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In fact, want to drink wine, do not have ocean miles to Italy and France

In fact, want to drink wine, do not have ocean miles to Italy and France, local Wuhan has such a good opportunity, so you can drink in Wuhan, Italy and France wine. Since the beginning of 2013 involved in the wine industry, because of the Cartier love bracelet replica advantages of import and export, China Tobacco Hubei Import and Export Co., Ltd. owned wine from France and Italy and other countries directly imported, the current agent products from France CASTEL Wine Group, Bordeaux dream dream manor (Organic wine), Italy RIONDO manor, etc., from which to reduce the middle channel to ensure that the original bottle imports to ensure high quality. The company is now in the province’s own chain of “China Tobacco” brand store comprehensive cabinet.
According to the store sommelier introduction, sparkling wine is different from other wines, that slowly along the cup wall elegant rise of the bubble is always with a bit mysterious, the taste is also more acceptable, especially for drinking less ladies The At the time of the sweet Valentine’s Day, they also gave two kinds of price grades recommended, one is from the Veneto area of the London Manor granley wine and pink Dai Dai sparkling wine, the other is the two French producing areas Of the “beautiful time” white in the extreme years of champagne and spades A gold champagne. With the “bang” is heard, two people’s love is also the hearts of two people bloom. Need to remind you that drinking sparkling must use the kind of slender tulip-shaped cup, so that bubbles can be from the bottom of the cup to continue to rise, but also to keep the wine bubbles and aroma.
Homemade dinner sweet choice
1, pink Dai sparkling wine
Producing areas: Italy – Veneto producing areas
Grape varieties: 100% red too
Wine Review:
This sparkling wine is a soft grape, juice in 10 degrees Celsius environment after a little pause, fermented at constant temperature.
The wine is of high quality lasting rose red Cartier love ring replica, rich and fragrant, reminiscent of apple flowers and peach. Soft and delicious, harmonious and sweet fragrance.
Suitable drinking temperature: 7 ° -8 ° C
As a sweet aperitif, suitable for cooperation with dried fruits and walnuts.
2, Lun Duo Garden Granville sparkling wine
Producing areas: Italy – Veneto producing areas
Grape Varieties: 50% Garganne, 50% Moskato White Grape
Wine Review:
Calgary grapes are naturally fermented at controlled temperature, and the Mosquito grapes are separated from the juice at 10 degrees Celsius, cooled to 0 degrees to prevent fermentation, and the juice is stored in this state until the two grape juice mixes. In the 16 ° C barrel environment, until the air pressure reached 4.5bar when the bubble. The temperature is then kept below minus 4 degrees Celsius until bottling.
The wine is pale yellow, with golden flash, stable color lasting Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica, fresh and fragrant, with peach and almond flavor. Good sense of balance, back sweet sweet.
Suitable drinking temperature: 7 ° -8 ° C

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Valentine’s Day, a romantic and warm holiday in the West. In this harmonious and welcoming China

Valentine’s Day, a romantic and warm holiday in the West. In this harmonious and welcoming China, people are beginning to pay attention to this beautiful holiday. When the sweet roses pass the love of the florid words in the paragraph, when the sweet chocolate infiltration of love Cartier love bracelet replica  fragrance straight to the heart, when the sweet kiss lingering touching heart of the feelings of silk, you will be shyly intoxicated in the happy The ocean, to enjoy the moment of love and create a romantic atmosphere. In the graceful soothing music, in the fragrant red wine, in the truth of the whisper, that touch intoxicating smile full of cheeks, happy heart swaying affectionate, the impact of the heart of the spring tide in the wine red refresh emotions The poem. You will collect all the romantic drip, will rub the heart of the softest place &&
Valentine’s Day gift can not be accompanied by fragrant feelings shuttle in the hands of the lover, passing is a hot love, lit a winter fire. Warm and comfortable life because of this warmth more happy connotation. Valentine’s Day is a short day, but it may leave the love of the Millennium collection, the classic of the world, just as the wind of the grapes, even if the temptation to fade still can sweet heart forever.
Valentine’s Day, is the world’s lovers tell love, send the best festivals of love. For my half old Xu Niang, Valentine’s Day is a luxury can not be a miracle with a pleasant surprise holiday. I did not expect to love even when the hands are not dare to take along with her husband will have a romantic plot in Valentine’s Day. Married for the past 15 years, although we live a sweet and warm life, but romantic for him is the body’s most lack of cells. I remember last year’s Valentine’s Day is New Year’s Day, the daughter repeatedly asked my father to buy me roses, and taught her father to do a cool flower position, he eventually said he was my husband is not a lover, two roses 10 Yuan is not a benefit, in his daughter to his eyes calmly left the flower shop. At that time I also smiled, because love in the heart was very sweet, only to send flowers only form, I do not care about these Cartier love ring replica.
My husband went to work, I got up to see the computer desk there is a box with a pink sticker. A closer look, read: MydearIloveyouforever!
This is a shy old man in English to leave me with the mark of love. Take a look at the box, is a box of my favorite salt boiled peanuts. I finally know last night her husband downstairs before asking me like flowers or food is what meaning. At that time I said flowers are very fragrant but soon wither, the food is more delicious and practical. I did not expect her husband to prepare a gift for me last night. Nerd-like postdoctoral today’s head resuscitation, is the daughter of this to him to instill the love of the new concept of the results of it? I am happy to taste this special gift, a fragrance of love accompanied by peanuts in the bottom of my heart filled with fragrance. Over the years, my husband has been my hand when the heart of the treasure, although he and his children to spend a lot of money to school, the family has been not very well-off, but we are still in our way close to each other, live a peaceful and sweet life. Her husband as he gave me the same as my peanut dedication to my dedication to the most practical warmth. Has been in their own way to spoil me, hurt me, ordinary little bit of no romantic atmosphere, gave me a warm and warm spring feeling. Just long to enjoy the sweet and warm love I was fragrant fascinated, did not go to elaborate. Last year, after Valentine’s Day I told her husband, love is the sweetest lover, is the daily hand pull, bed sleep with the lover. Link Oh, then my husband accepted my idea. In fact, he used my sincere care of me, like an unknown grass, with their own color dress up my happy spring, I am very satisfied with my lover husband.

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In the new year of the new weather, the wave of gifts to be started, the Spring Festival to send any gifts so good?

In the new year of the new weather, the wave of gifts to be started, the Spring Festival to send any gifts so good? National Day to send what gift is good? Mid-Autumn Festival to send any good gift … … blame our holiday too much Let us in the Cartier love bracelet replica gift of ideas are exhausted, 2016 to send creative gifts, on behalf of their own thoughts of the gift, in 2016, we will be based on creative gifts to open a creative gift to join it, must be caught a good business opportunities , More 5 square meters shop project 2016 creative gift stores we came.
Send a man what is good? Send men more commonly used gift is a watch, say a woman watching the package, the man watch the table. The watch is a symbol of the taste and identity of a man. Tie, usually work certainly less formal occasions, these occasions are generally to tie.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift stores. To send a woman what good things? “There are many creative gifts, last year when the National Day, the best gift of the National Day is my boyfriend sent me a wooden love letter, when he handed me, I was shocked , Because I have not seen such a gift, when I see the text on the book, it was deeply touched by the love letter, from the text, I can feel his love for me, you also for your girlfriend Send this kind of birthday gift it, this is the best love to pass a gift. “Happy little woman Wang Lilin said.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift Cartier love ring replica stores. What is good for children? For children under the primary school, the cognitive ability is still relatively limited, they are the most favorite toys and snacks, finally a long vacation, to meet their wishes under it! Give them a beloved Toys, girls buy dolls, boys buy planes, artillery and the like, and then buy some of their favorite snacks, so that they spend a pleasant holiday. If the larger children, you can send them some meaningful gifts, such as library card. If you have money, you can send the current more popular ipad, smart phones, these two children like.
2016 to send creative gifts to create creative gift stores. Parents, first of all should consider the benefits of their health benefits, such as nutrition and health care products. Parents because of older, bad health, you can give parents to buy a park ticket, so that they go to the park to turn, exercise, if the parents legs and feet, waist is not easy, you can also buy some automatic massage fitness supplies , For example: massage the foot, massage the waist. Second, you can also vote for their parents to buy gifts, buy wine for his father, or to buy a bracelet to his mother.
According to the 2016 creative gift, we can open a fashion watch gift Replica Cartier love bracelet shop, high-end sweetheart’s luggage stores, stationery stores, health stores, etc., these are we can shop in the new year a good project, then you optimistic Which item?

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Children’s gold and silver jewelry production process, due to strict control of raw materials

Children’s gold and silver jewelry production process, due to strict control of raw materials, production process level is limited, or in order to improve the performance of silver jewelry, improve the aesthetic and artificially add and other Cartier love bracelet replica reasons, may lead to silver jewelry lead, chromium and other harmful elements The Through skin contact, licking and other means, these heavy metal elements can enter the body, and can continue to enrich in the human body, with a certain degree of toxicity. Therefore, in the purchase and use of children’s silver jewelry, we must carefully purchase scenic spots, stalls and other selling jewelry, pay attention to see if there is a child jewelry logo.
In addition, children have long been wearing gold and silver jewelry there are several possible drawbacks:
Easy to hurt the skin
The child’s skin is very delicate, the ornaments will stimulate the friction of local skin, the skin is damaged. Some low-grade jewelry in the shape of a sharp, claw, etc., and rough workmanship, and some interface is not right, and some rough grinding is not smooth, easy to stimulate or scratch the skin. If the bacteria invade the breeding, may also cause secondary infection, causing systemic disease.
Prone to accidents
The child is naturally easy to put the ornaments in the mouth bite. Some small ornaments can easily be swallowed by the child swallowed the Cartier love ring replica body, or stuck in the throat, causing suffocation, accidents.
Skin allergies
There are allergy children wearing jewelry after the whole body itching uncomfortable.
Radiation sickness
People in the mining, smelting and production of gold and silver jewelry process, it is inevitable that a small amount of radioactive elements remain inside. When wearing jewelry containing radioactive elements, the skin for a long time by radiation, can cause radioactive jewelry disease, and even cause the child’s blood, bones, reproductive system, malignant lesions. As the child’s body in the growth and development stage, the harmful heavy metal elements of low tolerance, it is recommended not to give children long-term wear jewelry.
Jewelery is a succinct blessing, but we can also express it in other safer Replica Cartier love bracelet ways. In the children wearing jewelry more and more hot today, hope that parents can make a rational choice.

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How to identify the true and false silver jewelry? The maintenance of silver jewelry

How to identify the true and false silver jewelry? The maintenance of silver jewelry
Silver jewelry is a lot of classification, according to the composition of the classification is divided into full silver jewelry and silver alloy jewelry:
1 . Foot silver jewelry: smooth surface, silver white, good ductility, looks elegant and Cartier love bracelet replica generous. 2 . Silver alloy jewelry. Silver alloy jewelry surface bright, there are still silver, hardness and ductility moderate, easy processing characteristics, and looks exquisite, delicate, decorative and strong. Jewelry silver alloy is mainly silver and copper alloy, usually silver content of 92. 5%, in addition to silver with lower jewelry, especially some of the national style of jewelry, very beautiful, delicate. 900 alloy called silver silver, jewelry with 800 or more alloy. Silver copper alloy has the advantage of harder than silver; heat treatment can improve the hardness, melting point can be improved, but can improve the resistance, but anti-discoloration capacity is not improved, easy to produce sulfide silverware discoloration. In addition, in recent years, many jewelry manufacturers also put electroplating technology into silver jewelry processing, jewelry in the surface of rhodium-plated metal to improve the wear and corrosion of jewelry, corrosion resistance, then how to identify silver jewelry? This article focuses on the identification of silver knowledge, Xiao Bian contact jewelry industry for many years, do not understand the place through the Taobao Want Want communication, Want: tianmacun0, shop name: Yu Lai Rui jewelry
(1) to see the color: look at the color (also known as the face file), the higher the purity, the more white silver, delicate and even smooth shiny, polish. High quality, looks white, delicate, shiny, and printed on the jewelry manufacturers, shop number and other mark; fineness low, color was yellow, rough work; false silver jewelry color gray, not clean. If the lead quality, the surface file issued with tide flowers with green gray; such as containing copper, face file rough and rotten heart, a dry feeling. Oxidized silver despite the surface of the “black rust”, but its color and black and bright lead, tin, white copper is no luster,
Its color twilight.
(2) Dian weight: silver density is slightly larger than the general common metal, generally speaking: “aluminum light, silver weight, copper is not light nor heavy.” Thus weigh the weight of its initial judgment on whether to make silver The If the jewelry is bulky and lighter Cartier love ring replica weight, you can initially determine the ornaments of other metals.
(3) check hardness: silver hardness is lower than copper, and lead, tin large, so the use of a large pin with a little force to test the surface of the object, such as needle slippery, the surface is difficult to leave traces, you can determine the copper jewelry; Such as lead and tin texture, the traces are obvious, prominent; such as physical traces and not obvious, can be initially determined as silver jewelry. Pure silver jewelry by hand pull, fold can make it deformation.
(4) Listen to rhyme: jewelry such as high-quality silver, then there is no rhyme rhyme, no stretch, the sound of “porphyrin pyridium da da.” The lower the color, the lower the sound, the sound the more the higher the higher and rhyme; if the copper, the sound higher sharp, rhyme sound short and short; if lead, tin texture, then throw the sound dull, short, no Elasticity.
(5) silver medicine wiping
The silver jewelry in the touchstone on the grinding of silver (and try the same gold), with silver medicine (silver medicine is mixed with silver and silver into a soft) in the silver smear, hang silver and more fineness of silver, hanging silver Less fineness is low, do not hang silver medicine for fake.
(6) bending method
With the fingers pinch the bend, high-quality soft and flexible, easy to bend easily broken; quality times when the bending hard, or barely twisted, and some even can not use your fingers to twist; Knock a few times will crack; fake can not afford to bend, easy to break.
(7) throwing method
High color silver jewelry weight, throwing on the platen is not high jump, “puff” sound; false or fineness is low, throwing on the platen bounce very high, the sound is relatively crisp.
(8) nitric acid identification method
With the glass rods will be nitric acid drops in the silver Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry file mouth, high color was brown beige, dark green or slightly green; low color was dark green, or even black.

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Do you know how the gold jewelry on the market is classified?

Do you know how the gold jewelry on the market is classified? Gold jewelry in accordance with the gold from the low to high-end, can be divided into the following three kinds of gold, thousands of gold, million gold.
Jewelry gold classification:
According to the national standard GB11887-2012 “jewelry precious metals purity and naming Cartier love bracelet replica method”, for the gold jewelry gold content and naming were defined. (Gold meter manufacturers how to DORA: one three qi – II qi San Ba – Lu Jiu three qi) gold jewelry in accordance with the gold content from low to high end, can be divided into the following three:
1. Gold: marked as “Au99” or “full gold”, the gold content of two nine. The purity of gold is low, gold purity is low, and now the market has been basically no sales.
2. thousands of gold: marked as “Au999” or “thousands of full gold”, the gold content of three nine, a few years ago more popular, and now has been as before, some big gold brand has gradually shut down thousands of gold jewelry.
3 million gold: labeled “Au9999” or “million gold”, its gold content reached four nine, is currently the highest gold content on the market, the most pure gold.
How to identify whether you buy the gold Cartier love ring replica word to reach four nine:
Must meet the following conditions:
1. Stamp (non-laser print) must be brand + Au9999
2. Must be checked online. In the national standard information platform for record, is a legally effective national record standards.
High purity gold and ordinary gold difference:
1. Process is different: million pure gold is “no solder welding technology”, plus a process does not add any solder, to ensure the purity of the same time also add a gold out of the color more.
2. Corrosion resistance is different: the higher the purity of gold, chemical properties are stable, more long to maintain the true nature of gold.
3. After-sales service is different: million pure gold secondary processing without purification, environmental protection, but also for the gold enterprises to save the cost, so most of the pure gold products in the sale, especially the cost of replacement costs lower than the cost of Replica Cartier love bracelet thousands of gold

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The second new Serpenti watch with another beautiful black gem – onyx

The second new Serpenti watch with another beautiful black gem – onyx, even more unique mystery. In 18K rose gold and a piece of waterfall white diamond against the background, the onyx in the bracelet scales such as waves undulating, cold, deep black tones and gold warm light to form a Cartier love bracelet replica wonderful contrast, more compelling.
Serpenti Tubogas 2013 new watch from the 1970s to draw inspiration, two-color lap or double chain bracelet contains a unique spiral network design. At that time, BVLGARI Bvlgie for the gold and steel these two materials combined, conducted a long-term technical research, the experiment need to find the right steel, not only to have excellent flexibility, but also with the color and gold and gold Perfect contrast. In addition, there are other problems to be solved in the study, especially the melting point of steel is very high (1300 ° C to 1500 ° C), and compared with 18K gold, steel malleability is relatively poor. BVLGARI made unremitting efforts, and finally in the 20th century, 70 years to achieve this goal. In order to pay tribute to this extraordinary achievement, BVLGARI Bvlgari 2013 new watch in the elegant figures and gold-plated hour scale on the use of stainless steel and 18K rose gold, with the sun in the pattern of opal black dial against the background is particularly eye-catching. Crown is inlaid with egg-shaped cut pink red tourmaline. Double circle two-color watch on the bezel inlaid with 38 diamonds (about 0.29 kt) of the bezel makes double-lap two-color watch more elegant, and lap models are provided with gemstone mosaic and gemless inlaid models two select.
Serpenti, “snake” totem power
Watches, collars, bracelets, glasses and handbags – all Serpenti works contain the “snake” totem power. Serpenti’s inspiration comes from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, which is a tribute to BVLGARI Bvlgari founder Sotiris Boulgaris Cartier love ring replica descent. He moved from Italy in 1880 to his home town, located in Greece. Where he renamed Sotirio Bulgari, and in 1884 founded his own name named BVLGARI Bvlgari brand.
For the love and beauty of the god of Aphrodite, the snake represents the temptation; and for the great philosopher Plato, the mouth of the snake represents the eternal life, a symbol of life and death of the infinite cycle; In the heart of Demeter, the snake is a symbol of life, it can continue through the molting to achieve rebirth. There are legends that Alexander the Great and Roman Emperor Augustus are the son of the snake god.
Evil, wisdom, knowledge or witchcraft – although every civilization is given a unique meaning for the snake, but Cleopatra (Cleopatra) may still be associated with the snake most closely historical figures. The Egyptian spirit that he is the ancient Egyptian fertile god god Isis incarnation, from Alexandria to Rome, the goddess is the world worship, and the snake is her symbol. The fate of this brilliant after the fate of the Roman Empire is closely linked to Caesar the Great and Anthony have been dumped for her, and she finally chose to end her life with a snake. Her headdress is a gold crown, above a coiled cobra, and the bracelet is like a golden snake wrapped around her arm.
The new aesthetic concept of the 21st century poured into, so Serpenti series of transcendental realism in the real art, to the abstract and concise simplicity. A series of carefully crafted elements, lifelike show the shape of the snake, and through extremely Replica Cartier love bracelet fine lilies for clever connection, to achieve a completely “stealth”, and spiral blend of harmony. The new series of jewelry with gold or rose gold material, together with bracelets, rings, earrings and the first into the Serpenti series necklace, to achieve a unique set of unique jewelry and perfect presentation, through the meandering shape and pure design outline this series of noble quality.

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Today, the Serpenti series reinterprets ancient traditions in contemporary

Today, the Serpenti series reinterprets ancient traditions in contemporary, innovative languages, each of which inherits and symbolizes the glory of Bvlgari – the beauty of art and the supreme value in more than a century of history.
Wantonly changing shape touched the inspiration, Serpenti series will be lingering passion into the fingers around the soft, the introduction of a new ring design. Carefully traced, sway freely, the fleeting beauty will be given around the wrist of the Cartier love bracelet replica and jewelry watches, as well as around the fingers and soft ring. Circulation, lingering, any curve stretched, Serpenti series show or Jane or Fan coiled style, lap, double circle, or three laps, more posture. To be exquisite production skills, BVLGARI Bvlgari’s handed down style and modern lines to convey the art of design language.
BVLGARI Bvlgari’s bracelets and rings feature a well-known spiral shape that can be coiled in a single lap or double circle. Serpenti series of each jewelry core by the inner spring composition, to ensure that the Serpenti series of jewelry modeling flexibility. The series of each watch has a dazzling diamond decorate, for the Bvlgari jewelry original, innovative shape icing on the cake, so that every detail is eye-catching. The meandering serpentine design reflects the delicate meshwork, which maximizes the light and makes the gem shine more eye-catching. In addition, after a perfect cut red tourmaline and green olive gem for the first time applied to the snake head shape, brought vitality and vitality. These excellent quality, precious scarce gem section, showing the quality of gold and diamond luster as charming results, so that these works more unique and precious.
BVLGARI Bvlgari Serpenti series star good choice
BVLGARI Bvlgari Serpenti series because of its graceful snake shape, a variety of styles has been by the world star, ladies favorite.
In 1962, Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Cleopatra” promotional photos that wear the first gold-based snake watch. The snake head with diamonds inlay, with enamel eyes, and then to the diamond-shaped diamond shop row decoration, the perfect highlight of Cartier love ring replica Elizabeth Taylor’s elegant charm.
History of jewelry history BVLGARI Bulgari Serpenti series of historical origins
In the color of fun between the play, beautifully decorated with a new color gem shine with colorful colors, between the traditional and modern light walk. In 2012, BVLGARI Bvlgari once again dedicated to the glamorous Serpenti series, with a lot of graceful jewelry and watch the interpretation of the beauty of the snake – when the snake’s smart posture instantly freeze, as if the immortal sculpture carried from the Snake power and vitality. Meandering body, revealing reminding us of scenes like the fate of the charm. The old symbol, carrying the long temptation to return again. In the design of the necklace, dense diamond diamonds, red tourmaline, olivine and moonlight stone alternately connected to achieve the perfect fusion of necklace design. Although the necklace of the convergence of the design requirements are more stringent, but the gem of the full color, and with gold as the material support structure color each other, so that the whole design presents a totally natural feeling. In addition to the necklace, with its matching earrings, is also using the same design principles, with a seamless.
The new aesthetic concept of the 21st century poured into, so Serpenti series of transcendental realism in the real art, to the abstract and concise simplicity. A series of carefully crafted elements, lifelike show the shape of the snake, and through extremely fine lilies for clever connection, to achieve a completely “stealth”, and spiral blend of harmony. The new series of jewelry with gold or rose gold material, together with bracelets, rings, earrings and the first into the Serpenti series necklace, to achieve a unique set of unique jewelry and perfect presentation, through the meandering shape and pure design outline this series of noble quality.
2012 new Serpenti series of watches the same innovative point of interest. In the new rendering of the shape, winding bracelet from the rose as raw material of black or ivory white scales, and decorated with carefully cut diamonds, jewelry processing of the classic process performance most vividly. As a continuation of the shape of the bracelet, the case with a snake head shape, which is equipped with a beautiful design of the Swiss Qui Li quartz movement: double-sided with six carefully cut Fake Cartier love bracelet diamonds, surrounded by inlaid with sapphire or white mother of pearl: dial on the time scale Then use the twelve diamond filled, showing the ultimate luxury experience.

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First, the men’s wallet purchase skills

First, the men’s wallet purchase skills
The first one: long section or short paragraph?
Wallet is used to prepare the daily life of the backup money, but also can be installed credit card and other bank cards, you can also install ID cards and so on. So, wallet in daily life is often used one of the bags. In one day can not help but take out the Cartier love bracelet replica wallet and then back into the pocket, which requires the wallet in the quality and appearance should be OK.
In terms of carrying, the short wallet is easier to carry, and the capacity, to see what specific wallet, a variety of manufacturers do not have the same wallet, there are versatile, simple and practical. Now young people generally like long wallet, it seems more than short wallet to grade on some of the wallet. In terms of fashion image, long wallet than the short paragraph wallet fashion, taste.
Also, short wallet relative to the more easy to carry, but the capacity is slightly less, less, because we usually not only used to equip money, but also to install a credit card ah, ID card ah, bank cards and so on. And long wallet, not only the capacity to install much more, it seems more grade, although carrying inconvenient, but for men who often carry bags. In my personal view, long wallet wallet relative to the short paragraph wallet is more stylish, tasteful. This is just my personal hobby from the point of view only, would like to facilitate a friend can also buy a short paragraph, because it is summer, the weather is hot, short section of the more convenient.
In short, the length of the purse can choose from their own hobbies point of view, would like to carry can buy a short paragraph, the summer to the long wallet bad, short wallet is not the same, casually stuffed into the pocket Things, and from the fashion point of view to buy a long section of it
Part II: What color is your suit for men’s wallet?
Wallet wallet, money bag, a wallet with how long? Feng Shui book, a wallet about three years, luck almost ran out, it is best to buy a new, can increase the wealth, help Master Cai Yuanguangjin.
Feng shui book suggested that people use straight version of the wallet, most of the modern wallet with a fold, it is said that money every day bent, not stretch, can not gather money. And the use of the newer wallet, the stronger the luck. But from a practical point of Cartier love ring replica view, as long as the men’s wallet is not damaged, strong and durable, there is no need to change the new. But the color of the wallet for the wealth is also a great impact, the wallet what color most money it? A good (not expensive) men’s wallet can be for you Lucky, and an inappropriate wallet may be broken money.
What is the color of the most money, now look at your wallet feng shui!
Choose the color of your current wallet, or you want your next wallet is what color, my door is just test for you, the wallet what color most money.
A: white – white on behalf of the net, is a not suitable for the color of the wallet.
● B: yellow – yellow can Lucky, but poly financial slightly worse.
● C: plum red, pink – if you want to ask peach blossom, then choose plum red, pink it. ● D: black – black on behalf of calm, you can hold the money, that is, money, not easy to lose money. ● E: red – red on behalf of the booming, is the most lucky color.
● F: blue – blue on behalf of the water, meaning that money will flow like water, but also a not suitable for wallet
s color.
● G: brown – there are black wallet the same meaning.
What is the color of the most money, if it is money, the most avoid red wallet, followed by deep yellow, the two colors scattered financial; female words, the best pink, the source of money (the source for the opposite sex), followed by yellow Replica Cartier love bracelet, beige and White, black smooth.

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Women ‘s casual suit production process documents

Women ‘s casual suit production process documents
[Abstract] clothing is the necessities of life, the structure is different, frequent changes in style, process requirements are also different. But its production process is basically the same. According to the design requirements of the production model, in addition to the plate structure of its fabric, color, process should be able to meet the requirements, to achieve the desired effect of the design.
The imitation of the clothing is a casual Slim women’s small suit, the towel bag design makes the whole clothes more Cartier love bracelet replica handsome feeling. Its fabric is thin, suitable for spring and autumn wear, both warm and beautiful fashion. Suit style, casual design, so that the wearer more relaxed and natural.
The process documents, including product overview, proofing process documents, large-scale production process files, cutting process documents, sewing process instructions and finishing instructions, as well as packing and storage instructions, are produced in accordance with the imitation garment. Product overview describes the imitation of the fabric and the models with a picture display, in addition to the simple introduction of the clothing also introduced its brand concept, design, style and adapt to the crowd and so on. Large-scale process files and large-scale production process documents are detailed from the specifications, structural analysis, model production, raw materials selection and matching with a series of processes. Cutting, sewing and finishing process description will shop material, cut, subcontracting, lining, sewing process Cartier love ring replica and requirements and trademark sewing parts and finishing warehousing and storage and so do a detailed description.
[Key words] structure; process; model; nesting; cutting; sewing; packaging
Imitation clothing for women’s casual suit, the clothing with high-density twill cotton fabric, so wear more comfortable. Jacket with lining, fabric feel comfortable and comfortable, small lapel with a simple design, is a must-have wild jacket, classic yet stylish as shown in Figure 1.
product description
Figure 1 women’s casual suit is the back of the map
The imitation of the brand for the gold court, the following brief summary of the Golden Court. Brand concept (to heart kiss the United States, sentiment life): modern urban fast-paced life is often overlooked the beauty of life itself, the pressure of work and people desire natural return. The In the middle of the movement and fashion, Jin Yuan to fresh and elegant, simple and comfortable leisure fashion advocate women to pursue a perfect life, intentions to find, to listen to, to feel the life of the
Beauty, perception of the true meaning of life, like butterflies as happy to live.
Style positioning: keep up with casual trend, leisure city to guide women to enjoy the relaxed life, reflecting the elegance of women and fashion charm.
Design positioning: the continuation of the simple and smooth lines of the design, the use of popular and comfortable fabrics and fresh and bright, simple and neat colors, pay attention to the comfort of wearing, the overall style simple and generous, close to life, filling the natural, elegant, simple, stylish Characteristics shown in Figure 2,3.
Figure 2 product design Figure 3 product style
Product structure positioning: to popular and comfortable natural fiber-based fabrics, the use of Replica Cartier love bracelet printing on the process, embroidery and so on. Style is divided into: shirts, suits, skirts, skirts / pants category, sweaters, down jacket and so on.