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Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series

Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series, precious stones interpretation of jewelry rhyme
The new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry collection of precious stones, with bright light highlights the unique personality. Cartier special use of modeling bright and lively design, to contrast or free lines highlight the power and personality of precious stones. Through the exquisite design and pattern layout, so that works show or cadence or if the flow of rhythm and beauty. Different works also clever echo between, to create a harmonious and unified resonance. Every gem is inspired by the foundation and the source, the achievements of bold and uninhibited freedom of creativity.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series ORBITE Ring, 18K White Gold, 1 F vs Class 1 Half Moon Diamond, Weight 5.02 Carat, 1 F VS Level 2 Half Moon Diamond, 4.72 Carat, Trapezoidal Cut Ruby, Bright Cut Diamond
Cartier has a unique diamond Cartier love bracelet replica craft aesthetics, rigorous selection of precious stones containing personality, with a unique cutting process interpretation of the rhyme of jewelry. In this piece of mirror, such as mirrored, a pair of multi-cut half-moon diamonds blooming and pure glory. Red and white with a charming rhythm alternately commensurate, just like slowly puffing the gentle atmosphere.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Collection CLAIR OBSCUR Ring. Platinum, 1 Fancy Black Pear Diamond, 2.73 Carat, 1 E IF Pear Diamond, 2.05 Carat, Black Paint, Bright Cut Diamond

Cartier released the new Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series, precious stones interpretation of jewelry rhyme
It is a rare black diamond to capture the light of each angle, between the cut into a vibrant tempered light waves. Cartier jewelry master craftsman with a white diamond set off this mysterious creation, black and white commensurate with the infinite energy to stimulate the transmission, giving birth to strength and dynamic.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series Infinite Motion Ring, Platinum, 1 Fancy Intense Pink VS Level 1 Pear Diamond, Weight 2.18 Carat, 1 Fancy Intense Blue VS Level 2 Pear Diamond, 2.03 Carat, Bright Cut Diamond
Cartier Zhen election a pair of magnificent Fancy Intense grade gem, decorate this classic works: a 2.18 carat pink diamonds and a 2.03 karats of blue diamonds to shape and shape each other echoes, doubly harmonious beauty The Complementary colors, stretching the shape of the intertwined lines, so that the beauty of the diamond posture and complex mosaic process completely blending

ÉCUME necklace / pendant

Cartier Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series ÉCUME Necklaces / Pendants, Platinum, 3 Fancy Yellow / Fancy Light Yellow Drop-shaped Replica Cartier jewelry diamonds with a total weight of 74.24 carats, oval diamonds, drop-shaped cut diamonds, natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds, Bright cut diamonds
Dazzling light, wave bubbles, spectacular waterfalls, refreshing … … magnificent shape is at first sight. The overall design of the work around the central pattern to start, decorated with continuous fine decoration. 3 pieces of water droplets cut yellow diamonds blooming bright colors, for the works to give lively vitality, with the gem of the ghost contains a wonderful halo, passing the dynamic force. Central drop-shaped diamonds on both sides of the yellow drop-shaped cut diamonds can also be decorated on the earrings to wear.

RHYTHMIC Necklace / Brooch

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelery RHYTHMIC Necklace / Brooch, Platinum, 1 E VS Level 1 Shield Diagonal Cut Diamond, Weight 10.08 Carat, 1 D VS Level 2 Improved Shield Diagonal Cut Diamond, Weight 1.04 Carat, 1 D VS 1 Improved Hexagonal Slope Cut Diamond, Weight 1.33 Carat, Diamond Ball, Weight 54.43 Carat, Bright Cut Diamond
Precious stones breathtaking, the release of dynamic, such as waves as layers of transmission. This breathtaking look of the wonderful shape highlights the distinctive style. Full of artistic design, bring Zhenmei diamonds fresh power and bright light. The central part can also be disassembled and worn alone as a brooch.

HYPERBOLE necklace / crown

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series HYPERBOLE necklace / crown, 18K white gold, a pillow-shaped Colombian emerald, weight 140.21 carats, bright cut diamonds
A rounded Colombian emerald, its weight and eye-catching colors are amazing. Works modeling simple neat, in the diamond against the background, blooming beautiful and moving green light. This emerald becomes the center of the rhythm pattern, stretching the power and movement. Necklace can also be used as a crown to wear, highlight the extraordinary.
The same time as
EURYTHMIE bracelet

Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier fine jewelry series Eurythmie bracelet, 18K rose gold, lapis lazuli, bright cut diamonds
Front, paved with diamonds in a continuous pattern of shining light in the wrist; back, night sky as deep lapis lazuli and rose gold and diamonds against each other. Just gently flip the wrist, this flexible and flexible bracelet instantly from the day to night, from the warm color into a quiet shadow.


Cartier Cartier Résonances de Cartier Premium Jewelry Series Twisting Light Bracelet, 18K White Gold, 2 G SI 1 / SI Level 2 Modified Triangle Cut Diamond, Total Weight 4.72 Carat, Natural Crystal, Bright Cut Diamond
Dazzling light shuttle between the twist curves of this bracelet. Natural crystal and hollow inlaid two conical diamonds against each other. Light in the neat shape and rhythmic pattern of shine.

A ray of gentle breath over the exquisite stones, bring breathing like the rhythm, and its mutual resonance, reflecting the bright Guanghua. Zhenmei modeling so that every piece of work lifelike, the inherent beat of endless life, tempting light waves stretches endlessly, compiled into full vitality of the rhythm. From one piece of work to another work, this flow of vitality infinite transmission, such as an electric light, while trembling, a touch, to stimulate the senses to enjoy.

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Mechanical watch is the use of the balance wheel of the mechanical composition of the mechanical

Case refers to the watch surface of the shell parts, its role is to contain and protect the watch’s internal components, such as movement, dial, table, etc., while the watch to provide stylish and charming appearance. Parts closely connected with the case are: table mirror, bottom cover, crown, press and so on.

The most common watch case
The role of the case
Case, such as the body of the body, which in addition to direct care of the internal components of the imitation Cartier love bracelet, the extent to determine the performance of the watch, such as: waterproof, dustproof performance, magnetic performance, seismic performance … … In addition, the table The shell also determines the appearance of the watch body.
Case classification
Case is divided according to the material, more common are: stainless steel case, ceramic case, titanium case, platinum case, rose gold case, platinum case, stainless steel case, gold case, gold case , Tungsten steel case, aluminum case, copper case, zinc alloy case, plastic case, etc., are not common There are wooden case, iron case, fiber case, sterling silver case, pure gold Or K gold case.
Case according to the style to divide, there are: round case, square case, barrel case, goose-shaped case.
Watch scale according to the presentation can be divided into flat scale, three-dimensional scale and inlaid scale three. The flat scale is the most common, as long as the digital scale can be printed on, and three-dimensional scale there are two, including the thick pigment printed on the number, to create a slightly floating effect; and the use of paste, the number or shape Scale sticky. In addition, the workmanship more fine non-mosaic scale none other than the watchmaker must first drill hole in the dial in order to stick with fine metal strips through the scale and welding, although the process is more cumbersome and durable.
Mechanical watch is the use of the balance wheel of the mechanical composition of the mechanical oscillator as a time base, the accuracy of the watch will depend on the stability of the balance wheel glimpse cycle. But the stability of the balance of the balance of the ball by the following factors:
(1) the effect of the swing
(2) the effect of position changes
(3) the effect of gossamer
(4) the effect of temperature changes
(5) the effect of the magnetic field
(6) the impact of shock
(7) watch movement parts of the processing tolerances
(8) other factors
Mainly due to the watch case seal is not strict, then the moisture and gas pressure changes will affect the watch’s travel time accuracy, but also easy to have small dust and foreign matter into the table, affecting the work of the watch parts. There is also a problem called “no needle”, belonging to the table failure.
Watch the accuracy of the test:
1. Swiss watch day and night error (day difference): the Swiss watch within 24 hours to determine the interval, can explain the accuracy of the table quality, with the first day and night correction value and the second day and night correction value Replica Cartier jewelry comparison.
2. Swiss watch day and night error is poor: is the difference between the two adjacent day and night error, also called the day difference. Fine watch reflects the table to travel time and stability.
3. Swiss watch average day and night error: with a day and night error and an average of several day and night errors compared to find the difference between the average day and night error to determine.
The instantaneous value of day and night error: also called instantaneous day difference.
The above tests are tested at a day and night interval, and all are averages.
4 Swiss watch isochronous error: that is, 24-hour day difference and full-string difference, the best position of fine watches (symbol is I) that is different with the degree of tightness travel time error
5. Swiss watch position error: the winding is also called the difference. Is the location is different, the error occurred (symbol P)
Temperature error: also known as the temperature coefficient, (symbol C) and other temperatures of 36 degrees and 20 degrees, the instantaneous difference is (36-20) divided by the difference, the value of the temperature coefficient, that is, the temperature of the watch once 8 changes in the error when walking indicators:
6. Swiss watch drop (full string and 24 hours after the swing)
7. Swiss watch flat poor (fine watch full of flat and vertical swing)

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Rolex representatives once and for all but even if the watch work no matter how good

Rolex representatives once and for all, but even if the watch work no matter how good. There will be errors! Completely accurate watch does not exist, then the Rolex mechanical table error is how much, how to solve?
Rolex mechanical watch error
Rolex watches allow day errors around 30 seconds, this range of errors can be called “accurate”, which is based on the Swiss Observatory’s certification system (COSC), the more stringent Geneva mark, also allows the watch to slow every day for 3 seconds Or a margin of 2 seconds. As long as about 30 seconds in the range of error even if qualified. If there is more than error is the fault, we have to get the mechanical calibration test tester qualitative.
The severity of the mechanical watch is determined by the frequency stability of its balance imitation Cartier love bracelet spring. The use of a number of factors affected by the internal and external factors, so that the balance of the balance of vibration, so that the watch will produce errors, carefully adjust the error will be relatively reduced, but can not be completely excluded, so the watch travel time as long as the accuracy of the table, Qualified form. When the watch does not need to adjust the regular tone, anyway, after a good tune is only fine-tuning later.
How to avoid
The state of the watch every day when the error in the 30 seconds or so, because the watch error is inevitable, the resulting error for a variety of reasons, which with the consumer wearing the environment, wearing habits are closely related. Hope that consumers can often focus on the maintenance of their own hand test method is very simple, give the table full of hair, and then a standard time to be tested when the watch, minutes, seconds, so that they are synchronized, first placed in the plane position After 24 hours, compare with the standard time and record the error. Repeat the above process, respectively, on the watch under the face, the next, the left, the position on the actual error test, and recorded.
For example: static test results are: surface +20 seconds / day, face +20 seconds / day, the next -5 seconds / day, the left +25 seconds / day, the +10 seconds / day, then Watch the actual wear time error of +15 seconds / day.
Do not wear the watch, choose to leave the minimum error to place the error to correct the error. Take the above example, it is clear that the evening should be placed down the watch table, in order to help reduce the cumulative error when the watch travel time. Only the reasons for the error of the watch and their own watch error characteristics have an accurate understanding, it can better serve you.
Rolex mechanical watch how to adjust
Rolex mechanical watch adjustment time period selection: Please do not 22 points -2 points, (part of the watch 20 points -4 points) to adjust the date, likely to cause damage to the watch and calendar jump is not correct. In other words, the mechanical afternoon test room suggested Replica Cartier jewelry that you try to adjust the time during the day. Rolex watches different styles of adjustment is not the same way, but in the adjustment of the calendar with a calendar function of the need to consider the morning and afternoon factors. In order to extend the life of the watch, many watches are slow way to jump that is in the midnight period before and after the gradual jump, usually in the morning before 2:00 to complete the jump is normal, some watches to 4 am to complete.
It can be seen that the Rolex watch error is inevitable, we can do is in it may produce data on the basis of the distance as much as possible to reduce this error, it is more perfect and accurate.
Casio watch style fashion, popular with young people welcome. And many people do not meet a strap, a different Casio strap can wear a different effect. The following watch home to introduce the Casio leather strap how to replace it!
Casio watch strap type
Common leather strap is divided into: crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, pearl skin, leather, shark skin and so on. Casio skin strap main material with calf belt, leather. Wearing comfort is its advantage. The main drawback is easy to tide, maintenance difficulties, impatience is its fatal injury.
Casio strap prices
In general, the price of the watch watch the price of the whole one-third of the watch, whether it is leather strap or steel chain, will be calculated in accordance with this ratio. So how much money the strap, how much money to change the strap, it is necessary to rely on the value of the watch.
Casio table steel chain how to dismantle
Demolition of the strap need to prepare some disassembly tools, removal methods can refer to: Tissot stainless steel original strap removal method. If you are not skilled demolition, it is recommended to get the maintenance point or table line.
Casio watch how to tune
To the store’s counter to a good attitude, in the general will help you solve the free. You can also go to repair casio watch place, a few dollars.
For their own words, in the side of the strap, each strap connected to a small hole (usually near the buckle, there is no near the dial), you find the needle, push nails, paper clips, as long as the poke can go , The tip of the hole at the other hole, take the hard object beating the other end of the needle (remember to leave the space below the watch, there are small sticks from the inside out, it is recommended on the edge of the table knock)
Their own consequences, it is likely to take the strap on the table to repair the table to spend money on the process, the process may also scratch the table. Also use caution

High-end watch

In addition to watch the watch movement but also carefully observe the watch case

Omega in 2007 launched the 8500 coaxial movement, each movement of 202 parts by the Omega to the most advanced technology to develop their own research and development. For the serial number production, the movement manufacturing process has been optimized. While the Omega 8500 movement of the timing performance in the mechanical watch industry in high-profile. While in the market, the phenomenon of creating a 5000 coaxial movement is also very common, in order to avoid everyone deceived. Watch home for everyone to identify the way to identify the true and false Omega 8500 way!
Identify the true and false 8500 is very simple, and the counterfeiter is very difficult to make up for the defect, that is, 8500 balance wheel deck installation direction, through the back through, no matter how vague photos, as long as you can see the balance wheel deck, you can immediately identify true and false The
Genuine 8500, the balance of the bridge deck and the basic parallel with the strap, fake imitation Cartier love bracelet , the balance wheel significantly biased to the left, which is the absolute structure of the movement, unless the counterfeiters for other loopholes in disguise as 8500, otherwise this The problem can not be solved.
Tissot T41.1.483.33 is a very popular watch. Since the fame, some counterfeiters are also eyeing this watch. The following watch for everyone to introduce the identification of Tissot T41.1.483.33 true and false way!
1, watch movement and logo contrast. Now the brand of thousands of watches, the quality of the movement is different. Including the Swiss 2824 genuine movement, commonly known as yellow movement. Japan’s 2035 movement, fake Tipper quartz watch more use of this movement. And fake mechanical movement is the use of Guangzhou Pearl movement and the original Japanese Shuangshi brand movement, with the Guangzhou Pearl movement is the most inferior counterfeit watches, and in the high-end movement table is more use of Japanese original double lion Brand movement. Customers in the purchase of Tissot watches must carefully look under the watch movement model and movement signs, fake watch movement from the logo on a can see fake. In addition, but also carefully observe the success of the movement, authentic original movement handwriting clear. Finally, but also listen to the movement of the movement under the sound, the original genuine movement sounds are relatively clear and crisp.
2, the appearance of the watch and functional comparison. In addition to watch the watch movement, but also carefully observe the watch case, strap and dial and table glass. Watch the polished appearance and fineness of Tissot watch case. Look at the case of grinding the edge is smooth and meticulous, false case is mostly rough, low workmanship. Really Tissot watch watch scale is full and fake pointer scale is mostly blurred. In addition, from the side of the watch corner and other small places can also distinguish the watch is false, because the fake watch technology is very low, in the inside of the watch and dial and other meticulous places can not be completed as original Replica Cartier jewelry authentic watch number and pattern The Finally, the true and false Tissot watch function is also very different, most of the fake Tissot watch its function is mostly furnishings, such as (such as moon phase, calendar, Tourbillon, etc.) in the fake Tissot watches do not have this feature. The pointer is also a genuine difference between genuine and fake, authentic Tissot watch the length of the pointer, thickness, shape and material have strict requirements. Senior Tissot watch using the “blue steel pointer”, the true table of the pointer is full of faint blue, this watch pointer to have a complex process to produce, and counterfeit watch blue watch can only be brush up , Because the fake watch can not do such a high craft.
3, watch the table box, manual and warranty card comparison. Genuine original watches are equipped with watch box, the watch box is red, this watch the external design and packaging is very elegant. In the outside of the table box Tissot watch model production serial number. But the watch box is the watch with the instructions and warranty card. If there is no such thing is more false watch products.
Import watches are more expensive table, we must be careful when buying, to avoid being deceived the situation! The following watch home to introduce you to identify the authenticity of imported watches it
First, watch the watch process. True table work smooth and fine, fake table at first glance may not see what is the difference, but the nuances are very rough.
Second, weigh the weight. True table manufacturing materials are expensive, many are made of 18K gold, diamond glass, platinum and other made, generally more than about 1/2 of the table weight.
Third, see “born paper”. Instructions for use The print quality of these prints, true table “born paper” shading clear, clear writing. And false form of “born paper”, often the composition of the small hole factory numbers are not clear, the lower left corner of the quality signs three-dimensional sense is not strong.
False form, after all, is false, as long as know how to identify the table will not be deceived. Consumers to buy a list of regular table shop counter to buy to avoid being deceived!
Armani as a world-renowned luxury brands, clothing watches and other industries are very renowned. Everyone in the purchase of Armani watches, Armani watches how to check true and false is the most concerned about the topic. The following watch home to tell you it!
Armani watches how to check true and false
1, from the details of the pointer within the watch to see whether the details of the fake or not the details of the things are often more directly identify the true and false basis, and the pointer within the workmanship is exquisite, fine, not rough is often the most important to identify the Armani watches One of the best ways. In the genuine Armani watches, this is not too much attention to the details of the design is often very elegant, neat, rules, not rough is genuine protection, and vice versa.
2, according to the back of the dial LOGO paint to identify the opposite of the Armani watch LOGO paint bright, in the middle of the Armani Eagle LOGO printed with G.A logo, not rough around, and in the text and pattern of the place is very clear. And fake Armani watches in the LOGO painting technology is very vague, bleak, the font is not printed on the original Armani watches with hardness.
3, to the origin of the movement to identify true and false genuine Armani watch movement are from the watch capital of Switzerland or Japan, watch movement is not only the heart of the watch, but also affect the life of the key. From the movement of the grade of the Swiss movement is better than the Japanese movement, the Japanese movement is better than the domestic movement, and when the movement for the domestic movement, you need to leave a true and false for their true and false, and genuine Armani Watch the use of the movement of the movement is generally the Swiss movement or the Japanese movement, assembled by the domestic, but when the movement is used in the country, its quality has been greatly reduced, true and false is not the focus of attention.
4, after-sales package to determine the most assertive guarantee is undoubtedly Armani watches three after-sales gifts, in the authentic Armani watch packaging products, product warranty card and workmanship, high-end Armani watch box. There are serial numbers corresponding. And provides a warranty service, and false form not only can not get the corresponding after-sales service support, and even the service life must also be worried.

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the best way to maintain the calendar function is to ensure that the movement of normal work

Relative to other watches, the calendar function is not just a function of complex, it is also very troublesome to adjust up. Of course, if you wear every day, the movement is also running, then you do not have to adjust. But if you put down do not wear, so that the movement to stop a few days, it is very troublesome to adjust, because each display are interlocking, so if the adjustment is not easy to jam the movement of the situation.        It is not possible to adjust the calendar during this period from 22:00 to 2:00 on the second day because it is the time that the gears that show the calendar are fully engaged and are running slowly. Different brands imitation Cartier love bracelet of taboo time may be longer, which requires reference manual. Can not be in the month 26 to 2 months between the two months to adjust the month, then adjust the movement must be stuck.        Almost all of the calendar function is prohibited callback, that is to say if the transfer of a day, then need to stop the movement for one day.        Therefore, the best way to maintain the calendar function is to ensure that the movement of normal work, never adjust. The most secure way is to buy a “self-winding box”, so that when the watch does not wear it can also be moved to the movement, to prevent pause.        In fact, the calendar is not a little advantage is not, on the contrary it is a very emotional function. Imagine, in the face of such a complex calendar of mankind, tabulation master is with how to decide the mood, poor people, only to make all the changes in this function to achieve. And as the owner of the perpetual calendar watch, think of these, it must not be difficult to understand the “deceased as a fan, do not care day and night” mood.According to the factory said:      18K gold watch (shell) contains 75% gold, copper 5% to 10%, silver 15% to 20%, alloy made of 0.75K.      18K white gold strap (shell) contains 75% gold, platinum 11%, silver 11%, nickel 3%, alloy made of 0.75K white gold.      In addition to gold, the other silver and copper metal met the acid and alkali in the air will play a chemical effect, not to mention the body wearing a long time naturally there will be perspiration and dirt high acid and alkali. If you wear a hot spring, K gold belt (shell) is more likely to accelerate the oxidation into amber.      Watch wear a period of time there will be no accidental impact or improper touch caused by the scratch, as long as the strap (shell) there is a trace of scratches, the whole table will appear pale many.      If the watch has been worn for a long time, the appearance of damage or collision depression serious, can be sent to the nearest sales center, can do the most complete size of the beauty treatment and other programs.      As far as possible not to fall into the watch or serious collision, may appear as a case of deformation depression, lens deformation damage, according to a very precise waterproof structure failure.      Here are a few ways to deal with the scratches of the problem      Method one: to the watch after-sales service center to buy “K gold table cloth” commonly known as K gold cloth or magic cloth to wipe their own.      Method 2: use pure rubber erase to oxidize the Replica Cartier jewelry discoloration of local (can not be used with glass fiber eraser easy scratch)      Method 3: the use of traditional pull face materials (Hsinchu powder), take a soft toothbrush stained with a little convex powder light color and scratches the scraper (shell) of the Department, the effect will make you satisfied.      Method 4: take a soft toothbrush stained with shower gel or detergent light brush watch with a mesh seams, rinse with water to clean the flannel and then use the hair dryer from 10 cm will be dry. (Should not use toothpaste to clean, smooth will appear fog, because the toothpaste contains fluoride and lime.)      Method 5: jewelry table ~ users in addition to the usual gem should pay attention to whether there is loose phenomenon, you can also use a little toothbrush stained with a small amount of salad cleaning stones, you can also use jewelry special medicine soaked, and finally rinse with water You can, so that you can have the original bright face can add luster.Quartz watch to replace the battery to be careful. For thin quartz watches, battery matching in particular to be careful, because the movement of such watches are also very thin, if the battery is fixed with a pressure reed and screws, you can not use thicker batteries.   There have been improper selection of thickened batteries caused by the case of Swiss watch failure:   There is a Cartier watch, should have used the SR616 model of the battery, the result is to use the SR621, the thickness increased by 0.5 mm, but happens that the watch is thin, that is, the height of the case within the small, so when tighten the watch back cover After the battery contact with the back cover on the back side, and the pressure on the movement, resulting in a reasonable gap below the spare parts of the dial, the calendar does not jump word, but also can not fast tune the calendar disk, and the feeling of the needle is very wrinkled, Continuous needle a few cycles down, sad reminder of the wheel straight even to the broken teeth.   To the quartz watch for the battery, is a simple question. Because the quartz watch battery is not 100 kinds of specifications or models, there are dozens of large, large and small, thin and thick, the general maintenance shop models will be used, not too common may not, especially those too small too thin Or relatively large and thick.   The international model of silver oxide batteries actually represents the geometry of the battery profile, such as SR626, indicating that its diameter exceeds 6 mm and the thickness is 2.6 mm, and other models are analogy. More expensive quartz watches, usually in the watch after the cover or movement of the battery near the splint, indicating the movement of the battery specifications used.   Thick battery capacity than thin large, which is to extend the battery replacement cycle is good, if it is selected than the provisions of the thin battery, but also to prevent the battery card can not catch the battery card, causing the battery on the bomb, out of the negative Reed, or contact with the virtual; so if necessary, but also need to add a battery (positive) pad metal foil or “green clay” to suppress.   Beijing this sentence is called “ear digging fried sesame seeds – you fool me, I fool you”, that if not according to the provisions of the service, there may be a bifurcation, an inattentive On the matter of ill-fated, or even the “bread can lead to bleeding case”, all things can not be done because of small loss, in conditional circumstances, or should try to follow the provisions of the model to replace the watch battery.

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many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment

“T-Watch” is a set of time, entertainment, sports measurement as one of the touch-style fashion smart watches. This is a bold cross-border innovation of the watch, which is a life for you to bring more convenience and enjoy the watch, this is a full of wisdom and personality of the fashion watch.
Tommy Tomoon T-Watch Smart Watch Introduction
Samsung released the first smart watch Galaxy Gear cited industry attention, and many companies have also been involved in the field of intelligent wear equipment. Blue Dragon Online CEO and co-founder Wang Feng also exposed its team is developing imitation Cartier love bracelet equipment, “Tumen Man Tomoon T-Watch” and revealed that it will be so far the thinnest smart watch. T-Watch related domain name concern.

T-Watch time dial interface, comes with 12 kinds of fixed mode, your fingers gently touch the slide, you can replace the pointer or digital mode; millions of the world’s beautiful watch style and dial style , You can download to T-watch memory and up to 32G memory card (can store millions of pictures), at any time to replace your favorite dial interface; left and right slide, switch 12 different styles of clock (support upgrade), on the plan to save Display the clock style and enter the main menu, under the direct access to the main menu. In the browsing picture function, you can set thousands of custom dial, set to your favorite personality timeline interface. This is a truly personalized watch.

3D acceleration sensor; make your sports record more accurate professional; fingertips click to slide, start, pause the movement and switch the different stopwatch, enter the motion record, or save the movement data, display the basic movement information, set the basic information; You can click on this screen to play MP4 entertainment video, so that your travel more easily!

2.1 + A2DP available Bluetooth wireless headset, in the alone or with the companion movement without any obstacles to listen to almost unlimited storage of music, free to release your hands, share the sun, sports, youth; full color MP4 movies, 32GB large memory, In the wonderful sport and travel or home to rest at any moment, at any time enjoy the movie legend, enjoy the beautiful time!
General fine electronic consumer products is difficult to do waterproof, but T-WATCH watch can do 30 meters waterproof standard. Whether it is home cooking kitchen cooking, or in sports, or travel in the storm, Tianba T-WATCH are always away from you around, all the weather with you in various occasions.
Material and spirit Qi Jin, quality and brand synchronization. As a fashion business representative brand, Johnnie John JOHNNIE will experience the cultural experience condensed into a unique brand value, and “elegant, stylish, unique” brand spirit is a kind of worthy way of life, true So that all the JOHNNIE consumers feel the new fashion culture and value experience.
Johnny JOHNNIE ladies watch recommended
“Elegant cultivation, intrinsic satisfaction”. Value orientation: modern, civilized, cultivated, aristocratic. The target consumer positioning for the fashion leisure business people, they are full of youthful vitality, chasing fashion, assertive, doing things cautious and Replica Cartier jewelry practical, to be careful to consider, not impetuous aggressive. Correct, generous manner, and people are good, treat others, is to enjoy the joy of life personality.

Johnnie Adelina series female watch
13.5cm watch, length: 9cm, the whole table can wear a range of 90mm, the table width of 1.5-1.2cm, 30 meters waterproof, with “quartz”, the use of leather, Crystal “as an oscillator, through the electronic frequency to control the motor running, driving the pointer, travel time is very high precision.
Samsung watch phone galaxy gear2013 models since the market has been only wearing equipment enthusiasts sought after. This can only watch how? We take a look at this can only watch the evaluation of it!
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
Hardware appearance
GALAXY Gear’s surface screen size is 1.63-inch screen, Super AMOLED material screen (Samsung’s own push technology, the screen with fast response, self-luminous, excellent display and lower power consumption advantages), a resolution of 320 * 320. Using metal wire drawing surface, and there are four exposed screws, at the bottom can also see the exposed screws. Strap with rubber material. It has six different color straps to suit the needs of different occasions.

It uses a 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB fuselage storage space, the battery capacity of 315 mA non-removable design, Samsung said it could have more than 25 hours of use time.
Samsung watch mobile phone GALAXY Gear2013 section detailed solution
GALAXY Gear strap installed on the camera with a 1.9 million pixel BSI sensor and auto focus lens, you can shoot low-resolution video or 10 seconds long 720p video, twist the wrist to take pictures. The camera design concept is convenient to shoot rather than image quality in , and pre-installed “Memographer” camera application with, you can achieve rapid camera effects.
In addition, this watch also has speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope and two microphones.

Through Bluetooth and mobile phone (or tablet), and then whenever the phone receives new messages, e-mail and other messages, GALAXY Gear will remind the user and provide a quick preview. To view the details of the information previewed on GALAXY Gear, simply pick up the GALAXY Note 3 phone and the “Smart Relay” will allow the phone and gear device to display the same content at the same time.

In the country, Samsung chose to achieve strategic cooperation with Baidu, Baidu voice assistant was placed on the GALAXY Gear. Click on the watch touch screen, enter the “My Application” can start Baidu voice assistant, through the watch can be directly call the matching Samsung mobile phone preset Baidu voice assistant, to achieve the corresponding function call.
At present, this watch only supports the use of Android 4.3 above GALAXY series of products, that is so far only GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Note 10.1 two products can be connected with it, this watch the latest offer for ¥ 2388.00.