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Again an overcoat of season, if you can dress up in monotonous boring on the ornament ably

Again an overcoat of season, if you can dress up in monotonous boring on the ornament ably, believe that also can be decorated in a journal. At that time, a brooch will come in handy. Qiu dong season, choose a colorful brooch, chic ornament on the coat, the most appropriate. In the world, there are many brooch collection lovers. It is said that in Lyon, France, a young woman fe ni, she collection from the beginning of the 19th century of more than 500 all kinds of women’s brooch, including Louis philippe’s mistress worn butterfly brooches, have worn gold collar needle, queen Elizabeth visible woman love for a brooch.
MIKIMOTO jewelry brand in Japan for the first time of system, Hello Kitty, was launched in January 2014, Hello Kitty jewelry series, instantly causing global attention. Under the city’s eagerly awaited, Cartier love bracelet replica Hello Kitty x series was launched in China in October this year, the brand from six senior jewelry gourmet Japan at the same time, the persistence of the perfect present again its force, extraordinary process with unlimited creativity.
MIKIMOTO pearl art particularly, and charming symbol characteristics of Hello Kitty, this time the perfect deduce the sparkles between traditional culture and popular culture. MIKIMOTO fused girl charm Hello Kitty in elegant pearl jewelry design, retained the Hello Kitty cute style, and to mark bow to extend its do not break the noble qualities of the brand, at the same time more perfect pearl of MIKIMOTO superb and innovation path of art. The senior MIKIMOTO x Hello Kitty jewelry and jewelry series, a total of about 20 kinds of different styles, including the magnificent refined after the champions league, is characteristic of Japanese brooch; And decorated with bowknot of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, etc.
MIKIMOTO design team, said: lovely Hello Kitty to merge with elegant pearl in jewelry design, can let a female become lovely, and do not break the noble qualities of the brand, is indeed a special attention. In order to retain the Hello Kitty logo elements and lovely style, Cartier love ring replica using the Hello Kitty bow to extension. Design team use lively color enamel to Hello Kitty bow, combined with the round crystal pearls, cuddly.
No matter do you have any preference for jewelry, into the summer, contracted jewelry is the dot eyeball in dress sheet is tasted. Delicate and delicate hand catenary, is a prerequisite of women jewelry box, its advantage is that without too much problem to consider collocation, because any style, can use fine bracelet to match, deduce the delicate women wear feminine feeling alone, fold a wear will present a unique fashionable feeling. Just let it on your wrist, will present a fine detail glamour.
In many gems, moonstone though is not the most collection value of the gem, but sometimes it will become indispensable in the senior jewelry making “green”, its mysterious luster and the cat’s eye effect, is able to bring the jewelry implicit in dazzling charm. Moonstone is a birth stone in June, at the same time also has the meaning of “lovers of stone”, it is also one of the reasons for its popular. Wear the moonstone to most people, the more important is that it has the meaning of tender and bring beautiful romantic love. Glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, perfect, and with the moonstone, cat’s eye effect between Replica Cartier jewelry and diamonds, and the soft and dazzling charm, or bed sheet set in the middle of the ring, presents like sea water clean and attractive.
Recently, the international association of platinum PGI ® is hand in hand, he jie and hao ziming two couple with ying CAI er, 2015 platinum commitment, true marriage interpretation of life in laughter and touched, deep feeling about “platinum promise” for each other. Celebrity couple deformities, shows his emotional life is the most real side, and to perfect the meaning of “platinum commitment” – at the moment we exchange of platinum buddhist monastic discipline, means to exchange a lifelong commitment to each other, as platinum, never fade. New association hopes to arouse the people thought of love and commitment, cherish each other, care for each other in the journey of marriage, with every day of my life on the original promise, this life.
People often praise the green feelings of initiation, praises burning hot love, In the long journey of marriage, don’t forget to beginner’s mind to live up to its promise, in the day to day spending timesong, need more courage and giving, this precious comes from within. Have a metal “love,” said the platinum rewelding superior because of its pure, rare, constant quality and rich emotional connotation, and the true meaning of eternal commitment and perfect fit, get the favour of global partner with resonance. Two couple also happen to coincide to choose platinum to witness the pledge to each other, whether it is used with ying CAI er “exclusive title” cash originally promised, or he jie hao ziming and accompany you forever smile “, platinum ring fingers of permanent witness all the time, experience is long cover is new. From

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Green diamonds are usually formed by long-term natural radiation effects

Green diamonds are usually formed by long-term natural radiation effects, but this must also be when the radiation energy is higher than the threshold of the crystal, so that changes in diamond electronic structure to appear green, but this probability is extremely small and rarely occur . Green diamonds generally light color, low color. The color is relatively less obvious, slightly gray or brown. For most green diamonds, the color is confined to the surface and rarely extends to the entire diamond. This is why the cutter will try to keep the original stone in the waist. In general, the green uniform, color is elegant and better. Green character of the core nature, is the pursuit of harmony and stability. Green character are tolerant and transparent, friendly people, adaptability, is a good listener.
As for the yellow diamond, such as Cartier love bracelet replica, such as sunset glow Qili. Yellow character who is a strong commander, the deep driving force comes from the realization and completion of the target. Yellow character who are generally forward-looking and leadership, usually with a strong sense of responsibility, decision-making power and self-confidence, the more frustration Yongyong, energetic, bold and decisive. Yellow character of people interested in a wide range of advocating romantic, witty and flexible, often bring happiness to the people around.
Analysis of color and personality, help to understand their own and other types of personality, eliminate barriers to communication between each other to enhance the quality of interpersonal communication. Everyone has its own innate character, like a natural diamond, different, with a unique color, color and light. As the master of light and shadow (THE JEWELLER OFLIGHT), De Beers diamonds presented diamonds, praise the inner glory. Its fire, light and vitality are unique, whenever the intentions of feeling, every one, every color, has its own most beautiful side.
Only a small number of jewelry works can be recognized as an iconic status, Nudo series – from the reputation as the “insider” jewelry Italian senior jewelry brand POMELLATO Po Man Lan Duo, is one of the leaders. Year-end and New Year, Po Manlan Duo’s logo series Nudo also usher in the 15th anniversary. At this special moment, Nudo series of jewelry minimalist style of the mark once again surprise incoming, pendant necklace new work to give Nudo new way of wearing, but also Po Manlan Duo this jewelry family subversion characteristics of the new derivative.
Nudo series of new pendant necklace for women to open up a party to play with the new world of Nudo Choi Po. The new series of pendant necklace for the women to open up a new world to play Nudo Choi Po. Inspired by the elaborate interpretation of the concept of prêt-à-porter, the “nudo” gem with flowing watercolors, the Nudo necklace is smooth and graceful.
Minimalist, pure, Nudo series is the birth of the elegant jewels of traditional jewelry. Born in Cartier love ring replica, Nudo series is unique, classic timeless. Has always been elegant and with the nature of the characteristics of its favor over the years, swept the world. The series of low-profile simple patent gem and “naked” process innovation interpretation of the “single gem ring” (solitaire) of the classic shape, exposed as colored gems charm, so that thousands of light gathered in the special patent section , And then to a full range of reflection.
There are six colors available: Madeira stone, blue topaz, amethyst, green amethyst, lemon crystal and white topaz. Romantic elegance, fashion interest caused by, Nudo pendant new work only for every persistent pursuit of colorful fashion world of women. Invite you to accept.
The 120th anniversary of the brand, Swarovski has recently been officially released in Cartier nail bracelet replica, “Swarovski: Review of fashion, jewelry, performance and design of the creative process of cooperation,” a book to celebrate the moment. In addition, the conference also shows the Swarovski creative project to start the new cutting-edge Asian designers to support the project selected brands By Fang, Ping He and Nicole Zhang’s 2016 spring and summer series of works, of which two designers Yang and He Ping To visit the scene, and BoF Fashion Business Review Editorial Director of China Yi Yang non-dialogue, to explore the subtle crystal and fashion association. Atelier Swarovski 2016 spring and summer series, this season’s co-designer, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Fredrikson Stallard, Feverish, and the new interpretation of the core series. By

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If the diamond is a gift of nature’s precious gift to mankind, the natural diamond is a rare gift than this rare and unique treasure

If the diamond is a gift of nature’s precious gift to mankind, the natural diamond is a rare gift than this rare and unique treasure. Of the 10,000 natural diamonds, only one can be classified as a natural diamond. With more than 125 years of experience in diamond jewelry, De Beers’ handmade selection of diamonds is a collection of color, color and light the perfect combination, shining its unique natural beauty Cartier love bracelet replica.
René Just Haïy, a French mineralogy who was born in 1743, once said: “Gemstones are the flowers of the mineral world. Colorful diamonds are elegant orchids.
Therefore, as the precious stones in the world of rare treasures, each with a noble character of the diamond has a distinctive expressiveness and appeal, by more than anyone know more about the hands of the diamond De Beers, Fai drilling through their own Of the Cartier love ring replica, refraction show a unique personality.
Wonderful is that in the mid-20th century, the diamond is generally considered to be worthless, non-market value. Until the 70s of last century so far, more and more high-profile diamonds, which is inherently rare diamond gems are not unrelated.
From Colored Colors to Personality Analysis
De Beers diamond is a masterpiece of nature, jewelery industry Pierre, each one has a unique personality, the expression of different stories, it is dazzling. The so-called phase from the heart, choose to wear diamond jewelry color, may also affect the temperament to wear the Cartier nail bracelet replica. Understand their own personality color, and then choose with a different natural diamond, complement each other.
FPA personality color system, the people’s character is divided into: red, blue, yellow, green. Natural diamond and the character of the same multi-faceted, covered by the diamond is not just a simple color, so a person can not only be subject to a color to dominate. In general, color scientists will be four colors of the integrated form of the most complete description of the character, but often one or two colors dominate.
Red natural diamond like myth legend, according to the GIA identification records, in its numerous color diamonds have been identified, priceless, no wonder people rush. The red character, was described as the joy of driving, they are positive, optimistic, charismatic, sociable, to do anything motive to a large extent in order to be happy. Red character who is happy to express, but will not force others to accept their own wishes and views, will not mean to praise others. Pink diamonds closer to the combination of pink pink showing a natural pink because of its structure has changed, with its soft color and scarce quantity, pink diamonds have always been regarded as treasures experts. From the spiritual point of view, pink can stabilize the emotional excitement. Can be so understood, the pink character tend to stable, gentle, most are pacifist. They generally have elegant temperament, but also know how to compassionate others. By
Blue diamond, deep and charming, like the vast sea as there is a mysterious deep power. As a symbol of the king and royal family, blue diamonds are one of the most rare natural diamonds, and the source of scarce. Blue character who is the best performers, they have a valuable character, treat friends loyal and sincere, committed to establishing and maintaining an in-depth relationship, to encourage a profound exchange of ideas. Blue character, careful thinking, talent is not exposed, pay attention to long-term interests, do not want to fight the length of time.

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In 2016, Tiffany Cheng Xian New York Art Love Tour, the perfect capture in New York City occurred in nine moments

In 2017, Tiffany Cartier love bracelet replica New York Art Love Tour, the perfect capture in New York City occurred in nine moments. In the early afternoon, at the Bethesda Terrace arcade and BowBridge bridge fingers interlocking and kissing couple; sunset, the hand laughing, walking in the Brooklyn Bridge on the couple ; Central Park Lake leisurely rafting couple; meet again in the bustling Central Station, embracing the couple … … black and white images will be fleeting heart moment for the immortal eternal, turned into the beauty of romantic art.
In 2015, Tiffany broke through barriers to a new perspective interpretation of Tiffany’s “modern concept of love”: love without boundaries, modern love is not just a look, love can have different forms, it across the age, race and gender, even beyond the time concept. A different love story in seven scenes by famous fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh in New York revolves around a common theme, “Will You?”. Whether the embrace of her daughter witness the wedding of the couple, or proud to honor promised same-sex couples Cartier love ring replica, or one by one is illuminating the eternal bright moments – the moonlight Huarong bloom, cups between affectionate smile, only you I talked a little drunk, Enjoy the journey to enjoy the song, or enjoy the wind and rain in the moment. In the present, the beginning of every journey of true love begins with the same question: “Are you willing?”
From each other promises, the romantic and true love into the promise of the moment, rich and beautiful life opened a bright new chapter. Tiffany Engagement diamond ring praise the eternal promise, showing a little bit of love cast good wishes and bright future. Tiffany’s chief marketing officer Caroline Naggiar said, “For over a century, people have always come to Tiffany, to commemorate every life or precious or happy moment.For each other’s commitment to the couple, no other brands such as Tiffany On behalf of such feelings and trust.
Tiffany has inherent romantic style and elegant temperament, The Cartier love bracelet replica Setting Tiffany six claw set diamond ring is all the love stories in the world are indispensable that a diamond ring will be fleeting love moment into eternal , In the memory of the long river of bright spread.
Tiffany is a world-renowned jewelry brand, was born in 1837 in New York. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany manufactures products through its subsidiaries and operates retail stores worldwide as well as online sales, catalogs and business gifts. For more information.
TIFFANY & CO., T & CO., TIFFANY, and ATLAS are registered trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates. By

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“Sex and the City” (Sex and the City), Terry Tiffany New York Fifth Avenue flagship store in front of the door

As the representative of the United States, the first appeared in the British series of spy movies 007 “Diamond” (Cartier nail bracelet replica Are Forever) in the United States of America girl Tiffany Case (Tiffany Case) is in the name of Tiffany.
Year 1999
In the classic movie “Sleepless in Seattle” (Sleepless in Seattle), the heroine’s fiance Walter asked Tiffany to help modify his mother’s family diamond ring, and in the Tiffany New York Fifth Avenue flagship store for the heroine wearing the love Italian heritage of the precious diamond ring.
“Sex and the City” (Cartier love bracelet replica), Terry Tiffany New York Fifth Avenue flagship store in front of the door, with a The Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany six-pronged diamond ring to Charlotte to marry him.
year 2002
“Love to Alabama” (Sweet Home Alabama), the actor Andrew in front of Tiffany to sue for success and let her choose a Tiffany ring.
Year 2009
The classic movie “Bride Wars” (Bride Wars), the actress because of Tiffany wedding ring and excited to show to other people.
year 2013
Tiffany for Baz Luhrmann (Baz Luhrmann) directed the film “The Great Gatsby” (Cartier love ring replica) exclusive custom jewelry, which also includes the famous actress Kerry Mulligan (Carey Mulligan) wearing a diamond ring, With the release of the film, Tiffany “Ring Finder” engagement ring app was officially released.
Inheritance of modern love, not just a diamond ring
In 1965, when the Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany six-pronged diamond ring witnessed a number of aesthetic love, the Tiffany officially released for this classic diamond ring custom advertising. The first black and white ads focus on the brilliant Tiffany diamonds, “With a Tiffany Diamond, there’s no question any questionabout quality” pledge Tiffany high-quality diamond guarantee.
In 1997, Tiffany launched “It’s More Than A Ring” series of ads. This time, The Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany six-pawl ring is not just a simple ring, it carries more love and expectations.
“Perfect Beginnings” in 2003, “The Best There Is” in 2010 and “Celebrating the World’s Greatest Love Stories since 1837” series of ads, about Tiffany is about the future the most perfect start, the iconic Tiffany blue set off The Tiffany® Setting Tiffany Six-Prong Diamond Ring is the most beautiful expression of love. By

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Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Executive Board and Advisory Board of the Swarovski Group

Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Executive Board and Advisory Board of the Swarovski Group, said: “The Source of the Brilliant is well-suited for naming the portrait portraits. The Swarovski element is a unique blend of creative passion, expertise and the philosophy of excellence, and these elements can be the inspiration for contemporary outstanding designers. We are proud of the many fountains and dazzling masterpieces. ”
Trey Laird, the company’s Cartier love bracelet replica and Creative Director, told us about the creative concept of this project: “We want to highlight the different elements of the Swarovski element for different creative fields.” The creative brand Laird + Partners was conceived by creative company Laird + Partners. But also to see the talented elite of the industry, in the works into the Swarovski elements, it makes people very happy.Every one of them, are fully embodies the Swarovski brand essence, and Showing the Swarovski element of great creative potential and bright charm.
The rich and poetic flow of the Cartier love ring replica Rives tribute to the fascinating charm of the South French Riviera, this is the founder of Fred Samuel most cherished scenery, this presents a Mingyue Yue moving color Belles Rives series, distributed in the sun charming Low light. Many precious stones have been placed in a sparkling ocean, the water stroking, microwave waves.
Shuiguang glittering, sun shining, smooth gems, like a lot of water polished pebbles, Cartier love ring replica. The new Belles Rives ring, wrapped in gold or rose gold gem, sleek and has a sense of asymmetry, monochrome gems in the changing light showing a different color, dazzling charming. Ring design lines clear, bring out the gem of the attractive texture and interesting fashion sense. Gem light, according to different preferences and clothing with the preferences, the ring can be worn alone, can also take the multi-layer stack, dotted fingers, sparkling.
FRED also launched Belles Rives series of two new pendants, light and elegant, soft lines, a pink rose quartz and rhodochrosite the perfect match, a London blue topaz and green chalcedony pavilions, in gold or Rose gold package, as if for the neck decorated with round after round of streamer. Gem stones, such as by the water to touch the pebbles, and sparkling water to play the sound of harmony, the spectrum of a song dedicated to the blue Mediterranean carol.

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Swarovski Elements for the glamorous charm, the eight protagonists are full of praise

The embodiment of the glittering charm “The source of the bright” brand in the eight-star charm of the protagonist, in different ways to show the unique personality. Including creative Mary Katrantzou, who advocates “complex is the United States,” the fashion designer, is good at creating full of visual shock, with complex patterns of clothing, in the advertising blockbuster, her chest decorated with rich embroidery . Footwear and accessories designer Cartier love bracelet replica, to blend retro and modern style of the unique design and famous. She will be designed, highly sought after cat flat shoes worn on the head, creating a “Playboy” Bunny interesting effect. Edward Enninful, a fashion stylist who won the British Empire Medal, is the creative and fashion director of W magazine, and has provided creative direction for many T-station shows, promotional events and international fashion events, wearing tailored suits, Covered with insects decorated with Swarovski elements. Make-up master Isamaya Ffrench to make an exception to raise the art to the height. Her sharp eyes look at the lens, holding a makeup brush and a bright red Swarovski elements, is a model beside the head, exaggerated and shocked. There are fine workmanship and original design to dominate Europe and the United States fashion, Rodarte’s sister designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, they exposure to their well-designed, studded Swarovski elements of the butterfly group. Thom Browne, known for her tailored men’s suits, holds a briefcase with Swarovski elements in it, showing a handsome gentlemanlike character like the 007, while Jason Wu, a famous Cartier love ring replica designer, kneads him Delicate texture, modern style and retro elegant design techniques, moved from the fashion to the furniture, and to stunning, exquisite and complex embroidered Phi take in the body. Last but not least, Karlie Kloss, a prominent figure from the modeling community, is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and fashion and lifestyle expert, and a brand new spokesperson for Swarovski.
Swarovski Elements for the glamorous charm, the eight protagonists are full of praise. They believe that these sparkling crystal elements, both for the work to add exquisite embellishment, but also for the design of surprises. Isamaya Ffrench said: “Swarovski elements to make up for the icing on the cake, so that the face glow glow glamor”, and Thom Browne is convinced that Swarovski elements will be “the focus of men’s fashion topic.” Rodarte, Charlotte Olympia and Mary Katrantzou, has long been in a number of unique art projects with Swarovski to cooperate. Mary Katrantzou said: “Swarovski elements make every pattern more Cartier nail bracelet replica,” and Charlotte Olympia also expressed the same view: “I advocate the” complex is the United States, “the concept of creation; every woman like the upper studded Glittering Swarovski Elements “. As for the influence of Swarovski elements in the T stage, by Karlie Kloss his right: “When wearing a Swarovski element decorated with a single product catwalk, it feels like there are countless shining lights shining on themselves, whole body Charming glory. “