.
3, rental risk
Storefront geographical superiority, has become the ideal store in the eyes of most businesses, once submitted, there are many stores will be immediately rented, then once the rental shop, there is no good geographical advantage, or even can not rent the Cartier nail bracelet replica store.
4, other risks
Operating flower shop to grasp the business opportunities, do more regular customers. To do this, credibility is the key. In addition, the florist can contact some units, the company bigger single business, to avoid dead hold retail, sit back and wait, sit still.

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It was another year’s Mother’s Day, and I kept on giving a special gift to my mother at Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gift
It was another year’s Mother’s Day, and I kept on giving a special gift to my mother at Mother’s Day. I have to worry about what to send this time, because I do not want to send a greeting card.
But the class teacher woke me up at some lectures before Cartier love bracelet replica school. The teacher arranged an additional job, the teacher played we are familiar with an ad, advertising description of a child for the mother feet, the teacher please go back for the mother feet. So I decided to follow this ad for my mother to wash your feet.
I finished all my homework in school and came home with an excitement waiting for my mother’s return. I never gave my mom a foot and did not know what kind of reaction she would be. Surprised? excitement? happy? … I think so.
While waiting, the ear remembered the rustling of the car. Before long, the door of the building “babbling” to open. At this time, the corridor sounded a clear “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle” crisp footsteps, I know that this is the familiar mother wearing high heels issued the sound, my mother came back!
My mother just opened the door, I took her mother, straight to the mother of the Cartier love ring replica original home to say this thing, I asked her to allow me to wash her feet. My mother first surprised, and then kindly praise me: “really a good boy, my mother first thank you!” I am anxious to pull my mother to the living room, my mother could not, had to run into the living room. I pull my mother to sit down, and then holding out the feet of the feet of the feet of the feet, pour the hot water, to confirm the water will not be too hot as the child in the ad as slowly to the end of the bowl to the mother feet. I squat down, my mother’s face filled with a smile, she sideways off high heels, the feet into the foot basin, said: “You see my mother often wear high heels. Mom every night to bubble feet, or wearing eight or nine Cm high heels will be very tired, and that today you will help me rub your feet. “I will be very serious to help my mother feet, unknowingly has been ten minutes. I hurried to help my mother wiped his feet, brought her slippers. My mother praised me: “You are really great, my mother is not tired today!” Hearing this, I also rest assured, I thought, this gift really meaningful.
Mother really hard! May every Mother ‘s Day make sense, it seems that Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica Mother’ s Day gift is not what it is, but lies in the mother ‘s love – the most important.

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Paris is the capital and largest city of France, is the French political and cultural center

Paris is the capital and largest city of France, is the French political and cultural center, is the French economic and financial center, is France’s largest industrial and commercial city, in addition, it is a “world conference city”, in politics, science and technology, Culture, education, fashion Cartier love bracelet replica, art, entertainment, media and other fields have an important influence on the world. In addition, Paris is beautiful, magical, it is the representative of architectural art, it is a model for the protection of the ancient city, it is a model of cultural environment, it is a model of ecological civilization. Keywords: historical environment culture tourism fashion
France, Paris, the city, from ancient times to the people’s feelings are beautiful, mysterious, commonly known as “romantic capital.” It is with the United States New York, Tokyo, Tokyo, London tied for “four world-class cities.” In all regions of Paris, museums, theaters, gardens, fountains and sculptures are everywhere, and the cultural environment is very good and has a profound historical background. Parisian cultural life is rich and colorful imitation Cartier love bracelet, entertainment, elegant, artistic atmosphere is very strong. “From the predecessors said, ‘the Six Dynasties’ sell vegetables have smoke and water, the Paris people who are probably one or two Ya Gui it. ‘Paris people Ya, because they’ like breathing air like breathing breath , Naturally it is elegant up. ‘[1] This is probably the reason why the elegant reason for the people of Paris it. Since ancient times, young people with all kinds of dreams and ambitions have gathered from all over the world to Paris, come here to realize their dreams, they have some success, some failure, but as Li Kerr once said, “Paris is An unparalleled city “. First, the historical process
AD 508, the Kingdom of the French capital of Paris. At the end of the 10th century, King Hugo Kappei built the palace. And then after two or three centuries, at this time of Paris has developed to the banks of the Seine, the church, the building abound, became the political and cultural center of the West. In 1789, the French revolution broke out. As part of the reform, parts of Paris were destroyed. After the great revolution, Napoleon made a new Cartier love ring replica expansion to Paris, the construction of the Paris Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre north and south wings, the two sides of the Seine River, dredging the river, and the construction of a large number of classical palace, building, apartment.

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In the new year of the new weather, the wave of gifts to be started, the Spring Festival to send any gifts so good?

In the new year of the new weather, the wave of gifts to be started, the Spring Festival to send any gifts so good? National Day to send what gift is good? Mid-Autumn Festival to send any good gift … … blame our holiday too much Let us in the Cartier love bracelet replica gift of ideas are exhausted, 2016 to send creative gifts, on behalf of their own thoughts of the gift, in 2016, we will be based on creative gifts to open a creative gift to join it, must be caught a good business opportunities , More 5 square meters shop project 2016 creative gift stores we came.
Send a man what is good? Send men more commonly used gift is a watch, say a woman watching the package, the man watch the table. The watch is a symbol of the taste and identity of a man. Tie, usually work certainly less formal occasions, these occasions are generally to tie.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift stores. To send a woman what good things? “There are many creative gifts, last year when the National Day, the best gift of the National Day is my boyfriend sent me a wooden love letter, when he handed me, I was shocked , Because I have not seen such a gift, when I see the text on the book, it was deeply touched by the love letter, from the text, I can feel his love for me, you also for your girlfriend Send this kind of birthday gift it, this is the best love to pass a gift. “Happy little woman Wang Lilin said.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift Cartier love ring replica stores. What is good for children? For children under the primary school, the cognitive ability is still relatively limited, they are the most favorite toys and snacks, finally a long vacation, to meet their wishes under it! Give them a beloved Toys, girls buy dolls, boys buy planes, artillery and the like, and then buy some of their favorite snacks, so that they spend a pleasant holiday. If the larger children, you can send them some meaningful gifts, such as library card. If you have money, you can send the current more popular ipad, smart phones, these two children like.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift stores. Parents, first of all should consider the benefits of their health benefits, such as nutrition and health care products. Parents because of older, bad health, you can give parents to buy a park ticket, so that they go to the park to turn, exercise, if the parents legs and feet, waist is not easy, you can also buy some automatic massage fitness supplies , For example: massage the foot, massage the waist. Second, you can also vote for their parents to buy gifts, buy wine for his father, or to buy a bracelet to his mother.
According to the 2016 creative gift, we can open a fashion watch gift Replica Cartier love bracelet shop, high-end sweetheart’s luggage stores, stationery stores, health stores, etc., these are we can shop in the new year a good project, then you optimistic Which item?

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Children’s gold and silver jewelry production process, due to strict control of raw materials

Children’s gold and silver jewelry production process, due to strict control of raw materials, production process level is limited, or in order to improve the performance of silver jewelry, improve the aesthetic and artificially add and other Cartier love bracelet replica reasons, may lead to silver jewelry lead, chromium and other harmful elements The Through skin contact, licking and other means, these heavy metal elements can enter the body, and can continue to enrich in the human body, with a certain degree of toxicity. Therefore, in the purchase and use of children’s silver jewelry, we must carefully purchase scenic spots, stalls and other selling jewelry, pay attention to see if there is a child jewelry logo.
In addition, children have long been wearing gold and silver jewelry there are several possible drawbacks:
Easy to hurt the skin
The child’s skin is very delicate, the ornaments will stimulate the friction of local skin, the skin is damaged. Some low-grade jewelry in the shape of a sharp, claw, etc., and rough workmanship, and some interface is not right, and some rough grinding is not smooth, easy to stimulate or scratch the skin. If the bacteria invade the breeding, may also cause secondary infection, causing systemic disease.
Prone to accidents
The child is naturally easy to put the ornaments in the mouth bite. Some small ornaments can easily be swallowed by the child swallowed the Cartier love ring replica body, or stuck in the throat, causing suffocation, accidents.
Skin allergies
There are allergy children wearing jewelry after the whole body itching uncomfortable.
Radiation sickness
People in the mining, smelting and production of gold and silver jewelry process, it is inevitable that a small amount of radioactive elements remain inside. When wearing jewelry containing radioactive elements, the skin for a long time by radiation, can cause radioactive jewelry disease, and even cause the child’s blood, bones, reproductive system, malignant lesions. As the child’s body in the growth and development stage, the harmful heavy metal elements of low tolerance, it is recommended not to give children long-term wear jewelry.
Jewelery is a succinct blessing, but we can also express it in other safer Replica Cartier love bracelet ways. In the children wearing jewelry more and more hot today, hope that parents can make a rational choice.

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Do you know how the gold jewelry on the market is classified?

Do you know how the gold jewelry on the market is classified? Gold jewelry in accordance with the gold from the low to high-end, can be divided into the following three kinds of gold, thousands of gold, million gold.
Jewelry gold classification:
According to the national standard GB11887-2012 “jewelry precious metals purity and naming Cartier love bracelet replica method”, for the gold jewelry gold content and naming were defined. (Gold meter manufacturers how to DORA: one three qi – II qi San Ba – Lu Jiu three qi) gold jewelry in accordance with the gold content from low to high end, can be divided into the following three:
1. Gold: marked as “Au99” or “full gold”, the gold content of two nine. The purity of gold is low, gold purity is low, and now the market has been basically no sales.
2. thousands of gold: marked as “Au999” or “thousands of full gold”, the gold content of three nine, a few years ago more popular, and now has been as before, some big gold brand has gradually shut down thousands of gold jewelry.
3 million gold: labeled “Au9999” or “million gold”, its gold content reached four nine, is currently the highest gold content on the market, the most pure gold.
How to identify whether you buy the gold Cartier love ring replica word to reach four nine:
Must meet the following conditions:
1. Stamp (non-laser print) must be brand + Au9999
2. Must be checked online. In the national standard information platform for record, is a legally effective national record standards.
High purity gold and ordinary gold difference:
1. Process is different: million pure gold is “no solder welding technology”, plus a process does not add any solder, to ensure the purity of the same time also add a gold out of the color more.
2. Corrosion resistance is different: the higher the purity of gold, chemical properties are stable, more long to maintain the true nature of gold.
3. After-sales service is different: million pure gold secondary processing without purification, environmental protection, but also for the gold enterprises to save the cost, so most of the pure gold products in the sale, especially the cost of replacement costs lower than the cost of Replica Cartier love bracelet thousands of gold

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The second new Serpenti watch with another beautiful black gem – onyx

The second new Serpenti watch with another beautiful black gem – onyx, even more unique mystery. In 18K rose gold and a piece of waterfall white diamond against the background, the onyx in the bracelet scales such as waves undulating, cold, deep black tones and gold warm light to form a Cartier love bracelet replica wonderful contrast, more compelling.
Serpenti Tubogas 2013 new watch from the 1970s to draw inspiration, two-color lap or double chain bracelet contains a unique spiral network design. At that time, BVLGARI Bvlgie for the gold and steel these two materials combined, conducted a long-term technical research, the experiment need to find the right steel, not only to have excellent flexibility, but also with the color and gold and gold Perfect contrast. In addition, there are other problems to be solved in the study, especially the melting point of steel is very high (1300 ° C to 1500 ° C), and compared with 18K gold, steel malleability is relatively poor. BVLGARI made unremitting efforts, and finally in the 20th century, 70 years to achieve this goal. In order to pay tribute to this extraordinary achievement, BVLGARI Bvlgari 2013 new watch in the elegant figures and gold-plated hour scale on the use of stainless steel and 18K rose gold, with the sun in the pattern of opal black dial against the background is particularly eye-catching. Crown is inlaid with egg-shaped cut pink red tourmaline. Double circle two-color watch on the bezel inlaid with 38 diamonds (about 0.29 kt) of the bezel makes double-lap two-color watch more elegant, and lap models are provided with gemstone mosaic and gemless inlaid models two select.
Serpenti, “snake” totem power
Watches, collars, bracelets, glasses and handbags – all Serpenti works contain the “snake” totem power. Serpenti’s inspiration comes from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, which is a tribute to BVLGARI Bvlgari founder Sotiris Boulgaris Cartier love ring replica descent. He moved from Italy in 1880 to his home town, located in Greece. Where he renamed Sotirio Bulgari, and in 1884 founded his own name named BVLGARI Bvlgari brand.
For the love and beauty of the god of Aphrodite, the snake represents the temptation; and for the great philosopher Plato, the mouth of the snake represents the eternal life, a symbol of life and death of the infinite cycle; In the heart of Demeter, the snake is a symbol of life, it can continue through the molting to achieve rebirth. There are legends that Alexander the Great and Roman Emperor Augustus are the son of the snake god.
Evil, wisdom, knowledge or witchcraft – although every civilization is given a unique meaning for the snake, but Cleopatra (Cleopatra) may still be associated with the snake most closely historical figures. The Egyptian spirit that he is the ancient Egyptian fertile god god Isis incarnation, from Alexandria to Rome, the goddess is the world worship, and the snake is her symbol. The fate of this brilliant after the fate of the Roman Empire is closely linked to Caesar the Great and Anthony have been dumped for her, and she finally chose to end her life with a snake. Her headdress is a gold crown, above a coiled cobra, and the bracelet is like a golden snake wrapped around her arm.
The new aesthetic concept of the 21st century poured into, so Serpenti series of transcendental realism in the real art, to the abstract and concise simplicity. A series of carefully crafted elements, lifelike show the shape of the snake, and through extremely Replica Cartier love bracelet fine lilies for clever connection, to achieve a completely “stealth”, and spiral blend of harmony. The new series of jewelry with gold or rose gold material, together with bracelets, rings, earrings and the first into the Serpenti series necklace, to achieve a unique set of unique jewelry and perfect presentation, through the meandering shape and pure design outline this series of noble quality.