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Buy luxury handbags now have more legitimate, more coronal reasons

Buy luxury handbags now have more legitimate, more coronal reasons, rather than blindly squandered and superficial vanity. Top handbag is not only fashion accessories, but also become a portable asset, a well-behaved Kaopu investment. Although art and jewelry are also very good investment object Cartier love bracelet replica, but these two types of entry threshold than the platinum package is much higher, the market volatility is also larger, and they are not as easy as Birkin realized.
“If I have so much money, it will definitely be used to buy a suite, rather than a handbag that does not matter.” Hear the price of handbags news, often someone say so. However, the money just want to buy a house, apparently not expensive handbag target customers.
Can afford the luxury handbags sister, has long been no shortage of real estate. They want is the grade, show the status is played a play is a white rich fashion investment. Does that sound like some excuse and excuse for satisfying the desire to buy? But some of the recent signs from the auction point, investment brand-name package may be a profitable business.
Astronomical handbag jumped into the new favorite for the film field
What kind of handbags can be like the works of art from the same Cartier love ring replica, in the auction market all-powerful
All along, Hermes (Hermès) handbags with its luxurious material, exquisite design and handicrafts, become a trendy changes in the wild classic. And its very low yield and high popularity to long-term occupation of the dominant position in the collection market. If someone has a limited edition or a specially crafted platinum bag (Birkin Bag) and Kelly bag (Kelly Bag), and even rare leather, special colors and decorative jewelry jewelry on the collection of handbags, it is enough to (Selling) collar (get) coquettish.
Recently referred to the most high price of handbags, than in Hong Kong Christie’s 30 anniversary anniversary of the auction on that section of the Hermes Himalayan platinum package. The package to 232 million Hong Kong dollars (300,000 US dollars) to refresh the handbag auction record. Its price as its name is the same as the high altitude into the sky, said it is handbag industry “Himalayan”, a little too much. Here the “Himalayan” is intended to refer to the white side of the handbag white gradient to both sides of the gray, like the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. The magnificent snow in his hand, feeling very good, there are wood?
You know, white is the most difficult to make the color of crocodile skin, it must be all the natural pigments are removed. Plus the package inlaid with 10 grams of high quality white diamond, platinum used a total of 174.4 grams, jewels and elegant elegance. Such a production in 2008, the annual output of only one or two, and never used a new handbag, really caused the buyer’s frenzy bid, so that the “New York Times” website after the film “to appreciate, buy Gold is not as good as buying a Replica Cartier love bracelet package “for the title of the report.
In fact, the same “Himalayan” masterpiece, Hermes store has hit a $ 432,000 private purchase price record. Is considered the most expensive in the history of Hermes bag. And the same Himalayan series of another Kelly bag, but also in Hong Kong Christie’s shooting at the end of 2015 to 1.06 million Hong Kong dollars.

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When fashion became a modern city spirit of an expression and the existence of a newspaper fashion life class has become an indispensable part of the newspaper

When fashion became a modern city spirit of an expression and the existence of a newspaper fashion life class has become an indispensable part of the newspaper. This article takes “market star” and “Anhui life geography” as an example, and analyzes the “Yi” and “bogey” of the fashion life edition of the city newspaper from four aspects.
【Key words】 Metropolis Daily fashion Cartier love bracelet replica lifestyle version
With the socio-economic and cultural life of the continuous development of more quality of life has become the pursuit of modern city people. Fashion, it becomes the expression and existence of modern urban spirit. As a result, the city newspaper have opened fashion life class layout. Anhui Publishing Group’s “Market Star” launched every Friday, “Anhui Life Geography” magazine, for the city’s white-collar class interpretation of fashion life, has gradually become a certain independent cultural identity and cultural temperament of the city fashion culture weekly.
First, should be clear, bogey boundaries fuzzy
1, to white-collar for the reader positioning
“China’s media development to today, the audience segment has become the inevitable outcome of this stage of development, which is the inevitable development of journalism, but also the inevitable competition in the business trend of increasingly layered, so that the media had to adhere to the ‘ Focus on the spread of ‘business philosophy, from the general pursuit of’ reward ‘, to a more realistic and meticulous’ sub-reward’ of the road. ”
As the specialized division of labor becomes more and more detailed, the areas of concern for each individual in this community will be different. Want to use a newspaper, a kind of layout to retain all the audience is not possible, this time, unlike the city of other Cartier love ring replica regular news layout of the fashion life version came into being.
Fashion life version of the content rooted in the city culture, urban life, the rapid rise of white-collar workers and grow for its accumulation of a certain reader. The traditional newspaper content provided by the content of life services information has been unable to meet the white-collar reading needs, this blank is also close to the white-collar newspaper fashion life version of the production market potential. In fact, fashion life version is also a good use of this market potential, through accurate positioning, to meet the needs of white-collar workers in the information and services for their fierce competition in the market has laid an advantage.
“The layout of the market star, Anhui life geography” (hereinafter referred to as “Anhui life geography”) layout content is to meet the white-collar class reading needs, medium-level education above the white-collar workers is its clear positioning of the reader group, “Pioneer show” version is to choose the most popular fashion circles at home and abroad concerned about the characters interview; “beauty” and “men loaded” in the domestic and foreign fashion circles to focus on the topic, Version of the current trend of the most popular fashion; “Beauty Square” version of the beauty for women to introduce beauty knowledge; “pet garden” is to meet the pet lovers and some Replica Cartier love bracelet trend players reading needs.
2, to female readers as the leading

Fashion New York

Compared with vegetables, fruits contain minerals and vitamins much less

Recently, a Brazilian supermodel, due to overdose, 56 days to fruit to eat, the results got anorexia, died. In fact, the supermodel because of “hungry” and death is not just a case. These years from abroad to the country has also been similar to the new Cartier love bracelet replica.
What is terrible is that there are still many women in the pursuit of fashion, they are infatuated, it seems that as long as slim, everything does not care, continue to eat fruit and lose weight in the misunderstanding of the wandering, it is worthy of people’s attention.
Fruit delicious, nutrient-rich, regular consumption and health. However, how to choose fruit, how to be considered reasonable, or very particular about.
Misunderstanding 1: can replace vegetables.
Compared with vegetables, fruits contain minerals and vitamins much less. If you use vegetables instead of fruits, you can not give the body enough nutrients. To vitamin C content, for example, cheap radish, cabbage is apple, pear, peach 10 times, green pepper, cauliflower vitamin C content than strawberry, citrus 3 times higher. So in the daily diet, 500 grams of vegetables is essential.
Misunderstanding 2: Vitamin special.
In most of the fruit, the vitamin Cartier love ring replica is not much, the other vitamin content is even lower. There are 13 kinds of vitamins, from a variety of food. Want to rely solely on fruit to meet the body’s demand for vitamins, is very undesirable. For example, to supply the body a day recommended amount of vitamin C, need to eat 5 kg of apples. Obviously, this is impossible to do. In addition, there are some factors that affect the fruit vitamin C content. For example, in order to prevent pests and sun, some fruits in the growth process with paper bags wrapped up, resulting in reduced vitamin C content. Many people like to buy a lot of fruit, and then into the refrigerator, the results placed longer, the greater the loss of vitamin C. In order to incorporate more vitamins, ordinary fruits and wild fruits are eaten.
Misunderstanding 3: used as a staple food.
The human body to survive, can not be separated from nearly 50 kinds of nutrients. Which requires more than 65 grams of protein and more than 20 grams of fat per day, to maintain the regeneration of tissues and organs and repair. And more than 85% of water content of fruit, protein content of less than 1%, almost no essential fatty acids, far can not meet the needs of the human body. So the fruit can only be used as a supplement, delicious and not eat.
Misunderstanding 4: as a diet food.
In fact, the fruit is not what many people imagine, is a very low energy food. They have a pleasant sweetness, sugar content of more than 8%, and is easily digestible monosaccharides and disaccharides. The weight of the fruit, the fruit contains less than the calories of Replica Cartier love bracelet rice, but it is so sweet taste that people can not stop, the result of eating more and make the intake of sugar often exceeded.

Fashion New York

Seductive figure, sweet shape, 17-year-old Wu Chenjun with “Dragon Girl” title hard into the entertainment circle

“Fashion Beijing”: Do you think T station and stage what is the difference?
Shang Wenjie: look at my new album in the cover, in my eyes nothing difference, are the best place to show themselves.
“Fashion Beijing”: you prefer to see which brand of show? why?
Shang Wenjie: In fact, each show is very nice, full of audio-visual enjoyment. But there is a brand I have liked not seen, maison martin margiela.
“Fashion Beijing”: you will learn in the fashion week which dress?
Shang Wenjie: understand the next season’s popular color, popular models, popular with the way.
“Fashion Beijing”: you are a natural dress up people? Where is the study of the day after tomorrow?
Shang Wenjie: No, I have been learning. Magazine, network, circle of Replica Cartier love bracelet friends
“Fashion Beijing”: you are a shopping mall crazy, each season will add their own new popular single product?
Shang Wenjie: No, I will find things for their own, but not blindly follow the trend, the new season for me, I went to buy, not suitable for not buy.
“Fashion Beijing”: What do you understand the fashion?
Shang Wenjie: fashion is “the most suitable for their own way of life”, but do not easily try to give the word a detailed or precise definition. (This understanding you write down, I sum up, will become a classic spread. I am narcissistic I know …)
“Fashion Beijing”: you usually wear clothes exclusive style is what?
Shang Wenjie: with the nature.
“Fashion Beijing”: you often fitness it? Will you choose a fitness program? why?
Shang Wenjie: not too often, occasionally do yoga, swim, sports or like skiing, because it is in an open environment, there are challenges, there are risks, more exciting.
“Fashion Beijing”: how do you usually make up your own? What are the priorities for that Cartier love ring replica? On their own makeup requirements?
Shang Wenjie: I will give myself some simple makeup, mainly eye eye eye shadow, Mei Feng’s handling, as well as blush color and location. Some girls do not attach importance to blush, in fact, this point has a great impact on the face. “Charging?
Shang Wenjie: portable. The journey of songs, watching movies Han’s.
“Fashion Beijing”: If you can have the opportunity to choose, how would you plan your own life?
Shang Wenjie: Just like this now

Wu Chenjun take T station also need a strong heart
Seductive figure, sweet shape, 17-year-old Wu Chenjun with “Dragon Girl” title hard into the entertainment circle; gentle twin, tenderness Kongci, she is the audience’s eyes “sexy ladies”; debut more than ten years , Wu Chenjun himself never “learn bad”, has been the same to maintain their own “too normal” life. In 2011, Wu Chenjun frankly will not slow down, she looks forward to open up a broader business space, open the “Dragon Girl” alternative (Cartier love bracelet replica), Wu Chenjun, who will play the theme song, will work as a happy life Wu Chenjun look forward to a comprehensive breakthrough; life.

Fashion New York

his is the place where you are most interested in the brand of the millennials

This is the place where you are most interested in the brand of the millennials. 3 days later, I found this unmodified, fleeting platform, become this quarter of New York Fashion Week real new main battlefield – and no longer a few hours or the next day will appear show, show live, Or has been carefully modified Cartier love bracelet replica Instagram account. If you want to know a little fashion behind the scenes of the news, the best way is to keep an eye on it, because after 24 hours that 10 seconds or less the video will disappear.
Fashion Week is no longer the fashion week you know. Snapchat on those rough quality and fashion industry has been the pursuit of perfect values seem to run counter to. Not only to return to New York’s Chinese designer Alexander Wang, even Vogue editor Anna Wintour is now keen to use Snapchat. Many brands have registered their own Snapchat accounts in the last 18 months. They want to try to break through the limitations of the original platform to reach the purpose of touching more consumer groups.
It sounds more like a business school marketing classroom. In fact, 20 years ago New York legendary designer Helmut Lang struggled to break the original timetable, starting from New York’s opening season for the new season, which in the past two years had produced transcendent changes Cartier love ring replica in the past. People talk about the fashion industry more and more quickly brought about by the problem, think of a better way before, no one wants to miss anything, have to keep the future of hugging.
People are not completely interested in the traditional show, but more and more concerned about the show field of these changes in the signal. From the Snapchat fashion week on the release of the highlights to Snapchat specifically for the production of advertising, and then to the whole live show above the dynamic, fashion technology pioneer Burberry these have tried it again – although this platform is not real-time control Features of the actual operation of a very high demand.
32-year-old Chinese designer Alexander Wang’s argument may better explain the status of the industry. He served as the traditional fashion house Paris family’s creative director once changed the consensus of the fashion industry, because the lack of Replica Cartier love bracelet spare time, less than three years he completely returned to his brand in New York. “Everyone is talking about what is modern,” he said before the New York Fashion Week, “it is anti-traditional for me that is what is happening outside of the window. It’s about finding your inspiration and defining you Your own criteria, and the ideal state of luxury and value you think. ”
In short, there is one thing right, this generation of designers no longer idle, they are always busy at all.

Fashion New York

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has just announced the Fashion NYC 2020 (Fashion New York 2020) program in February

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has just announced the Fashion NYC 2020 (Fashion New York 2020) program in February, including a free MBA program to work with the New York State University School of Fashion Technology; to find the most innovative retailer in New York City; A fund to fund those emerging designers, as long as they use the local supplier; with the Parsons Design Institute to launch a fashion management scholarship program; and open to interns and college students, for college graduates to provide a work schedule The
Prior to this, the United States Fashion Cartier love bracelet replica Designers Association (CFDA) in the New York fashion industry to play the role of overall management, responsible for external communication, such as consultation with the other three cities Fashion Week time, and media communication. Its members can communicate directly with the Mayor of New York.
The association also collaborated with VOGUE to set up the Fashion Fund,
Providing $ 250,000 for the cost of special support for cutting-edge designers. Michael Kors, Rich Owens to Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, have been the winner of this award. The selection of newcomers will soon be able to get the attention and support of investors, retailers and the media, with funds, channels and enough exposure, designer brand overnight business success has been a lot of cases.
“This makes New York a new generation of people, good at making stars of the city, attracting more new people come here to start business.” CFDA chairman, designer Diane von Furstenberg said.
Another important feature for the development of New York’s fashion industry in recent years is the American version of “VOGUE” editor Anna Wintour. Her impact on the US fashion industry is not only the popularity of her recognized, or more than 20 years she excavated star Cartier love ring replica designers such as John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and so on. In a mature system, “there is a person willing to do these things is very important.” Zhang Yu said.
Compared to London, Milan and Paris, New York Fashion Week responded more quickly. As a clothing production, from the T station to the production line and then to the window counter, New York time is the shortest. “New York Fashion Week, the show more than the number of brands, but more than the US market-based brand, there are few foreign brands to go mainly to local department stores, buyers to see.” Ye Qi Zheng said.
Buy the system in New York has been very developed, independent brands or young designers if you can not afford to spend a huge fashion show, then the use of static display, the same can meet the buyer of goods; and department store buyer system, The designer removed the rent of the shop trouble, in addition to a good design to participate in fashion week, almost no other threshold.
“New York’s designer retail system is a good support for this industry.” Fashion columnist Lin Jian, “First Financial Weekly” said.
At the same time, the US fashion industry from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein era has always stressed the design of real wear, fashion week is also through the buyer, the media to the designer’s work recommended to consumers. “The artist is hoping to show more self, but the girls on the street want her to buy clothes to wear,” said Zhang Yu, “the artist wants to show more self The chances are more.
“We are the world’s fashion capital,” said New York Mayor Bloomberg. “We will do our best to support the fashion business in New York to make sure they are here,” said New York City Mayor Bloomberg. Continue to develop, create job opportunities and contribute to our Replica Cartier love bracelet economy. ”
So, people may go to Paris to see big, go to London to see the design, go to Milan to see luxury, and then … … to New York to buy clothes.

High-end watch

Overseas is China’s rich to buy high-end watch the main consumer

Overseas is China’s rich to buy high-end watch the main consumer
1. Domestic purchase
With the gradual establishment of luxury brands in China stores, changing a lot of watch brands can only be purchased through the history of overseas, and high-end watch brands through this approach so that more consumers know and buy. Domestic stores have become China’s consumers to buy Cartier love bracelet replica watch one of the most important channels, and play an increasingly important role.
2. Overseas purchase
Overseas purchase has been a lot of high-end watches, especially ultra-high-priced watch the main channel to buy, even though many watch brands have been opened in the country stores, because the relatively large spread, many customers still choose to buy overseas.
3. E-commerce
E-commerce is an unprecedented rate of access to the field of luxury goods circulation, but because the product is true and false, after-sales service and other reasons, still not a climate, but the prospects generally recognized. There are many brands and dealers in the high-end watch online circulation, but also achieved some success, but still long way to go, is currently only in the trial stage.
4 professional agency Daigou
Because the spread and product time to market differences, or because there is no purchase channels, professional purchasing market from a few years ago began to rise and develop rapidly. But with the gradual establishment of brand stores in China, many brands of Cartier love ring replica products to take the global market and other reasons, the purchasing market is not generally optimistic. Especially when the tariff changes and other reasons led to the gradual narrowing or disappearance of the time, purchasing will soon shrink or disappear.
5. Second-hand market or friends to change hands
Because the preservation of high-end watch the value-added features, many high-end luxury watches began to rise in the secondary market for circulation, in particular, some limited edition and commemorative edition and some special materials of the watch. Bags, watches, luxury goods market is the most important second-hand circulation of products. 8, China’s rich high-end watch brand service is not satisfied
High-end watch brands are often differentiated services to customers in China is particularly serious, after all, the Chinese luxury brand of luxury services to customers who are not satisfied with the place? (32%), maintenance services, expensive (23%), the opaque material information (20%), the price of high-end watch brand service is too high, This also shows that high-end watch brand in customer relationship management is still a lot of room for improvement.
It is noteworthy that the higher the assets of consumers, high-end watch brand service attitude complain less, but in the maintenance time is too long have more obvious dissatisfaction. This is mainly because for the high-wealthy, the time is money, long repair time so that it has little patience to wait, and will eventually give up the watch brand; In addition, whether high-asset rich or low asset Consumers, are that the high-end watch brand in China, “opaque material,” there are obvious shortcomings. Although some high-end watch brand parts need to be provided outside, but the high-end watch brand did not give consumers a detailed description of its replacement parts information.
In terms of gender, female consumers experience more details than men, the high-end watch in the attitude of differentiated treatment perception is more obvious, so complaints are also higher than the male consumers; and male consumers are significantly more than female consumption Those who lack patience, therefore, the maintenance time is too long complains is higher than the female consumer.
Compared with the first-tier cities, high-end watch brands in the second and third tier cities, fewer stores, some stores even open to the second and third tier cities, the corresponding after-sales service system and no follow-up, because the second and third Replica Cartier love bracelet tier cities, Less “complaints than the first-tier cities significantly higher than consumers. In addition some high-end watch brands only in the first-tier cities have maintenance, second and third tier cities, but consumers than first-tier cities, more patient consumers complained about the proportion of slightly lower than the first-tier cities.
With the high-end watches in China nearly 10 years of market accumulation and consumption capacity rising, high-end watch brand in the continuous sink channels at the same time, whether the corresponding after-sales service is also related to the sink is a high-end watch Brand in China the key to success. Service is the main means to maintain the loyalty of the Chinese rich brand loyalty, when the service can not guarantee, it does not matter loyalty. Obviously, the high-end watch brand in customer service relationship management there is a long way to go.

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Villeret series of ultra-thin anti-jump small second hand watch

Slim Chssique series
In 2012, in order to eclectic “decorative arts era” to pay tribute, RALPH LAUREN interpretation of several new RALPH LAUREN867 square watch, the brand in the Madison Avenue 867, the historic New York flagship store named. Decorative luxury watches reproduce the roaring 20’s elegant charm and chic sophistication. All Slim Classique series are equipped with PIAGET to create its elegant slim movement, blending the distinctive geometric lines, fine craftsmanship and slim shape, while with Cartier love bracelet replica elegant pointer, and black alligator strap and phase contrast Gold needle clasp, the perfect embodiment of the “decorative arts” and the essence of RALPH LAUREN Slim Claassique series dignified and elegant features.
Villeret series of ultra-thin anti-jump small second hand watch
Blancpain Villeret series released a new ultra-thin small second hand watch the thickness of only 10.83 mm, the perfect show classic Villeret series of elegant temperament. Cikuan watch for the retro radiology decorated carving (flinque) paint, with a multi-level transparent blue, turned into an unparalleled depth of the sea effect. Blancpain by the use of a delicate balance of law to retain the pure lines, combined with Blancpain Villeret series of classic connotation, showing this with a touch of the classical art of artistry.
Through the sapphire bottom cover, automatic put Tuo manual engraving process and the vibration generated when the mechanical beauty, can be panoramic view. This new Blancpain Villeret series of ultra-thin anti-jump small second-hand watch, waterproof up to 30 meters.
Hublot Hublot
Ultra-thin hollow watch
Yu-ship table for the slim pursuit never stopped, the history of the first presentation of the ultra-thin hollow watch, is to challenge the “thin” limit another attempt: 45 mm diameter dial, carrying only 2.9 mm thickness of the self-made Thin movement. Completely hollow Cartier love ring replica design concept will watch internal structure – whether it is part of the adjustment, balance wheel, or escapement wheel, are more clearly and intuitively demonstrated in the professional eyes. Dial 7 o’clock position to set a small stopwatch, the pointer part of the continuation of the first generation of Yu-ship table design style, as a Yu-ship table to pay tribute to history. The classic integration of ultra-thin hollow watch limited release of 1,000 titanium models, as well as limited to 500 pieces of 18K Wang Jin.
Tonda 1950 watch
This is a pure elegance, the appearance of extremely elegant watch, while a high standard of comfort and time to view, so time to return to the true interpretation of the absolute classic. Tonda 1950 watch Parmigiani watch interpretation of the core content of the style: compact appearance of refined. The appearance of a perfect highlight the identity of the brand identity – 4 ergonomic design of circular lugs. 12 Parmigiani developed by the movement will be used to ensure the accuracy of time and versatility of the components built to complete, that is, ultra-thin automatic winding movement. The new PF 701 movement from a number of aspects of the aesthetic interpretation of the meaning of its diameter of 30 mm (131/4 points), the thickness of only 2.6 mm. Soon, this movement will also increase the date function, as previously planned for the new parts of the space, it will not affect the Tonda case exquisite appearance. Thickness 7.80 mm, diameter 39 mm. The movement device has platinum 950 micro-eccentric automatically put Tuo, can automatically work for 42 hours.
GP1966 series
Super complex function is to show the strength of choice, but the fine precision automatic movement is more able to express the traditional tabulation concept. Girard Perregaux table GP1966 series since the birth of the show was a low-key elegant, simple and not exaggerated noble temperament. Although the thickness of the case is only 8.5 mm, but in no way affect the movement of precision, assembled in the GP3300 automatic movement from the watch factory elaborate, through the sapphire crystal can be the rhythm of its Replica Cartier love bracelet mechanical income fundus. In order to meet the women’s desire for high-quality watches, the brand has recently launched GP1966 women’s diamond automatic watch, a series of men’s gentleman watches and the most harmonious “perfect couple.”

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Those with their own strength to enter the business school female executives have a successful career

Those with their own strength to enter the business school female executives have a successful career, and have independent aesthetic ability. They go out into the highest social circle, pay more attention to how to express their time: they also wear men’s watch, but only for fun, or mechanicalism; they require a unique design also have a powerful “core.” Now we recommend for women several “business school” level watch models.
Chanel Première watch
More women will not watch models from the aesthetic point of view of women and psychological needs, but will not guarantee that women can wear Cartier love bracelet replica with the 24-hour dressing, to adapt to various occasions. And all this missing in the “Première” has been “compensation”: without any arc of the long octagonal, rugged sapphire crystal table, the disk and the pointer are the most simple, three elements from the free and comfortable From the point of view, the most perfect show of women’s inner elegance.
In 2013, Chanel (Chanel) launched the new Premiere series of ladies watch, it is a new image of the legendary reproduction, full of modern lines more streamlined and simple, more delicate outline of soft. From the unique movement, modeling design to Seiko mosaic assembly, so watch adds a touch of noble atmosphere and luxury classic, interpretation of compact watch exquisite, elegant, female lines, thus creating the overall elegant image.
A watch, simply love than men but also long to accompany a woman around. Première watch to accompany you every moment. It is simple and neat appearance, there is no minute hand second hand ticks, so that time passed by: it is not narrow space constraints, in a smooth and smooth surface, full of all possible: love come and gone, only time eternal.
The Perfect Woman
Piaget Altiplano Micro Enamel Dial
18K white gold case, diameter 38 mm, inlaid 78 round diamonds (weighing about 0.7 carats), the dial decorated with large fire (Grand feu) firing and miniature enamel painting (miniature) made of Yves Piaget rose Cartier love ring replica pattern. Earl self-made 430P thin manual winding movement, silk quality strap, with 18K white gold button buckle clasp, a unique style, a global limited edition.
Piaget Altiplano decorated with carved inscribed enamel watch
18K white gold case, diameter 38 mm, inlaid 78 diamonds (weighing about 0.7 carats), the dial to hand-filled enamel (champlev) and large fire (grand feu) firing black enamel background, and decorated with metal flash chip Dial, engraved 18K white gold diamonds Yves Piaget rose pattern, Piaget homemade 430P manual winding movement, silk strap, with needle clasp, the world’s limited edition eight.
Piaget Altiplano micro puzzle mosaic watch
18K white gold case, inlaid 78 round diamonds (weighing about 0.7 carats), diameter 38 mm, the dial decorated with a hand-made micro-mosaic YvesPiaget rose pattern, count self-made 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement, silk Quality strap, with button-button clasp, the world’s limited edition 8.
Elegant woman choice Longines Kang platinum
Longines Kang Platinum Series (Conquest Classic)
Longines Kang platinum series (Conquest Classic) bright named by Conquest (Comcast) and Classic (Replica Cartier love bracelet) two chic English words. Over the years, Kang Kasi series represented by the successful launch of a variety of sports watch Longines. Today, the platinum series will Longines classic elegance attitude and sports spirit mastery. As “Kang Kasi” series of extensions, for the Longines watchmaking tradition “family to add a beautiful landscape. Longines uphold a long tradition of superb technology, its tradition, elegance and excellence in the relentless pursuit of performance, the achievements of the brand of pure tabulation expertise.
Kang platinum platinum rose gold stopwatch is equipped with ETA for the development and production of Longines L688 column-wheel movement, rose gold bezel and crocodile leather strap highlight elegant, silver dial on the 12 o’clock position of the Arabic numerals and 9 o’clock position Small seconds, 3 o’clock position of the 30-minute total dial, 6 o’clock position of the 12-hour cumulative dial fully filling sports temperament. Another Kang platinum platinum steel female watch Zeyi steel to build, built-in L595 automatic winding mechanical movement, black dial decorated with 12 diamond scale, and the bezel on the 30 diamonds side by side, highlighting the female elegance temperament.