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Whether in the French designer Nicolas Ghesquiere era

Whether in the French designer Nicolas Ghesquiere era, or in the Chinese designer Alexander Wang Wang Daren become its current creative director, Balenciaga has always been its maverick established style, unauthorized and focus on material details. Wide arc of cocoon-shaped streamline profile, simple atmosphere without cumbersome redundant design style. 2014 autumn and winter series, the metal texture of the strong zipper decoration is still the Cartier love bracelet replica main element of this season, while adding a metal ring lock edge. Hand-woven dress and specially coated Oversize sweater coat, woven into the otter fur sweater and other innovative elements have become the highlight of this season design. Models wearing a zipper dress or pants dress, wearing leather gloves, hand carry three bags of the image of handsome independence.
Giant geometric flower fairy witch
The art of a group of my own martyrs for the incumbent designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli bring a wealth of inspiration, creating a Valentino 2014 autumn and winter series. Lively and easy stripes and a huge wave point to create a section of joking and fun fun of the look, and the giant color of the plaid splicing of the long section of the jacket is taken in the same paragraph with the pattern of printed skirt, independent tough Faintly revealing the witty taste of the elegant woman. Of course, Valentino’s most lovable fairy image is still the whole world finale. Flirtatious vegetation flowers to attack the deep V of the light yarn skirt interpretation of the charming but refined. Smart fresh birds, with sweet heart-shaped and sparkling stars each other, for the romantic ending. Charm tassel modern fur
“Indulgence and luxury” is Elbaz’s source of creation. But he soon realized that “fashion” not only to create a dream of fashion fun, but also must be practical. The first principle of practicability is action. Sometimes through the “tribal wind” thick tweed loose loose dress and jacket such a loose profile to be interpreted, and sometimes through a very simple light water silk dress to show. This season Elbaz infested fringed spike is also the ultimate show, they swayed in the ankle coat collar and Cartier love ring replica hem, satin suit sleeves and skirts, or in the waist with the wind fluttering. Even specifically for the 125th anniversary of the creation of this year’s Lanvin specially designed three hat, also elegant with gorgeous feathers, retro and elegant. And some of the shape is also clearly in the Yamamoto Yao Division to pay tribute, but not all. In this dress, Elbaz hope to show the use of fur to decorate their own strength of women and modernism under the construction of modern girl.
Slim narrow body type coat
Rich spirit and vitality of the interpretation of a subtle self-attitude, real wear and functional demands of satisfaction is the independent self-confidence of the power of women praise. Oversize style sweaters and coats, as well as capable men’s suit suit, still in the 2014 autumn and winter occupies a place. Slim narrow profile with a slight relaxation of the scale of the trousers, or with a considerable sense of the width of the wide shoulders long sleeve, are the main play in this season type grid. In addition to those charming colors, gray blue, red wine, pomegranate red, emerald and mellow, also uses a wild sexy snake pattern and other printed patterns. Embedded in the clutch and shoes on the hit color hollow stars for the season to increase the infinite fun, jumping and full of fun.
Elegant wild female paradox
Designer Barbara Bui brand with the same name in the Vietnamese designer Barbara Bui surgeon design, with a distinctive style of personality. 2016 autumn and winter series, the classic black and white interpretation of the classic, there are exaggerated high-definition color python pattern, cloak and fur occupy a lot of use of autumn and winter advantage, exposed umbilical equipment in the autumn and winter series is particularly prominent Replica Cartier jewelry drilling. Wild and rock as the designer’s favorite elements of self-contained, throughout the works in each quarter. This season is covered with metal rivets armed heavily armed with a high sense of heavy collar “attack” the crowd’s visual senses.

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Paris is the capital and largest city of France, is the French political and cultural center

Paris is the capital and largest city of France, is the French political and cultural center, is the French economic and financial center, is France’s largest industrial and commercial city, in addition, it is a “world conference city”, in politics, science and technology, Culture, education, fashion Cartier love bracelet replica, art, entertainment, media and other fields have an important influence on the world. In addition, Paris is beautiful, magical, it is the representative of architectural art, it is a model for the protection of the ancient city, it is a model of cultural environment, it is a model of ecological civilization. Keywords: historical environment culture tourism fashion
France, Paris, the city, from ancient times to the people’s feelings are beautiful, mysterious, commonly known as “romantic capital.” It is with the United States New York, Tokyo, Tokyo, London tied for “four world-class cities.” In all regions of Paris, museums, theaters, gardens, fountains and sculptures are everywhere, and the cultural environment is very good and has a profound historical background. Parisian cultural life is rich and colorful imitation Cartier love bracelet, entertainment, elegant, artistic atmosphere is very strong. “From the predecessors said, ‘the Six Dynasties’ sell vegetables have smoke and water, the Paris people who are probably one or two Ya Gui it. ‘Paris people Ya, because they’ like breathing air like breathing breath , Naturally it is elegant up. ‘[1] This is probably the reason why the elegant reason for the people of Paris it. Since ancient times, young people with all kinds of dreams and ambitions have gathered from all over the world to Paris, come here to realize their dreams, they have some success, some failure, but as Li Kerr once said, “Paris is An unparalleled city “. First, the historical process
AD 508, the Kingdom of the French capital of Paris. At the end of the 10th century, King Hugo Kappei built the palace. And then after two or three centuries, at this time of Paris has developed to the banks of the Seine, the church, the building abound, became the political and cultural center of the West. In 1789, the French revolution broke out. As part of the reform, parts of Paris were destroyed. After the great revolution, Napoleon made a new Cartier love ring replica expansion to Paris, the construction of the Paris Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre north and south wings, the two sides of the Seine River, dredging the river, and the construction of a large number of classical palace, building, apartment.