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highlight its elegant profile

Mark Cross the bags with handle is inspired by the movie grace kelly in 1954 rear window used the brand in the old suitcases. It USES black grain leather, sleek, and equipped with brand trademark red lining, and polished gold hardware accessories. In the busy days, may wish to install a removable straps put it back in the shoulder, hands free.
Banjo, & “Matilda this cardigan in” Jeronimo “silk and cashmere blended thread into purchasing from Italy, is the four seasons all appropriate. It feels soft and do not break luxury, at the same time of providing warm caress, does not show fat; Loose hang down object profile has become an Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica ideal layer of choice.
Start with the classic “2 jours” black handbag, how to play the Fendi’s signature style. It is extremely durable “saffiano cross grain leather texture” seiko manufacturing, equipped with contrast effects on both sides of smooth leather, and is equipped with three separate layers.
Tamara Mellon paragraph dust coat grows with the silk blended metal wire fabric, to deduce the classic black trench coat. Can open in, highlight its elegant profile; Also can use removable constrictive waist belt. After nightfall, can match a pencil skirts and sandals, a lavish look.
3.1 Phillip Lim it “Pashli” trapezoid with rainbow CaiQi leather stitching material made of tie-in removable shoulder straps, strength and cool appearance, easy to use. The twill lining both sides of the bag bag, adjustable capacity has a zipper inside pockets.
Missoni trademark crochet design will never be out of date. This imitation cartier love bracelet button without cardigan knee length, use comfortable clipping. Its colour profusion, build perfect choice of holiday attire; Might as well on the plane or sunset it hangs on the shoulder.
Derek Lam for classic trench coat into the real modern temperament. The joker sheet is tasted choose deep indigo denim cloth, equipped with two cuff fastens with color elastic knitting. It USES the double-breasted design; Advice will wear it outside the shift dress, with a removable constrictive waist belt, show the charm.
Alexander Wang the “Prisma” backpack black grain leather, rose gold hardware accessories for the injection of a costly temperament. It adopts adjustable draw string design, modelling is rich structure, internal capacity is also very abundance; Zip pocket on the back for into the keys and mobile phone, easy to take. Can put it back on the shoulder, can also use the handle to carry it in your hands.
Rene Caovilla this gem compose ACTS the role of suede leather shoes is the perfect choice for a party, by hand inlaid on the shoes more than gorgeous transparent crystal, amber and champagne, with dazzling sequins gold green sole. Might as well with a skirt or pants, and show the charm of it.
Alexander McQueen this black leather card package organ clip design, can safely receive CARDS as much as possible. The brand’s iconic golden skull shape with a yellow compose ACTS the role of swarovski crystals. This only practical accessories also comes with brand logo packing box, absolute fashion of choice for family and friends.
Hair band in this season. Dolce & Gabbana the exquisite silk Cartier love bracelet replica coated hair hoop decorated with bright yellow and amber swarovski crystal, also with golden brass gold and silver silk and hand painted color acetate resin flowers. The inside of the embroidery edging can ensure comfortable wearing.
Missoni this vivid hook spread the feeling choose metal silk thread in Italy to the wearer, shining, looks very handsome. It adopts the design of wide elastic type back to ensure that its wear safety; When you walk in the breeze blow gently beach or go sightseeing, you can wear it to prevent messy hair cover the face.
3.1 Phillip Lim it “Alexa” and ankle boot with smooth cow leather and leather, classic shoe money of hale and hearty and agile style. Down the side zipper can show gold embedded chip. Might as well match costly jerseys and soft and close-fitting pants outfit.
Versace surrounds this tender pink high-heeled shoes made in Italy, decorated with scallop edge line downy, can highlight the beauty of the arch. Its sleek, both with pencil skirts and tight jeans, that effect is the same.
Legendary fashion singer Lady Gaga is Le Specs “Wild Child” of sunglasses Fake Cartier love bracelet loyal fans. The round box choose gold metal sunglasses, with transparent acetate resin mirror legs; Sawtooth pattern and mirror reflects the aesthetic concept of the brand cool, avant-garde.
Antigona a dozen see thought it was only common Boston bag, was actually a very can reflect beauty of Givenchy handbags. It feels dye-in-the-wood structure, also added a lot of military element, including large metal zippers and unique metal hook design. Antigona the heroine Antigone’s name comes from the Greek myth, represent the indomitable spirit. The BaoGang launched not caused widespread concern, but in the supermodel Miranda Kerr throughout the winter and sticking after this package, all of a sudden become the necessary It Bag.
Jimmy Choo the flat shoes choose gunmetal color frosted mirror leather in Italy. It is decorated with soft black grosgrain bow, in order to highlight the curve of a foot pointed modelling graces many. Might as well use it to match the boyfriend jeans.
Kimberly McDonald this 18 k rose gold bracelet set with two bright boulder opal back – this is a very precious opals varieties, rich colour and lustre is full. This exquisite deserve to act the role of also only with diamonds, regardless of the cascade wear to wear alone Cartier nail bracelet replica or with a similar design, effect is the same.
Contrast material is Sacai design features. The asymmetry of blended wool felt shorts with a pleated is a mask layer, decorated with white chiffon stitching, built the effect of skirts. It comes with satin lining cloth, might as well to match the shirt.

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30 a style sheet is tasted Easily create new season fashion modelling

30 a style sheet is tasted Easily create new season fashion modelling
VOGUE community “want” quick luxury package right activities online for the three weeks, by the vast number of VOGUE netizens enthusiastic response, activity is the most popular item including Lady Gaga’s favorite Le Specs “Wild Child” sunglasses, Givenchy cool feels dye-in-the-wood metal buckles wool twill jacket, Mulberry, hand in hand to supermodel Cara Delevingne jointly create mini backpack… Each season is to build a new model of fashion Cartier love ring replica. In this “VOGUE” selection net friend’s “want” 30 pieces of style sheet is tasted, if you like these item, just click the collection immediately, and will get more after collection will “want to” surprise you recommend. Enter “VOGUE community”, now here to build the VOGUE of the fashion world, more multiple gifts waiting for you to take!
Givenchy Lucrezia series is design director Riccardo Tisci a new interpretation of daily bag bag, once the launch was popular in the world. Showed Givenchy handbags focus all the signature elements: concise and rich in the design of the structure, compared with soft perceptual form strong impact. Lucrezia contracted outline box design highlights the perfect design and unique symmetry, symbol of strength and spirit of independence, take in everything in a glance to capture the Givenchy unique trait in women.
Black wool twill adopt stereo clipping of cultivate one’s morality, removable belt, decorative slant pocket and latch collar details of those cool feels dye-in-the-wood costly temperament, in autumn and winter essential classic urban women.
Cara Delevingne hope she design works hand-in-hand with Mulberry practical – grace with “design should not be too persistent, but to pursue with free and easy”. The camouflage printed calf hair backpack can use two handles, to carry it in your hands; Also can install removable leather straps, use it as a backpack. Lion modelling rivet and heart-shaped tattoo sign is intended to reveal the British model.
Michael Kors of this large leather handbag is a daily fashion bags. This item size is rather large, with a chocolate replica Cartier love bracelet color golden hardware fittings, piping and brand logo added modern fashion sense, edge controller can ensure the affirmative and comfortable. The bales lining with dark brown suede lining, the capacity, enough to load your makeup bag and tablets, and is equipped with several pockets, can receive small items in order.
Studio Nicholson this “Ludlow” dust coat shoulder by clipping cultivate one’s morality, the garment body is looser, shows large profile design. Slightly by the bonding process of flannelette matte satin cloth to build a crisp effect, and present a velvety soft luster. It is also equipped with a smooth satin, twill lining easily layer outside the sweater.
Miu Miu the midnight blue cardigan can add feminine charm for your workday modelling. The ground flower knitting fabric item contained soft wool and mohair, also with shining crystal. Recommend collocation pleat mini skirts and high heels.
The Row this luxury backpack will be your weekend modelling to be bestowed favor on newly. This only capable of choose of smooth leather bags, abundant internal capacity, which can hold tablets, a bottle of water, and other daily belongings. Can also take it in a single shoulder, again tie-in shift dress.
Miu Miu the eye-catching red leather purse using strong abrasion resistant texture. It is equipped with Cartier love ring replica two notes, four card slot and three intercalation, and enclose a pink box, make it become a ideal gift given the brand loyal fans.
Fendi using smoke grey suede and leopard grain calf hair on its iconic “Peekaboo” reworking the handbag. It has two large capacity interlining, golden shackles can provide protection. Also can install removable shoulder straps, will be used as a single shoulder bag, match again relaxed shirt and cultivate one’s morality pants outfit.
Shinola released each a watch was used for the world of the highest quality components, and work in the brand in Detroit, indoor assembled by hand. Swiss-made quartz movement walking ensures precise; The classic burnt orange leather strap is carefully made by craftsmen. Polished stainless steel watchcase considerable weight, and let the people’s physique to it feel at ease, could be used for many years with you.
With the unremitting exploration of new wear-resistant material, Serapian for the first time in 1965 launched a durable texture of leather to build the “Evolution” series. Today, the Italian brand are still using this material to make this series of leather goods. The travel bar at the top and side of the box is equipped Cartier nail bracelet replica with a handle, you can lift it with or transversely; Roller and adjustable rod design, convenient you pull it forward. Elaborate layout inside a zipper also has dark bags and used for the elastic band of fixed clothes and shoes.

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Interesting mashup: classic VS’s jokes

Will mix will not take? Look at what is mix
“What shoes take what package” – how many people are listening to this “grandmother” adage grow up? Looking European royalty, “matching shoes package” traces of the remain. Once shout out “shoes bag same color ten years older” today, we continue to “shoe bag mashup” concept is put forward. Conflict styles and colors, opposing occasions and seasons, the material and size of contradiction… .. This shoe bag please mix.
Material mix: nap VS canvas
Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni plush material of lemon yellow bag in hand, foot on a pair of imitation cartier love bracelet shallow mouth recreational canvas shoes. Noble villi collisions with ordinary canvas, warm do not break easily vitality, a vivid yellows dress more add maiden temperament.
Material mix: plastic lenses VS pearl sequins
Chiara Ferragni deserves to be “mix build days” — the colorful plastic discs small handbag and pearl sequins round head shoes bold mix tells us that Bling Bling sequins and plastic lenses can also “pop”. Pop style of red lip print dress make Ferragni look like a young woman.
Material mix: feather tassels VS net surface lace
Feather ACTS the role of small bag and lace fish mouth shoes – different material is sending out the same romantic classical temperament. By the British edition of VOGUE is called “Kiev fashion queen” Ukraine fashion journalists Daria Shapovalova for we deduce a perfect mixing in the winter.
The colorful of color mixing: colorful VS
Please forget today “the body colour but four” collocation method. Fashion buying Carole Bernard a street snap model was used for seven or eight kinds of color, many of them still high saturation of bright color. Look we can find the “mystery” : fluorescent color to use small Cartier love bracelet replica area; Shoe bag, though “fancy” and blue, pink, white three large area USES the color of the summit. Can capture the essence of the color, mix and match.
Color mixing: dark green VS red wine
Was “red with green…” Color taboo troubled for a long time? We tell you, blackish green, and red wine is a perfect fit. Use of blackish green handbag and wine red high-heeled shoes modelling, colour mix to create a Vintage style not only balances the clothes design heavy and complicated, more add a hint of nostalgia retro flavor.
Mellow style mashups: romantic VS movement
Bohemian tassel romantic unruly, gold braid sneakers have type – by fashion bloggers Helena Bordon demonstration of “soft collision hale” is this season is the most avant-garde fashion mix.
Playful cartoon style mashups: elegant diva VS
Shoes packages from her personal design – footwear designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal for hand bag with a pair of cute panda elegant pointed high-heeled shoes. Two girls and women identity Dellal “performance”.
Style mashups: restore ancient ways young woman VS neutral hale and hearty
Elegant green bag restoring ancient ways collocation neutral capable of black leather shoes, stylist Kate Foley shows mixing has two big new idea: fusion of two kinds of fuzzy divide style and gender.
Occasions mashup: elegant VS languid is lazy
Portable Chanel woman chain package must be stamped on the white high heels? Wear comfortable Fake Cartier love bracelet flat sandals women can only carry a straw shopping bag? Wrong, you can complete the delicate packets and hypertrophy of sandals “personality”. But don’t forget to do a foot care nursing, rough heels with delicate handbag is tie-in.
Occasions mashup: formal VS movement
Supermodel Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss to attend the conference, Burberry Prorsum2015 spring and summer to navy smoking jacket with a creative tie-in leather handbag and color sports shoes, the modelling of willfulness and sexy surprised, instantly become a focus.
Size mixing: super thick bottom VS small mini
“Top-heavy” or “feet start gently,” this season Cartier nail bracelet replica we are trying to fashionable shoes with elegant small bag “size” of the mix. If you think this kind of modelling too down, a wide-brimmed hat may help you maintain a balance between visual.
Interesting mashup: classic VS’s jokes
Roger took side buckle shoes elegant, classic Chanel new season “lunch box” hand bag humor whimsy – classic and wacky ideas mix this season have to try. Match with Moschino chip package is Jimmy Choo classic 4 inches high heels or Charlotte Olympia panda shoes with classic baguette Fendi handbags, all by your imagination.

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Love/hate short boots and jeans

Volume legs or plug in? Love/hate short boots and jeans
Various and ankle boots in the winter is necessarily crucial footwear to choose, and short boots and jeans often is commonly used in People’s Daily dressing and tie-in combination. But not high not low short boots upper seem to “fight”, at the edge of the trousers and jeans frontier into boots mouth when the pants? And when the roll up trouser legs look better? Seem to struggle. Because sometimes was very good-looking boots, pants, and improper handling can instead be match failure. , of course, as long as you don’t make a fatal mistake – cover your ankle boots with a leg – then give you a still in time through the VOGUE of eight short boots and trousers replica Cartier love bracelet combination of demonstration, let your ankle boots and jeans to “together”.
A combination: thick with narrow mouth short boots with basic jeans
Best solution: monolayer neatly roll his trousers
Contracted solid wear thick with narrow mouth short boots, can highlight your beautiful ankle again, especially suitable for combined with the basic model of jeans of ordinary version (not wide version or narrow mouth), as long as like Karolina Kurkova furl pants edge tidy, so his upper body with simple long coat is very perfect.
Combination 2: in the heel and ankle pointed boots with narrow leg jeans
Best solution: multi-layer roll of his trousers
With an ankle pointed boots and the easy and do not lose feminine taste, but never will narrow leg jeans trousers frontier fortress into boots mouth, tend to bring out the modelling. Learning Anne Vyalitsyna relatively casual pants edge roll up to boots mouth height, the effect is very Cartier love ring replica natural, tie-in coat more may be neutral. But must pay attention to the edge not too wide.
Combination of three: wide mouth and ankle boot with nine points narrow leg jeans
The best solution: no plug volume
Wide mouth and ankle boot the easiest on the question of volume legs or in puzzled, because the boots mouth, in the leg to run out, roll up and is not harmonious, so the best solution is like Alexa Chung choose nine points narrow leg jeans. The best agreement with boots and the length of the legs, or arts of ankle.
Combination of four: narrow mouth decoration design short boots and tight jeans narrow leg
The best solution: neat plug in
Is also narrow mouth short boots, if boots have more decoration design, the original volume legs advice is no longer applicable, because will roll up pants edge boots decoration design feeling weaken, without the key. So this time the choice of the tight jeans narrow leg, and legs tucked up, must the Cartier nail bracelet replica fortress is neat, not too much fold on the edge of the boots, otherwise the same failure.
Combination of five: lace-up walking boots and cuffed jeans
The best solution: natural fit
Such as Martin boots with walking boots, actually in a roll up or can be, can according to be fond of. But, if choose the volume ankle socks should be taken into account in the selection, so had better with Fearne Cotton as slightly fold natural plug into the boot is good.
Combination of 6: urban hiking boots and basic jeans
Roll up the correct solution: plug in again
If you see here think it all too melodramatic, you are not a true love fashion, because fashion Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica is closely related with details. Rihanna is never tired of rolled up his trousers and slightly tucked into the shoe side again, to does not look so stylish urban climbing boots to wear fashionable.
Combination of seven: the round head paint short boots with jeans
Many fold in the correct solution: level
Round head paint short boots has a tendency to return again, can dig out old boots from the new fashion. To smooth the surface texture is very suitable for and fold into boots levels more legs contrast effect, and can appear commonly round head boots top-heavy, so fold is also can enhance the body weight on the vision, such as Rita Ora model for us.
Combination of eight: irregular edge of short boots and narrow leg jeans
Correct solution: natural plug in
As for on the edge of the well with irregular design, character design of short boots is still like Kate Moss natural tuck legs in safe, so often can better highlight the special design of boots mouth.

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Handbags classic Serapian travel

Handbags classic Serapian travel
Serapian Evolution of the first series was founded in 1965, with sturdy precious little cows, at the time of this package and large capacity, and has a slightly invagination on both sides of the model, is a very unique design.
Goyard Boeing travel bag product recommendations
Serapian the capacity of the abundance of “Evolution” vacation packages made from imitation cartier love bracelet durable black and white and double color texture of leather, accompany you is ideal for a weekend trip. It’s shape structure, and equipped with soft suede lining, but surprisingly light weight. Detachable shoulder strap design let you can take it on his shoulder, hands free; Zipper inside pockets and open type dark bags can properly receive small belongings.
Travel Bottega Veneta handbags style story
“When you no longer need to use what to express their own fashionable attitude, can choose BV.” Founded in 1966, the Italian Bottega Veneta has always been to the acclaimed “low-key nobility”. Despite the Bottega Veneta without any label on the bag, but it is still bright to burning in the similar goods in the eye, with the sole leather woven method, outstanding traditional arts and crafts, most the high grade leather with “perfect technology, makes Bottega Veneta’s top luxury brands.
Bottega Veneta handbags classic travel
Bottega Veneta handbags of travel still USES the shuttle is exclusive to the fine skills, crisscrossed the leather is a time-consuming work craft a pointer, use the top four layers adhesion after cut into strips, napa suede and artisans of pure manual weaving and become, ordinary a handbag need Cartier love bracelet replica craftsmen spend 3 to 4 days to made by hand, travel bags predictably long time consuming.
Travel Bottega Veneta handbags products recommended
With this large woven bag, to travel to an elegant. Or it just can be put into the overhead luggage in the trunk, with a removable canvas shoulder strap, multifunctional lock and within the two bags.
Givenchy Lucrezia travel bag style story
Givenchy handbags Lucrezia series design inspiration originates design director Riccardo Tisci commonly used a travel bag, the latter will it rearranged to deduce. In detail, the building are woven stripe, extremely has the texture of leather reflect exquisite workmanship and exquisite craft. And the profile of package body uphold the Givenchy consistent style at the same time, both the practicability of the neutral. Lucrezia is a symbol of strength and spirit of independence, take in everything Fake Cartier love bracelet in a glance to capture the unique trait in women. Its appearance is concise, elegant silhouette, exquisite exquisite workmanship, reveal the strong sense of modern city.
Givenchy handbags classic Lucrezia travel
Brown leather Givenchy Lucrezia vacation package with a brown bull skins, stain resistant and strong. Two strong handles and removable straps, large capacity, suitable for long-distance travel.
Givenchy Lucrezia travel bag product recommendations
Is given priority to with grey leather to play this season, added a new color for Lucrezia family again. Is still a distinctive brand identity card, silver hardware accessories, endowed with shackles, black suede leather lining. Handbag is medium size, but the sparrow is small all-sided.
Alexander McQueen travel bag style story
Alexander McQueen said: “in my fashion show, can you get Cartier nail bracelet replica when you attend a rock concert for all ─ ─ motivation, stimulation, noisy and passion.” As he argued, was founded in 1992, Alexander McQueen name brands are always carried out his “fashion urchin” maverick, the subject of the informal. Skeleton elements are always the focus of his work, even after his death, his successor Sarah Burton, also will continue to carry forward this element in the products of each season, including Alexander McQueen padlock zipper bag series is designed for women to work and short-haul travellers, size appropriate, has the very good shelter.
Alexander McQueen handbags classic travel
Grain MianRuan quality leather top handle bag, carving Alexander McQueen Logo; Detachable texture skeleton padlock and leather covered the key. This bags for cotton lining, inside zip pocket, double zipper opening and closing. Brass hardware, golden and lapped.
Alexander McQueen travel bag product recommendations
2016 autumn winter series adopted soft leather top handle bag, bag body is decorated with bright Cartier love ring replica Alexander McQueen positive Logo. Distinctive detachable texture skeleton padlock and leather covering the key. Cotton lining, inside zip pocket, double zipper opening and closing. Brass hardware, after the silver polishing.

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Longchamp handbags classic Gloucester travel

Longchamp handbags classic Gloucester travel
Kate Moss said this package is inspired by wide version lace-up and restoring ancient ways of heavy metal buckle the cases and come, she is clever use of wax with a touch of natural cow leather surface processing, added a rich color feeling on color, and the existing sky grey, brown, classic black color, with zebra lining as the match. Travel at the same time, she stresses the handbag must be light, “I love to travel when your bag is light and huge capacity, if the bag itself is very heavy, I will not go to use it.”
Longchamp Gloucester travel bag product recommendations
Longchamp legend series always is a combination of elegance and fashion replica Cartier love bracelet. Gloucester travel bag of the season on the design capacity, compared with the past, can ensure that even when the plane on the inside of the clothes is not easy to squeeze and produce fold. On the hardware fittings from the past after replaced fashionable silver, bronze and handbag material is always the most classic natural cow leather.
Hermes Birkin handbags style story
Maybe you will be caught off guard by why Birkin handbags will appear on the List of handbags, because everybody will it as a “social celebrities, just bought up high society and stars luxury”. A handbag at the price of the hundreds of thousands of dumbfounded, but the fact is the origin of Birkin handbags is indeed originated from a trip. In 1984, Jane Birkin Hermes in plane President Jean Louis Dumas, whereas in her basket used to hold things before in a few days ago by her husband accidentally broken, because the turbulence in the hands of her baby items scattered, so she asked Jean Louis Dumas complain can not find a large, well-made and practical bag is not convenient to carry the baby’s diapers, bottles, and other sundry, and Kelly handbag is too small. And then, the design is that Birkin handbags then was born: it coriaceous softness, and has a large capacity, very suitable for traveling, there are many modern professional women in the pursuit of high grade treat it as a briefcase.
Hermes Birkin handbags classic
Birkin handbag relative to Kelly handbag delicate and meticulous, more like injected with Cartier love ring replica Jane Birkin that unfettered soul – BaoYongYuan open, the inside of the items as if is always full, but Jane Birkin treat her handbag is of the same name is not care, often above graffiti, wanton for, but no matter how to have the Birkin handbags, even if only in the most ordinary T-shirt and jeans, have this handbag, it is always the focus of the crowd.
Hermes Birkin handbags products recommended
Hermes launched Birkin handbags this season in addition to retain the iconic outline, give priority to with monochromatic color no longer, more decorative pattern is applied to the design of the Birkin, handsome charming color. Another handbag material more diversified, canvas, lizards are still common materials, is also the best choice of the extravagant gens.
Gucci handbags classic travel
Gucci will appear on the number of bags of double G letter abbreviation, travel bag is no exception. Guccio Gucci initials of identity first appeared in the early 60 s, then take the form of single or double G G, as is located in Florence Via delle Caldaie street has a long history of Gucci handbags factories Cartier nail bracelet replica production design of the square button loops. Shortly after, GG evolved into diamond stone design, are woven into the most popular cotton canvas bag, GG this acronym logo with stars, celebrities’ has appeared, soon to Gucci brand is famous all over the world. At the time, have a Gucci handbag of travel is almost a symbol of high society.
Gucci handbags classic travel
Travel Gucci handbags are the green red and green stripe on the early identification of decorative pattern on Gucci luggage, is also the first appeared in the history of Gucci classic design. Exquisite material can guarantee absolute material of handbags, leather bags capacity can fit into a big enough necessary clothes. The most important thing is a big bag, can prepare for any accident.
Travel Gucci handbags products recommended
In the fall and winter of 2016, Gucci introduced predominantly red guccissima leather travel bag. Comfortable Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica double handle, removable shoulder straps, can free your hands, the most important thing is that bright-coloured red enough to make you become the focus of new in a bleak winter.
Serapian travel bag style story
Serapian by founder Stefano Serapian founded in milan, Italy in last century 20 s Via Jommelli. Completely with the pure manual easily and the perfect combination of high quality materials, won the welcome of people at that time. Is one of the most famous Serapian Mosaic – using two skins plaid interweave, woven into individual nabla decorative pattern, as its unique brand characteristics. In the 1960 s, Serapian soon become the darling of the women who like mature style, and introduced a series of custom, for them including Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis.

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This classic 10 big travel bag can through all the earth

This classic 10 big travel bag can through all the earth
Russian writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said: “can with you together to travel, in addition to other languages, exotic amorous feelings of the people, is that you can fill your memories in the bag.” When follow you to travel, never leaving the carry travel bag, can prepare all of the unknown. A travel bag full of design feeling and extremely practical enough to accompany you around the world in 100 days, VOGUE fashion network you recommend ten classic travel bag, let you fashion on the road.
Goyard Boeing travel bag style story
Goyard by designer Francois Goyard was founded in 1853, now has accumulated more than 150 years of history, is often known as “than Louis Vuitton history more luxury travel bags brand (Louis Vuitton, founded in 1854)”. Since the 19th century European travelled and lists the Cartier love bracelet replica businessmen need a good quality, withstand bumping, and in their aesthetic to travel bag, Goyard arises at the historic moment. On their own bags for 1892, Goyard the dazzling word “Y” brand logo, but the count, it’s earlier than Louis Vuitton Monogram service pattern. Coco Chanel in the 1930 s and 1930 s Marilyn Monroe are its fans.
Goyard handbags classic Boeing travel
In 1892, Goyard travel in this handbag with dazzling word “Y” brand logo, then the idea than Louis Vuitton Monogram service earlier. The pattern on the canvas, also by the workers one by one point, rather than a template embossing. Y every bit of inspiration from four kinds of flowers, with 4 kinds of color. France traditionally, Y character design is the symbol of the tree, the tree and symbol of man, this is composed of three V Y pattern, extended as Goyard family of three generations of men.
Goyard Boeing travel bag product recommendations
Goyard Boeing travel bag by classical printing coated canvas, special material to the handbag’s unparalleled portability, and durable. Boeing travel bag straps detachable, also can use buckle, increase in capacity, the leather handle can adjust length, meet the needs of different travelers, classic and personality.
Louis Vuitton Speedy travel bag style story
Louis Vuitton Speedy is the symbol of the Louis Vuitton handbags classic style, it was born in 1930, was originally designed for travelers. Louis Vuitton will travel as a core brand philosophy, and Speedy is first appeared as a travel bag. Formerly known as it Express, has the meaning of “fast”, inspired by the rapid Fake Cartier love bracelet development of modern transportation and the fast pace of life attitude. Design practical and classic, Audrey Hepburn is so crazy for it, Louis Vuitton is by Hepburn’s request to designed a small for her Speedy handbags.
Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags classic travel
The Monogram service pattern as the design is Speedy handbags Louis Vuitton family essential existence as a Icon, implied the modern fast rhythm of ideal of a better life. No matter where are you ready to travel to and Speedy handbags always ready for you, and enjoy the fun of travel.
Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags products recommended to travel
In 2014, Louis Vuitton new Speedy embossing travel bag is Speedy handbags early prototype redesign. Will be some ripe dark brown Monogram service original pattern design with pink Monogram service Empreinte embossing. Coriaceous softness, on behalf of the women’s fashion and elegant.
Moncrief travel bag style story
Moncrief is a British luxury brand luggage bag, all products are made by handmade, purpose is just to have a taste of travelers. Moncrief history can be traced back to the 15th century Old English people migrated to the Irish story from France, with a long history and intriguing. The brand Cartier nail bracelet replica for the Irish royal made luggage bag, made of ancient craftsmen were the most sophisticated craftsmanship to each bag, from the original cutting of leather, handbag, splicing, and the last car lines and molding is pure handmade, basically forming a handbag need nearly 60 hours of artificial, it can be said that every handbag is unique.
Handbags classic Moncrief travel
Invested 60 hours of artificial Moncrief, elaborate the watertight lizards texture cortex vacation package. Front zip pocket design is clever, to ensure maximum convenience, suitable for storing your passport and boarding documents; Built-in band can receive clothes and belongings to err on the side of clean and tidy. Travel is the best partner.
Moncrief travel bag product recommendations
This handbag is made of crocodile grain calfskin, which pattern stereo, a contour shape. In the old craftsmen spent 60 hours of manual, internal details fastidious, where the handle is strong, and insurance. Lining is Moncrief printing dust cloth, and independent, bag is equipped with a Cartier love ring replica cashmere blanket, and travel for a rainy day.
Longchamp travel Gloucester handbags style story
Longchamp Paris by Jean Cassegrain was founded in 1948, with great inspiration and creative products, now is one of the world-famous French leather family. In recent years, more actively working with has the international influence of celebrities, including a global fashion Icon of the supermodel Kate Moss. Kate Moss, cooperating with Longchamp began in spring and summer of 2010, and launched Kate Moss for Longchamp series. The Rock ‘n’ Travel Gloucester cylinder Travel bag is specially designed for travelers are running around, because years traveling around the world, Kate Moss as according to the designed this versatility and fashionable design, can be either hand, also can easily back waist.

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In the ninety s fashion change What are they experienced?

In the ninety s fashion change What are they experienced?
The New York post reporter Maureen Callahan’s new book, “Champagne Supernovas, and appears to be in remembrance in the ninety s changed the Angle we see fashion wet, but also loomed a relatively sharp questions: after the cheers and applause fades away, behind the fashion practitioners stress and anxiety, understanding and a few people can know?
This year, the British designer Alexander McQueen in London’s central saint martins college of art graduate show, launched annoys a, etc., all with the notorious murderer “Jack the Ripper” inspired by fashion works; The other side of the ocean, are at the Perry Ellis brand Marc Jacobs, is received a call Cartier love ring replica from the agent, seeking to arrange designers cooperate with its musicians, stimulate Jacobs design out of the representative work of career “grunge chic” series; And from the UK in the country, a man named Kate Moss, is not very developed thin girl, then contract will be the fashion brand Calvin Klein’s new models. She figured physique and indifferent eyes, adumbrative eighty s those like amazon goddess supermodel tall, will soon to the decline of the career.
This several parties and have similar background: three are from the lowest class, but for society control in traditional fashion stopped footstep; Their childhood is not perfect, groping in the lonely and lost along the way; And later, in the traditional value orientation, is also. But around the world, this is a group of people, in the ninety s spread out the disturbing molecules in the air, so that everyone can feel it, a new fashion revolution is coming. But no one can speak clear, the revolution will be in the form of how to thoroughly clean the whole industry.
Decades before, meanwhile, is different from the development of the history of fashion, fashion in the late eighty s, is no longer described by only a few short skirt of the dress of keywords can be summarized, but developed a deeper look: on the one hand, fashion brand acquisition restructuring collective widely, constituted the wealthy big luxury group; Actors, on the other hand, massive attack of celebrity fashion, models, designers and other frequent active become a star in the spotlight, the abnormal development of the traditional media began to draws the earlier was himself has been ignored industry attention. The fashion industry into a universal Cartier nail bracelet replica carnival party. Like Callahan writes: “seems to be overnight, even middle-class housewives in the United States is know what is the meaning of Prada.”
Alexander, Marc and Kate is in such a noisy era has begun his own struggle. They hope to get fashion both right class recognition and affirmation, and don’t want to seem like a forced to compromise on the other hand, lost self personality. Alexander McQueen in point. He who is full of violent lust, taboo topics such as fashion series, not only because the designer naturally dark side of life is infatuated with, more deliberately provocative ingredients in it to the public. When he received job offers fashion house of Givenchy, according to Maureen Callahan of McQueen’s former boyfriend, interview he is intentionally made up for himself a “is for the sake of others, have to work for a large company” lie, to hide its ambitions to desire to be recognized. Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss, but also for the situation. When LVMH group determined to develop its Louis Vuitton fashion product line, the Marc Jacobs was finally selected to help the one hundred box brand, from scratch to build a complete set of clothing production. To outsiders, this is Marc Jacobs big lucky, and in the eyes of designer myself, it is difficult to bear the huge pressure. In the first place at the time, mental state of the Marc itself is not full, “grunge chic” series of poor market performance he be Perry Ellis brand fired; The business of the personal brand also is often wander in the edge of bankruptcy. And Kate Moss, but are not sure what happened, somehow high hold to era is the most beautiful Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica face. More praise and attention, the more aggravated the little girl heart chuai chuai uneasy: on the runway, his obvious than Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and others short upper head, a lot of momentum weak; At the scene of the shooting, but also endure the photographer and art direction, “sexy points again, all the clothes off his” loud command. To mention, it is naturally thin, by the public as the target, criticism is in advocate “with drug use, anorexia, way of life for the fashionable” bad atmosphere in society.
Things at this point, has three people are inherent to the new members of the ruling class has become a fashion. Work for large luxury goods group, or hold millions of dollars model contracts, called Alexander, Marc and Kate finally ushered in her voice. They are new young imitation cartier love bracelet is elder people see not pleasing to the eye, but was forced to step aside. And this several attitude towards down the altars former rulers, and as they age as young as reckless. As Alexander McQueen has just took over Givenchy told the media: “the traditional French haute couture doesn’t intimidate me. I’m going to tell them straight ‘all roll for me away.”
Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss’s influence is indeed unprecedented huge. Their every move already and the effect of the traditional actors, singers, their style of work is full of the general public markets: McQueen preference for skeleton totem was diablo interesting niche, has been continuously enlarge as daily accessories printing sought; Jacobs is responsible for leading the Louis Vuitton and multiple personal brand, caught the attention of the natural, even the designer’s private love life also became the chatter of the streets; Kate Moss, the trend of the consumption of needless to say, she can even take red revival already stop production of the design of the past, with Johnny Depp, the star of the relationship, also called her into the tabloids are the object of Angle. There is only one of popular culture to the 21st century fashion, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss is our most important cultural pioneer era.

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As long as it will take everyone can handle long coat

As long as it will take everyone can handle long coat
Popular this season autumn/winter catwalk long coat, seemed to be exclusive fashionable magic weapon of the tall figure. Actually otherwise, as long as tie-in skills, everyone can wear it out of the natural and unrestrained, elegant charm. From shu luca brasi style umbrella, receiving a small of the back of the agile probabilistic Cartier nail bracelet replica double-breasted styles, VOGUE for you with 5 kinds of super long coat collocation skill, learn how to easily control the super long coat.
Method one: collect waist umbrella pendulum model
Elegant umbrella garment place, can effectively highlight the waist line, even if no body can easily manage height advantage. Such as “gossip girl” Leighton Meester of medium height, choose a waist clipping umbrella pendulum style long coat, and further emphasizes the lithe and graceful waist line belt, or a nifty bud hat ornament, can add a modelling with vigor.
Method 2: inside and outside the black and white contrast
Don’t worry about your harness long coat wide profile, may wish to refer to the Stella McCartney tees in black and white contrast, the inside and outside so that the visual center will focus on a long line, the whole people won’t appear can’t “hold” super long profile. Like to use black close-fitting knitting shirts, black Cartier love ring replica trousers, with a white coat, is that everyone can learn simple techniques.
Method 3: take a pencil skirt
For the Kim Kardashian of concave and convex have send, super long coat to cover her body defect, and improve the usual choice of fashionable style, and she was often used in pencil skirt take combined with super long coat, such prominent figure advantages more effectively. A wine red collar, pocket design style, with a slight contrast color purple blue shirt with pencil skirt of tall waist, elegant and fashionable.
Method 4: collocation of tall waist trousers
Tall waist trousers is also an excellent partner long coat, the ultimate replica Cartier love bracelet effect is also stretched the line of the body. Such as Jennifer Lopez’s long coat with white collocation of tall waist trousers, white stand now elongated shape of wonders. With lace material sense of perspective, white shirt, add a sex appeal for overall modelling lasting appeal. Of course if you think you are not suitable for to try the whole body is white, other color high waist pants and long coat combination also applies.
Method 5: high vents of dress
Actually see here you should understand, want to harness not accept waist type of super long coat, in the most important thing is to take as the center of the visual. With high vents of dress also can achieve the effect. If it is a grand party or cocktail party, you also might as well as Darby Stanchfield, with super long coat collocation high vents of little black dress, subtle and elegant aesthetic feeling all show. A graceful paisley print scarf, a pair of high heels, that dark printing also can light up wonderful corner for you.