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Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series

Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series, precious stones interpretation of jewelry rhyme
The new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry collection of precious stones, with bright light highlights the unique personality. Cartier special use of modeling bright and lively design, to contrast or free lines highlight the power and personality of precious stones. Through the exquisite design and pattern layout, so that works show or cadence or if the flow of rhythm and beauty. Different works also clever echo between, to create a harmonious and unified resonance. Every gem is inspired by the foundation and the source, the achievements of bold and uninhibited freedom of creativity.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series ORBITE Ring, 18K White Gold, 1 F vs Class 1 Half Moon Diamond, Weight 5.02 Carat, 1 F VS Level 2 Half Moon Diamond, 4.72 Carat, Trapezoidal Cut Ruby, Bright Cut Diamond
Cartier has a unique diamond Cartier love bracelet replica craft aesthetics, rigorous selection of precious stones containing personality, with a unique cutting process interpretation of the rhyme of jewelry. In this piece of mirror, such as mirrored, a pair of multi-cut half-moon diamonds blooming and pure glory. Red and white with a charming rhythm alternately commensurate, just like slowly puffing the gentle atmosphere.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Collection CLAIR OBSCUR Ring. Platinum, 1 Fancy Black Pear Diamond, 2.73 Carat, 1 E IF Pear Diamond, 2.05 Carat, Black Paint, Bright Cut Diamond

Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series, precious stones interpretation of jewelry rhyme
It is a rare black diamond to capture the light of each angle, between the cut into a vibrant tempered light waves. Cartier jewelry master craftsman with a white diamond set off this mysterious creation, black and white commensurate with the infinite energy to stimulate the transmission, giving birth to strength and dynamic.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series Infinite Motion Ring, Platinum, 1 Fancy Intense Pink VS Level 1 Pear Diamond, Weight 2.18 Carat, 1 Fancy Intense Blue VS Level 2 Pear Diamond, 2.03 Carat, Bright Cut Diamond
Cartier Zhen election a pair of magnificent Fancy Intense grade gem, decorate this classic works: a 2.18 carat pink diamonds and a 2.03 karats of blue diamonds to shape and shape each other echoes, doubly harmonious beauty The Complementary colors, stretching the shape of the intertwined lines, so that the beauty of the diamond posture and complex mosaic process completely blending

ÉCUME necklace / pendant

Cartier Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series ÉCUME Necklaces / Pendants, Platinum, 3 Fancy Yellow / Fancy Light Yellow Drop-shaped Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds with a total weight of 74.24 carats, oval diamonds, drop-shaped cut diamonds, natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds, Bright cut diamonds
Dazzling light, wave bubbles, spectacular waterfalls, refreshing … … magnificent shape is at first sight. The overall design of the work around the central pattern to start, decorated with continuous fine decoration. 3 pieces of water droplets cut yellow diamonds blooming bright colors, for the works to give lively vitality, with the gem of the ghost contains a wonderful halo, passing the dynamic force. Central drop-shaped diamonds on both sides of the yellow drop-shaped cut diamonds can also be decorated on the earrings to wear.

RHYTHMIC Necklace / Brooch

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelery RHYTHMIC Necklace / Brooch, Platinum, 1 E VS Level 1 Shield Diagonal Cut Diamond, Weight 10.08 Carat, 1 D VS Level 2 Improved Shield Diagonal Cut Diamond, Weight 1.04 Carat, 1 D VS 1 Improved Hexagonal Slope Cut Diamond, Weight 1.33 Carat, Diamond Ball, Weight 54.43 Carat, Bright Cut Diamond
Precious stones breathtaking, the release of dynamic, such as waves as layers of transmission. This breathtaking look of the wonderful shape highlights the distinctive style. Full of artistic design, bring Zhenmei diamonds fresh power and bright light. The central part can also be disassembled and worn alone as a brooch.

HYPERBOLE necklace / crown

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series HYPERBOLE necklace / crown, 18K white gold, a pillow-shaped Colombian emerald, weight 140.21 carats, bright cut diamonds
A rounded Colombian emerald, its weight and eye-catching colors are amazing. Works modeling simple neat, in the diamond against the background, blooming beautiful and moving green light. This emerald becomes the center of the rhythm pattern, stretching the power and movement. Necklace can also be used as a crown to wear, highlight the extraordinary.
The same time as
EURYTHMIE bracelet

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series Eurythmie bracelet, 18K rose gold, lapis lazuli, bright cut diamonds
Front, paved with diamonds in a continuous pattern of shining light in the wrist; back, night sky as deep lapis lazuli and rose gold and diamonds against each other. Just gently flip the wrist, this flexible and flexible bracelet instantly from the day to night, from the warm color into a quiet shadow.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series Twisting Light Bracelet, 18K White Gold, 2 G SI 1 / SI Level 2 Modified Triangle Cut Diamond, Total Weight 4.72 Carat, Natural Crystal, Bright Cut Diamond
Dazzling light shuttle between the twist curves of this bracelet. Natural crystal and hollow inlaid two conical diamonds against each other. Light in the neat shape and rhythmic pattern of shine.

A ray of gentle breath over the exquisite stones, bring breathing like the rhythm, and its mutual resonance, reflecting the bright Guanghua. Zhenmei modeling so that every piece of work lifelike, the inherent beat of endless life, tempting light waves stretches endlessly, compiled into full vitality of the rhythm. From one piece of work to another work, this flow of vitality infinite transmission, such as an electric light, while trembling, a touch, to stimulate the senses to enjoy.

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